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Although the project started in Wellington, it’s really grown to include the whole of New Zealand.
We've got products going from all over New Zealand, which will be going into the construction of the house; including the appliances and furniture.
From Wellington, Black Diamond technology is supplying the Mitsubishi Electric photo-voltaic solar panels
From Raglan, Eco Windows will provide us with our window and door joinery...
from Auckland, Fisher and Paykel, Resene and Herman Pacific have all agreed to supply us with their products
Without them this probably wouldn't be able to happen, so it’s fantastic.
It’s been a pretty hard few weeks trying to get these construction drawings done before Christmas;
and we had the develop design submission.
But everyone in the team’s been working extremely hard to try and meet the deadlines and get the job done,
and I'm looking forward to having a good Christmas break; then come back next year all fresh and ready to go
for construction, which happens in the New Year.
A Kiwi Christmas is; I think it’s quite a unique experience having Christmas in New Zealand compared to a lot of places around the world.
New Zealand’s the first to see the light around the world, and so we get the opportunity to experience our Christmas throughout the whole day.
It’s not a sort of a short, dark experience.
For Christmas in New Zealand - its summer, and so because its summer we spend a lot of time outdoors;
a lot of time in the sun, underneath the Pohutukawa trees; having barbeques outside,
and it’s a chance to really relax and enjoy the end of the year in what has been a big year.
From a very windy Day’s Bay. Merry Christmas everyone from the FirstLight team.
Merry Christmas from the FirstLight team.
Merry Christmas from the FirstLight team. Go 2011!
Happy Christmas everyone
Merry Christmas from the FirstLight team.
Merry Christmas.
Thanks for an amazing year guys; looking forward to seeing you all next year.
Merry Christmas everyone.
From all of us here at FirstLight - Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas everyone.
Hey guys; congratulations, you're doing a fantastic job. Have a wonderful Christmas.
Hi, I'm David Huebner, the American Ambassador.
We're absolutely delighted and proud of the accomplishments of the FirstLight team, and we’d like to say:
“Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year”.
Merry Christmas to all of you and particularly to the students from Victoria University
We wish you a very merry Christmas from all at the Department of Conservation.