[Yandere CD 03] Sakuranomiya Alice [Tsundere Twin] English Subs

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You must have some nerve to keep me waiting.
Didn't I say to come right after homeroom ended?!
What's with that face? Got a problem with it?
You're like my servant anyway.
Know your place.
W-Who said we were a couple?!
Don't jump to conclusions!
T-The kiss the other day was...
j-just on a whim!
It was spur of the moment!
Hurry up and forget it already!
I-It's not like I kissed you because I like you or anything!
Why, you...
I'm only letting you hold my bag because we live close together.
Don't misunderstand!
As long as you get the idea.
Wouldn't it be bad if Elis sees us here together?
Let's hurry up and get going.
Finally, exams are over!
I can finally take a breather.
Eh? We should hang out some time?
I should have some time on Sunday...
Ah! I-It's not like it's for your sake or anything!
I'm just going out with you because I happen to have lots of free time!
Then... we'll be in touch.
Today somehow really wore me out.
Surprisingly, it didn't take much.
It was so easy for him to leave Elis.
Elis was so earnest and fond of him, but...
Oh well.
This is reality, isn't it?
Even he is...
not looking at Elis anymore.
He's beginning to look only at me.
But still...
What did Elis see in that guy?
True, she did start calling him "Onii-sama" after that...
But with this...
Elis's love comes to an end.
And then...
[knock knock]
[knock knock]
Come in. The door's unlocked.
I'm coming in, Onee-sama.
Ah. What's up, Elis?
You look a little pale.
wanted to...
confirm something... with you.
Confirm something? What is it?
Two days ago, after school...
you and Onii-sama were...
walking back together, right?
Eh? Is that so!
I know I saw the two of you without mistake.
Ah, right, right!
We just happened to walk back together because
he was holding my bag.
After all, we live in the same direction.
Is that... really it?
You didn't do anything else?
Of course!
Nothing could happen!
After all, he's your boyfriend, right?
I really couldn't care less...
You're lying!
Wh... What are you talking about?
saw it...
when you and Onii-sama kissed!
T-That can't be possible! Please don't joke around!
If I were joking, I wouldn't be saying this!
So cruel...
It's not fair...
I'm already dating Onii-sama.
Why can't you accept that?!
W-Wait! It's a misunderstanding, a misunderstanding!
Don't jump to conclusions!
Then why did you kiss him?!
Explain yourself, Onee-sama!
thought I could finally change.
Going out with Onii-sama...
gave me confidence in myself.
I thought that...
even my weak self could be of some use.
But it's always the same!
Every person that I love...
Even my friends!
Everyone is stolen by you!
Didn't I say it's a misunderstanding?!
Don't you believe me?!
It's not fair.
Even now...
you're still...
not telling the truth.
That's a toy, right?
Put away that dangerous thing!
Cruel! Cruel Onee-sama!
Deceitful Onee-sama!
But I...
can't bring myself...
to hate such a sister...
because Onee-sama is...
the only thing I'm proud of.
I've always admired you.
Stop it, Elis!
Do you want to die?!
Even though this is so cruel,
I can't bring myself to hate Onee-sama.
But still...!
I can't stand it anymore!
Even Onii-sama... Even Onee-sama betrayed me in this world!
can't live anymore!
Stop doing stupid things!
This is an ORDER!
Ever since I was born...
I've always followed Onee-sama's orders.
Goodbye, Onee-sama.
was happy...
to be your little sister.
Why, Elis?!
This can't be happening!
Elis's body is...
getting cold.
Open your eyes!
My Elis!
My only Elis!
Call me Onee-sama once more!
That guy...
If that bastard weren't here...
all of this...
Absolutely unforgivable.
Welcome! Come right in.
Elis is in her room, sleeping.
She wasn't feeling very well,
so she was absent from school today.
You want to... tell Elis about us?
But... Elis is your...
I see.
So you like me that much.
Then... were you just playing around with Elis?
I thought so.
Men change their hearts so easily, huh?
Then me too. I guess I won't hold back!
Ah, this? This is papa's old golf club.
I heard it's a 9 iron.
Eh? Ahaha, no, no...
I don't really play golf.
This is...
Ah! You're awake?
This is the first time you been here, right?
Of the Sakuranomiya family, I'm the only one who uses this basement.
Hmph... what a stupid face.
It feels like you totally don't understand the situation you're in.
Ahaha! It's useless! Useless! You can't run!
After all, those legs of yours... can't even stand anymore~
If you weren't here...
Elis and I could have been together forever!
Because of you...
our sisterly happiness
became nothing but an eternal memory!
"What happened to us being lovers"?
Stop dreaming and wake up already.
You know, I just kept pests from getting close to Elis,
so I could protect her body.
Isn't it obvious?
Because I LOVE ELIS!
My lovely Elis... deceived and exposed by dirty, lustful men like you!
I didn't want to see her become unhappy!
You seriously thought I'd fall in love with someone like you?
It was aaaaalll an act.
I did it to break up your relationship with Elis.
"Why are you twin girls so ridiculous?"
What does someone like you know?
To protect Elis...
I'd even kiss a maggot.
Kissing you that time made me feel so nauseous.
I even threw up afterwards.
But, since it was to protect Elis...
I had no choice but to put up with it.
It didn't matter how much my body was defiled.
If the end result meant protecting Elis,
then that would have been fine!
Oh, shut up! Don't you listen to people when they talk?
I told you countless times, didn't I?!
"I-It's not like... it's for yoouur sake or anything!"
Everything was for Elis's sake.
Back when someone who didn't know his place tried to get close to Elis,
I just used a little charm.
He was swayed so easily.
"What happened to the guy?"
To make sure he could never go near her again,
I made him deeply regret it
and then eliminated him from this world.
I thought it'd work this time around too.
Because of disgusting trash like you...
Elis... went to a faraway place.
Somewhere my hands can't reach.
Far away.
It's like... eeeverything... ceased to matter.
Living in a world without her...
There's no helping it.
But to go on living with this empty feeling,
I'd rather die.
You're the only one I can't forgive.
You broke Elis's heart.
You took away our future.
Only you...!
I won't let my living angel Elis be defiled by the likes of you!
Elis is all mine!
And I belong to Elis!
I love Elis!
In this world, I love her the most!
More than anyone!
Elis is the center of this world.
Everything revolves around Elis!
But you...
How dare you.
In a world without light nor sound...
Forever repent!
You worm!
I love you!
I love you from the bottom of my heart!
I'm coming to see you soon!
Never again...
will you have to wait for anyone anymore!