Vinashak (1998) - Hindi Movie - Part 9

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What will you have? Beer, whisky.
Enough, sir!
What do you think? All roads end here?
There are your superiors too l' ll go to them.
And divulge the truth about you and my son's innocence!
I won't be quiet!
Good you called me here.
At least l' m free of a burden.
That my son is not a criminal.
Come dear.
Anju dear!
Anju dear!
Anju dear!
Arjun, my son!
Arjun, my son!
Son Arjun!
Hitherto I was wrong by telling you..
.. to give up violence!
But today I tell you!
Destroy these sadists!
Destroy these sinners!
Become a destroyer!
Become a destroyer!
What have you done to yourself?
What did you gain by being honest?
You have endured enough.
Been through a lot of injustice.
Hence I have decided to..
.. release you.
You are forgetting one thing, Lankeshwar.
If you release him, he won't spare anyone of us.
He' ll kill everyone.
I agree with you.
But why should we die? Eh?
Only we have the right to live.
Because we have all the worldly luxuries.
- What does he have? - He had an old father.
He started barking at us in our house only.
One blow and his tongue stuck out like a dog!
He died a miserable death!
A young sister was left.
She had her own problem.
This Asgar..
.. came out of the jail thirsty and hungry..
.. and swallowed her.
There was another gentleman.
His ideal, Mr. Agnihotri.
- He was too smart. - He was under the impression.
That he's making a plan with you for our arrest.
The truth is we were making a plan..
.. to finish both of you.
Because you caught our crores of goods.
- He had to die so he died. - No!
You didn't kill him.
Don't take that sin on your head.
You shot him with fake bullets.
We did that virtuous job.
It is difficult to act as a dead person.
But it is easier to die.
Out comes the revolver.
- Set the aim. - And shoot.
Your companions.
Your dear ones.
All died one by one.
What will you do by living alone?
This world is a hell.
Only people like us can live in this world.
Not you.
You were a brave and honest police officer.
So your death should be equally grand and respectful.
If a lovers bier is not taken with pomp..
.. then it's futile falling in love.
Hey Lankeshwar! Is he listening or no?
He is listening to everything.