BullshitBusters - chain emails (send this to 10 people)

Uploaded by Trollsnews on 14.01.2012

Who are the bullshitbusters?
Vol Jang and Steve The Trollface
between them more than 20 years of listening to a bullshit
they are not just talking about bullshit, they are toping it with more bullshit
Welcome to another episode of BullshitBusters, as you know we are trying to bust internet
and youtube bullshit. My name is Vol Jang and this is TrollsNews asshole Steve.
bammargera4234 is asking us to talk about bullshit that is forwarding emails, we are
talking here about emails like "If you send this to 15 people, you will win million dollars
and person you like will fall in love with you". Yeah that's bullshit and everyone knows
But let's talk about why it doesn't make any sense, first of all it had to start somewhere,
which means that the writer of the email couldn't know what possible side effects it could have
if you wouldn't send it. These emails are just relying on fallacy of human logic, when
people see paterns where they aren't and therefore they believe in effects of things that have
no effect at all.
Basically if something bad would happen to you, it's not because you didn't send it,
things are just happening and statistically it would be impossible that something bad
wouldn't happen to someone. The same applies to good things if you send it, it doesn't
mean that there is a relation between these events.
This would be very short video so let's throw another bullshit in, this is pretty much facebook
related, it's used for the sharring feature or facebook pages, basically someone creates
picture to share or facebook page to like and says something in style of "little girl
on this picture has cancer, for every share/like facebook will give 3 cents towards her treatment".
OK, facebook might be evil, but this would be too fucked up even for them, it would be
basically saying "dance for us, you monkeys, and we will give someone chance to live".
Do you see how retarded the concept is?
It might be benefitial for some people to get a lot of likes, for example if it's a
contest, so not everything is bullshit. But there is no point for facebook to pay for
people clicking likes. We are not saying that like button is useless, for example for TrollsNews
or anyone who is trying to build an audience it's a very powerful thing. But these other
things are pretty much bullshit, if you that think it might be real, just use google to
find some legitimate source of it.
So bullshit busted ... but here's one more thing, if you don't send this video to 10
other people, TrollsNews won't give you a cookie.
Yeah and for every like we get money from google for Steve medication. If you have an
idea for a topic that we could research just let us know via message. Thank you for watching
and have a great day!