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It's here.
We should go inside.
Relocate my arm here?!
Forget it. I want to leave!
Wow, it's done!
Master, I can move my arm well now!
Oh? He can move his arm well now...
I think he relocated his arm.
Who is this? Episode 2 -- Part 1
Parking their car in front of someone else's alley like this!
What is this?
Ah, this neighborhood, seriously...
They should just demolish this whole neighborhood and redevelop it!
I might die squashed like this going around collecting rent.
Ah, my stomach!
We meet again.
Who are you?
Oh my! It seem like you don't remember me.
Ah, this is so upsetting.
Last time, you stole the scooter from her and she beat me to death...
That's her.
It looks like you've dislocated your arm
My friend also dislocated his arm and he sure had a hard time because of that.
- Go Dong. -Yes.
Let's go to the hospital.
Should we do that, Hyung-nim?
Ah, what is this? I wanted to take a picture of his good-looking face...
Ah! Mr.Oh, it's been a long time!
What? In front of our house?
Hyung-nim! Are you all right?
Of course, he's alright!
He's quite the crybaby, isn't he?
Please try to move your arm.
I told you that it hurts...
That's why you should try moving it.
Even the kid didn't complain of pain.
She's right! It doesn't hurt at all!
Hyungnim, try moving it slowly. Slowly.
You see? It doesn't hurt at all, does it now?
Ah, I need to go pee!
You can't even tolerate that kind of pain.
You were so bold when you stole my scooter from me.
Don't I need to get my arm x-rayed?
There's no need! It's not my first time relocating people's arms!
All you need to do is put a hot towel over it. There's no need for an x-ray. You sure have a lot of money, don't you?
Look here!
Because of you my Billy suffered an excruciating pain losing his arm.
If I just think about what happened then, I just want to dislocate your other arm!
Woah! Please calm down! You can't be like this.
This isn't the case!
I was right! You're a member of 'Give &'.
You know our schedule better than I do!
Why did you lie about not being our fan when you've got all of this?
I asked for your help because I saw that emblem.
That's not me. My friend..
This is a thank you present.
What is that?
You have to figure that out yourself.
As a fan interest.
Anyways, thank you for this. Then, good bye.
You were a member of 'Give &'!
You should've told me earlier!
Then, I'll be seeing you next time.
Hyung-nim! Let's go together.
What is wrong with them?
They're such rude dogs!
Are you not feeling well?
I don't know.
Anyways, it's the first time I see a woman master.
No wonder, the way she handled my arm that time!
That was art itself!
Don't talk about that weird woman!
I don't think she even cleaned, because there was so much dust...
But, Hyungnim...
I'm asking because I'm really curious...
What is it?
Why did you write down your schedule there?
You even kept it as secret from your fans.
Because she only had Won Kang Hwi's schedule up there!
He only has one drink commercial!
But I have more than three, notebook (laptop), outdoor wear and clothing!
This is all because of Won Kang Hwi!
That jerk, he's probably laying around at home pretending to be recovering...
Ah, seriously, Won Kang Hwi!
You really are a nuisance! A nuisance!
Hyung, please be quiet!
It really looks good on you.
It's nice.
It's this season's new item. That's the last one left.
It's limited edition, so not a lot came in.
Limited edition?
How did you know that I liked limited edition items?
How can our oppa be so bling-bling!
He just shines like no other!
Who the hell is that? Why is she back?
Isn't that her...
That girl that came all the way to Korea to see our oppa?
They say she's been in Korea for a while to stalk 'Take One'.
She must have a lot of money! She goes to all of their overseas concerts.
Some people are born with rich parents and go around like that...
Oh, right!
What are you going to do about the fan meeting coming up?
You, Kang Hwi's wife, are going to go, right?
I do want to go.
Even if I had to give up my body and soul, I want to go...
But, enough is enough.
I'm tired of extending my credit card debt.
Hey! What's wrong? Hey! Are you sick?
Did you see that!? Oppa looked at me and smiled!
I will go! I have to go to the fan meeting, even if I have to sell my soul!
Ok! Ok! Ok! Ok! Ok! Ok!
If you have any money on you, please give it to me!
It's really urgent!
What's so urgent?
Is 'Take One' releasing a new song?
A showcase? If not that, a concert?
Fan Meeting.
Ok! This time I really have to go.
My oppa is waiting for me.
Get lost. You're getting in the way.
Just think that you're giving me an advance on my paycheck.
There isn't a mean boss in this world that does not pay in advance!
And, you've made a lot of money opening a store like this!
Do you think I'm done once I finish selling all of this?
A person needs to invest again in order to make money!
Besides, I already used that money to preorder our fall collection.
You see that over there, right? Our Billy...
It was expensive hiring him as well.
Then, you have the registration money that came in from your Taekwondo students!
Give me that at least!
Do you know how many Taekwondo students I have?
All of them moved to the new gym that's at the intersection, so not many are left!
Jang Man Ok.
Are you really going to be like this?
You're making me feel ashamed of myself.
I might only be unemployed but
is this how far our friendship goes?
Is it?
How much do you need?
Ok, but you'll have to work harder for the online shopping mall. And manage the homepage well.
I'll work really really hard!
Our boss is the best!
Are you messing around with me right now?
What do you think our Kang Hwi oppa is?
What? It's two bills. Didn't you ask for $20?
It's a VIP invites only seat! Do you really think it'll only cost $20?!
It's $200!
Are you crazy?
They're always on TV!
You are seriously going to pay $200 to go see them!?
If I don't see my Kang Hwi oppa regularly, I can't go to sleep at night.
You don't know because you haven't seen him,
but my Kang Hwi oppa's face just shines!
I know. I know.
What are you?
Have you ever seen our Kang Hwi oppa in person?
When? Where? How?
Hurry up and tell me! Before I do something to you!
Ah, it's not that...
His hand...
Everyone! Everyone! Big news!
Today my best friend met Kang Hwi.
She saved Kang Hwi from danger,
but my friend grabbed Kang Hwi's hand...
Who grabbed whose hand?!
Who's the wench!? How dare she grab our Kang Hwi's hand?
To the person who posted this news, hurry up and tell us who your friend is!
Is it here? Are we at the right place?
What did you say? Whose hand did you grab?!
You know, the guy that also comes out singing with Kang Hwi.
Ah.. Tae Ik?
You're really funny, you know? You call one an oppa and the other Tae Ik?
Who cares.
I like Kang Hwi oppa. I'm not a fan of Tae Ik.
Our Kang Hwi oppa is so much hotter! The other one thinks he's so great!
I really can't understand people like you.
If you like Take One, shouldn't you like both of them?
That's fine. There's no way you'd understand the profound world of us fans.
But, what? What did you do with Tae Ik's hand?
Ah, nothing!
Go! Get lost!
What about my money?
Did you leave your money with me?
I don't have any! Registration fees didn't come in yet either!
I'm barely making rent this month too.
I'll give you a discount!
If you give me money now, I'll give you a 10% discount!
What do you say? Yes?
Do you know how much of that rent money you've taken?
So, leave before I call your mom and tell her how much you've taken from the rent money!
Hurry up and leave!
Alright! Alright!
Ah, you're so cheap! I'm leaving!
Ah, you seriously!
1, 2 , 3, 4.... 1, 2, 3, 4-4-4-4
1, 2 ... 1, 2, 3 ...
Why the hell are you turning my music off!
I'm just barely getting the vibe and getting some steps out!
Madam Hong!
Madam Hong! Mom!
Your mom is not dead!
Why the hell do you keep calling me? So noisy!
My stomach hurts when I try this step.
Hey, hey!
I think this step helps lose the tummy! I feel like my tummy is getting slimmer!
Ah, my stomach!
Wait a minute. This tummy needs to lose weight.
Aigoo! Aigoo! Aigoo!
Hurry up and come out, Madam Hong!
I have to tell you something.
Who's calling so late at night?
Chauffeur service?
Not answering. Not answering.... Huh?
What is this? Is it really Lee Tae Ik?
Is this too much?
"The enemy of my life"
Don't you sleep at night?
Ok, if I recruit new Taekwondo students for you, how much are you going to give me?
I want to give you as much as you want,
but there isn't anyone that wants to come to our Taekwondo studio.
That's why I said I'll help you.
What about, $5 per head?
Go ahead.
Hey, I need to upload the new fall collection pictures. I'm hanging up now!
Hallyu Star Lee Tae Ik has also come to Man Ok's Taekwondo Studio
When did this all go up?
You can't post these here.
I'm just a hired part-timer. My boss told me to do this.
Your boss, who? Who told you to do this?
This wench... you scared me!
What is this?
Man Ok Taekwondo Studio posters! I did good putting them up, didn't I?
My arm hurts from putting these up.
Look what you wrote!
Hallyu Star Lee Tae Ik has also come to Man Ok's Taekwondo Studio?
The design, the picture, it all looks so cheap!
Such a smart girl like you, how could you let such opportunity slip by?
Hey, if you relocated Lee Tae Ik's arm,
then you should've at least taken a picture together and spread that out!
How could you just let him go like that? You dumb idiot!
Then, where did your smart ass get this picture?
The angle, the resolution...
It's because it was taken with a mobile phone. Madam Hong's phone is a crappy 2G phone.
If you get more students thanks to me, you need to lend me the money, ok?
Who do you think will come after taking a look at this ugly poster? Forget it!
Is there anyone here?
Is this the Taekwondo Studio that Take One's Lee Tae Ik came by?
We would like to register.
It's $5 per head, ok?
Yes, that's right.
Welcome to the Korea Taekwondo Federation, Man Ok's Taekwondo studio, that has been around for 50 years!
Well. Please come this way.
You need to fill out an application form.
Excuse me,
We came because of this poster. Is this Man Ok's Taekwondo Studio?
Yes, that's right.
Welcome to the Korea Taekwondo Federation, Man Ok's Taekwondo studio, that has been around for 50 years! I'm Master Jang Man Ok.
May I help you?
Oh! You're cute. How old are you?
-Good work. -Good work.
Everyone, wait a minute.
Today we're going to take a group picture of our new Taekwondo students.
Ok, look at me!
Ok, everyone, turn around from where you are standing.
Master! I didn't get the Taekwondo uniform yet.
Oh yeah?
Wait a minute then. Your master will give you a very pretty Taekwondo uniform.
We used to have so many. There's none left.
I don't even time to go buy some.
Oh! This was here all along.
This is all thanks to my outstanding marketing skills. Don't you agree? Here...
Didn't you say that 30 new students registered? So, $5 per head, 3 times 5 is 15,
so it's $150. Hurry up and pay me $150.
Here you are!
Hey, just because I told you to give me $150, you are really only going to give me $150?
Ok, can't you just give me an advance of $50?
I'm doing you a favor. But, in return...
In return, what?
I want you to take care of Manokee's clothing store for now. I really can't make time for it right now.
Hey! I'm already having a hard time managing the homepage!
I'll handle the orders and stocking the merchandise,
all you have to take care of are the purchases, updating the images on the homepage and the shipping.
In return, I'll pay you double for the hour! Ok?
Deal! Don't worry and depend on me!
You already saw my great marketing skills, didn't you?
I'll double the income for Manokee's Clothing store as well!
Oh, Man Ok, is this what you made?
Huh? What?
Oh, it's Seo Eun!
I had her wear it because we were short in uniforms.
Look at all the comments!
They say that the clothing you made is really pretty!
A lot of people are asking where they sell it too!
Man Ok, let's make this and sell them.
Hey, who will buy this?
It's just a uniform.
No, no. With my marketing senses, I'm getting a good vibe for this.
Totally a big hit.
It's so strange.
I'm $2 short.
Lee Tae Ik.
Hey! Have you seen this?
Don't you see there's a bell on the door?
Why do you keep coming here without an invitation?!
Then put a bodyguard in front of the door
or lock the door.
What is this? Where you adding up your receipts during this emergency?
Two hot bars? (Fish meat on a stick)
Why on earth do you save receipts for hot bars?
Leave it.
Goodness, are you that poor?
Even if you were,
How did you ever decide on shooting this kind of stuff?
Ah, the ad shoot I did for the clothing line?
The concept is a bit like that...
Hey, have you ever done an ad like that?
What are you talking about clothing line?
Well, it is an internet clothing store, so I guess you could call it a clothing line ad.
But, nonetheless, I don't think this is good.
What is that?
Zoom into the background and take a close look at it.
Hey, this is you, right?
What is this trashy picture...
Man Ok's Taekwondo Studio?
Tell them to take down the picture and shut the site down immediately!
What does this person have against me to post such horrid picture online?!
There's no need to get so worked up over this.
It's small, so as long as they don't zoom into it, no one will know it's you.
But we don't know where and how many posters they've posted already.
I've already sent Mr. Hwang, so he'll handle the situation.
Mr. Hwang?
How can you trust a person who gives out ginseng candy as a way to advertise?
Isn't there another person?!
That person has been working in this industry for 30 years now.
He has been a manager way longer before you were even born.
His ways may seem old and tacky, and you do see it like that, don't you?
But, not all is what it seems.
Of course, you wouldn't know that...
Just trust me and wait. He is the type of person that will do anything if it's related to you guys.
These people are sure not scared of anything.
You sure wallpapered the neighborhood walls with your posters, huh?
I was going to take them off anyway.
I'm sorry.
By the way, I didn't do it on purpose. It just happened that way.
"It just happened that way." "You didn't do it on purpose."
Of course.
But even so, you go ahead and make this?
Furthermore, you even put the picture up on your internet shopping home page.
That is really a misunderstanding.
I just uploaded the picture of the uniform,
If you don't look at it carefully, you can't really tell who it is.
Do you think what you're saying right now make any sense?
Don't you think your neighbors can see?
Do you know how many people have already taken pictures of the poster and posted it on their blogs?
I'm sorry.
I will hurry up and remove the flyer and erase it from the internet.
That's not enough to solve this issue.
You used his pictures illegally,
violation use of his name, his portrait rights and on top of everything, infringement!
We will be processing your lawsuit shortly.
Since you have stated your intention,
start by shutting the homepage down and get ready to pay the compensation fee.
Excuse me! Can't you just let me go for once?
There was no malice involved.
Let go of me.
Get ready for it Jang Man Ok.
Excuse me!
Ah, I'm going to go crazy!
Hello Grandpa.
Jang Man Ok, what's wrong with your voice? 'When there's a will,'
'there's a way!'
Grandpa, I'm a bit busy right now. Sorry.
Look here! Excuse me! Wait a second!
What am I going to do now...
Why doesn't she pick up the phone, this wench?
Hey, Man Ok! Man Ok!
This is Oscar from Do Wah Dong, no,
Our dance teacher, Mr. Oh.
She is the Master Jang I told you about.
Oh, Jesus Christ!
She has the body of a dancer!
Do you want to dance with me?
Huh? I don't dance.
Hey, this is a great chance for you to learn how to dance!
You're athletic so you will learn fast.
Our teacher is teaching a dance seminar but
he doesn't have a place to train.
So I told him about your studio.
After your classes, I thought you can let him use it for few hours at night.
I'm sorry.. but if I use the studio for dancing, my grandpa will seriously kill me! Sorry!
Hey! Hey! Hey!
Hey, for such a young person, you are so not flexible!
It'll be a while until your grandfather comes back home!
We will use it cleanly until before your grandfather comes back.
I won't use it for free.
I will pay you rent, day by day, night by night.
Of course.
We won't use the place for free. What kind of person do you think he is?
You said that it is $200 per day, right?
Yes, of course. Two hundred thousand won.
He's only borrowing at night. You'll earn free money.
I would say yes right away.
Let's do it then.
Even though the Taekwondo studio is a sacred place, I guess dancing is sacred too.
But, it's only until my grandfather comes back.
If he finds out about this, you know what will happen, right?
Of course, I know.
Starting tonight then, okay?
Even if I'm not there...
Don't worry because I have the keys.
Pick up the phone quickly. Yes.
- Mr. Oh, it's done - Oh, thank you!
Let's go.
Yes, I'm Jang Man Ok.
Could I ask who is calling?
The law firm?
Ajusshi, please drive faster. We will be late if you go like this.
What are you doing, Ajusshi?
It seems like it's his first time out.
I feel so uneasy because we might lose oppa.
That's why...
We should've just gotten into Mr. Kim's car earlier!
Should we call ahjussi to ask him to let us know when they arrive?
Go quickly. Quickly.
I am going crazy. I am totally going to die.
Where are you right now?
Why aren't you answering my calls?
I didn't know because it was on vibrate. What is it?
You know where 'Take One' lives, right?
Why do you want to know where my oppa lives?
I need to meet Lee Tae Ik immediately.
Hurry up and tell me where they live!
Hey, we don't know where they live exactly.
Even though we went on a 007 mission, we weren't able to find out!
Hey! who in the world is asking for our oppa's house??
Is she in her right mind?
Is she crazy??!!
What are you talking about?
You guys pry into their lives and you're saying that you don't know where he lives?
We also really want to know.
But, why are you asking me that all of a sudden?
I'll tell you the details later. If I want to meet Lee Tae Ik, where do I need to go?
Well, that...
Ahjussi, how can you stop just because the light is red?
You have to follow them.
What? Are you following Tae Ik right now?
Why would I follow Tae Ik?
We are on the move trying to catch up to Kang Hwi oppa.
I don't know about Take One today. They might be at UEnter today.
Anyway, this is an emergency. Hang up.
Hey, Hey, Hey!
This girl, really! Because of who is it that I'm in this trouble!?
Then you won't sue, right?
To tell you the truth, if this turns into a lawsuit and the media finds out, it won't do my client any good.
This won't be good for our image.
We prefer to settle this instead of going through lawsuit.
So, what should I do?
Take down your homepage immediately and pay a compensation of $30,000.
This is non-negotiable.
$30,000 is a lot of money.
What should I do?!
"Jang Man Ok, what's wrong with your posture!"
"When there's a will!"
"There's a way!"
Yes, If I give them what they ask then, it's stupid.
I have to go there and talk to them myself.
What is this?
What is this? Why did she go in? Isn't she crazy?
She is crazy. Come out. Come out quickly.
I really have to meet Lee Tae Ik for personal reasons!
Let go of me.
What is this?
Look at this unni! She must've lost her mind completely!
We have rules here too.
No matter how much you like the oppas, you can't just barge in.
Move. Now this Unni has something urgent so
I have to see this Tae Ik or whatever you call him.
What is she saying...calling our oppa, Tae Ik or whatever?
This ahjumma is really crazy.
Huh? Ajumma?
Hey, guys. Tae Ik oppa is here.
Where? Where?
What? Where are you guys going? You're going to see Tae Ik,right?
Guys, let's go together. Guys!
Hey, guys, excuse me. I have an urgent matter to take care of. Guys, excuse me.
I'm sorry for that. Sorry!
Look here!
You should apologize if you stepped on someone's foot!
Tae Ik.
What is this?
What is this?
This is off-limits.
I can't enter? What happened?
This is my gym... Who are all these people doing here?
By any chance, are you the owner of this gym?
I am the master here.
Illegal gambling was going on here.
The detectives are investigating and making arrests.
You didn't know?
At our gym?
Anyway, who...?
Oh! He was...!
You two know each other?
You need to come along for a moment.
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What am I going to live off from?
I'm about to die here because of you and your mom and you're here to collect rent?
Jang Man Ok!
Be prepared for what's coming!
I will kill you once I catch you!
Are you Ms. Jang Man Ok?
I'm Jang Man Ok.
It's Kang Hwi...
So, you're the last customer to order from Manokee's clothing store.
Man Ok, don't you want to work for us?
Hey! You rude jerk! Come here immediately!
Open the gate! Hey! Open it right now!