1.4a Microsoft Publisher 2007: Modifying A Business Card

Uploaded by MyCSULA on 07.10.2010

Now that we know how to create publications
let's take a look at some formatting options.
Although the following lessons in the module will be used to modify a Business Card,
they can be applied to all Publication types.
Before we begin, ensure you have the Business Card publication open with the Task Pane displayed.
In the Task Pane under the Business Card Options heading,
you can change the applied design simply by selecting the Change Template button.
Take a few moments to scroll through and look at all of the business card design options available to you.
Then, click on one of the thumbnails to choose a new Design Template.
Then, click the OK button. Or, to keep the current setting, click the Cancel button.
You can change the look of your font for your publicatoin by working with the Font Schemes.
To modify them, select the Font Schemes option on your Task Pane.
Each font scheme has a total of three lines.
The first, is the name of the scheme,
The middle line is the name of the primary font.
And the last line, is the name of the secondary font.
Use the scrollbar to view each scheme, and click on the desired combination to appy to the current publication.
Use the scrollbar to view each scheme,
Use the scrollbar to view each scheme,
nd then click the desired combination to apply to the current publication.
Take note of the applied changes.
If your not satisfied with the options,
you can always create your own custom font scheme
by selecting the create new font scheme link at the botton of the Task Pane.
The create new fone scheme dialog box appears.
Choose a new primary font, by scrolling through the avilable font types in the Heading font list box.
You can change the secondary font by scrolling through the available font types in the body font list box
Then, type a name for this new scheme in the font scheme name text box.
Once complete, click the save button to add the scheme to the list of available font schemes.