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Here's the first of it's kind.
A billion dollar movie.
Top that James Cameron.
I am Eric Wareheim.
I'm Tim Heidecker.
(man 1) I wanna eat their hearts! Ahhhh!
Yes! Yes!
(Tommy) Wow! What a weird little comedy this one is.

Tim and Eric's Billion Dollar Movie features Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim playing themselves.
Now these guys have been on Adult Swim overnight on Cartoon Network since about 2007
So they've been doing this brand of comedy for college kids,
and I don't know, maybe people out of work.

This one seems to be more for the hardcore fans,
although I think they'll pick up some new audience along the way.
I thought it was a decent ride. There was a lot of laughs in this one,
but I'll admit, I was bored a couple of times as well.
Don't expect a great story when you're watching this one.
I mean, it's a bit of fun, but it's more like it's a bunch of little vignettes sort of strung together.
(Tim) That's it?
(Eric) That's our movie.
When the other characters came on scene, I got a little bit bored.
I like these two when they're by themselves.
I don't think they need the help from everybody else.

A lot of big stars in this one too.
I mean Will Ferrell's in this one, Zach Galifianakis.
Will Forte from Saturday Night Live.
Gotta give some love to John C. Reilly in this one too.
Now I get it. His character was way over the top.
But man, it was so genuine, his performance, and he really got into it.

This is a combination of written humor and a bunch of site gags too,
but I don't think the site gags really got lost on me.
I mean, there might have been some facial expressions or some little things that I missed,
but that didn't take away from the story.
♪ [odd music]
I got a kick out of some of the tricks that they used in this one too.
One of my favorites is they
[audio slows] s l o w d o w n t h e v o i c e.
You see that on YouTube all the time, right?
[slowed] S u b s c r i b e
They also do a lot of repeating things in this one too.
Repeating things in this one too.
Repeating things in this one too.
Repeating things in this one too.
[slow laugh]
So, for Tim and Eric's Billion Dollar Movie,
I'm going 3 out of 4 eyes open.
I think this one's more for their fans, but trust me,
if you go, I think you'll have a nice time, and a few laughs along the way.
♪ [BFC bumper music]

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