Abraham: THE VORTEX - Esther & Jerry Hicks

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The Vortex
Whatever You Ask For Is Given
And so imagine
this Source Energy
- let's call it god
you usually do -
this Source Energy who is the
consensus of what everyone -
even one celled organisms -
have been asking for
that would be best for them.
Can you imagine a more
equal opportunity?
Can you imagine anything
being more right
than for there to be a
holder of all requests
and it pushing against nothing?
An environment where
what you ask for is always given?
And if you can stay with us
just a little bit
imagine an environment -
even a physical environment
which is really about as far as
you can imagine and that's fine.
Imagine a physical environment
where everyone is making their personal
and important
valid request from where they stand
from whatever just happened
and when they ask
for whatever it is
they get it.
And then we just want to remind you
that every single thing
that any of you have ever asked for
or ever will ask for
is for one reason only.
You think you will feel better
in the having of it.
In other words what you're asking for
is alignment.
What you're asking for is harmony.
What you're asking for is wholeness.
What you're asking for is the validation
of that which is Source
of the goodness
of that which is you.
So imagine a society where
billions of people are asking
and Source is holding for each of them
the equivalent of they're asking for
only in this physical environment
that we are describing
these billions have been working for
alignment with who they are
and so when they ask
they don't doubt
if they will receive.
They don't worry.
They don't feel competition of others.
They don't squabble over resources.
They don't push against others.
They don't try to make others wrong
so that they can be right.
They just ask and receive.
And we want you to step back far enough
with us to understand
that no matter how it looks to you
in any moment in time
that's really what's going on.
You all are out here asking
and Source is answering
what you're asking for
and the whole of humanity
the whole of all that is-ness
is becoming more as a result
of your fantastic participation here.
The reason that we are here
talking with you
is because you've summoned us
but we're not here to try to
get you to change what you're
asking for.
We just want you to understand
the process.
We just want you to understand the
valid platform on which you stand
and the perfection of this environment
as it exists.
We just want you to understand that
everything is working out just the way
we all knew it would and that
as the contrast inspires you
to the new request
that future generations will benefit
by the new request
that you are putting there.
In other words every new generation
benefits by
what the generation before
struggled with.
You acknowledge that.
We just want you to understand
that you don't have to croak
or be the new generation
in order to experience the benefit.
You get to ask
and you get to be the receiver
of what you've been asking for
but you've got to understand
how this game is played.
You've got to understand the laws
of the universe.
You've got to understand
the two vibrational aspects of you.
You've got to be willing to move
in the direction of what you want
and no longer continue to beat the drum
of what caused you to ask for it
to begin with.
In other words when you are
struggling with money
you're asking all day
all day all day all day all day all day
for more money.
But as you continue to beat the drum
of I don't have enough and it's not fair
that he's go too much and
somebody should do something about it
and it's not being evenly proportioned
and there are too many people that
are taking too big of a slice of the pie
and there are not enough of us
getting enough pieces of the pie.
As you are beating those drums
you are depriving yourself
of the vibrational attitude
that is necessary for
you to get what you've been asking for.
So your fortune just keeps amassing.
We've been calling this
your vibrational reality.
We've been calling it
your vibrational escrow.
Your vibrational fortune
and it's not just a vibrational fortune.
It's a real fortune that will manifest.
Your fortune is being held for you
in this vibrational bank so to speak
and nobody has access to it but you.
Nobody can get in there and
take your escrow.
But you know what happens
with so many of you?
You don't get in there
and receive it either.
You stand on the outside of it
and complain about not having it
when you're the only one
who can get in there where it is.
And we want you to understand
that this 'in there where it is'
is this vibrational escrow.
It's a vibrational reality
and we're going to call it the Vortex.
The Vortex of well-being
that you have created for yourself.
You put some of it there before
you were even born into this body.
You've put much of it there
since you got there
and everything that life has
caused you to ask for is there
not just waiting for you.
It's there with Law of Attraction's
response to it.
Each and every request
that you put there
Law of Attraction is responding to
and there is a veritable vortex
and we are emphasizing the vortex
because we want you to feel
the magnetic quality of it.
We want you to understand
that when you ask for something
everything that is necessary
for the fulfillment of this
that you have asked for
is being summoned to it.
All cooperative components -
So when you ask for a lover -
a lover of a certain stature
a lover of a certain look
a lover of a certain attitude
a lover of a certain financial condition
a lover of a certain love, a lover -
When you ask for a lover
that lover is there
that lover is summoned
and every component
that you've asked for
has been summoned to this Vortex
and it is there -
all cooperative components
have been summoned.
The question that this workshop
wants to ask and help you answer is
are you a cooperative component?
Are you cooperative enough
that you are being drawn
into your own Vortex
where all your lovers are
where your money is
where your answers are
where your clarity is
where your vitality is.
Where all that you have
become vibrationally is.
Or are you an ornery hold-out?
Beating the drum of
I've been asking so long
and it never comes to me
and I'm getting tired of looking
and all the good ones are taken
and it's really not fair
and my friend has a lover
and she isn't worthy
of the lover that she's got.
She doesn't treat him right
and yet there they are together
and I would be such a wonderful lover
but I don't have a lover
I don't have a lover
I don't have a lover
I don't have a lover I -
don't have a lover.
And we say yes you do.
You've got a lover.
It's done.
You've got a lover
you're just not where your lover is.
Your lover's over there in love.
Your lover's over there -
Your lover's over there with
all the other cooperative components.
Your lover -
Your lover will wait forever for you
because the universe has the ability
to keep putting a new lover in the place
until you get ready.
A new lover in the place -
Well that one went.
A new lover in the place.
Whoop that one went.
A new lover in the place.
A steady stream of lovers
is making their way to your Vortex
on the rare occasion that you might
get in the Vortex you see.
But you've got to want to be in there
you've got to want to be in there
more than anything else.
You've got to want to be in there
more than complaining.
You've got to want to be in there
more than validating.
You've got to want to be in there
more than being right
because often you are so right
about the wrongness
that you are focused upon.
You are so right.
You've got evidence.
You've got e-mails.
You have other bloggers.
You have evidence of the wrong-doing
that you are using as your justification
not to go in the Vortex.
When you go in the Vortex
you don't feel up in arms
about others.
When you're in the Vortex
you're in this magical swirl
of all things working out for you.
And there are so many people
who have discovered what that is
and they're people who've learned
to talk about what they want
not what they don't want.
They're people who've learned
to praise rather than criticize.
They're people who've learned
to be optimistic rather than pessimistic.
They're people who have
trained themselves
thought by thought
into the Vortex.
And that's really
what we're talking about.
For you to be
the immediate beneficiaries
of the escrow
that you have lined up for yourself
you have to become
a vibrational match to it.
That's what it's all about.
So what do you want to talk about?
We see you've come with nothing.
Well we're going to have
a wonderful day of unfolding.