Mahabharat - Episode 05

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Inspite of Bhishma's best efforts to console Shantanu
he could not get over his guilty conscience.
He handed over his sons, Chitrangadh and Vichitravirv..
... to Bhishma and died
Bhishma made Chitrangadh the King
but he did not live long and was killed
.. . in battle with a Gandharva chief
also named Chitrangadh
Then Bhishma made Vichitravirva the King
With great pomp and show
Long live the King
my respects, mother
may you live long Son
Did you call me Mother? Yes
There is an important matter to discuss
What's worrying you, mother
Shouldn't Vichitravirya get married now
and add to the Kuru dynasty?
I was about to suggest the same. Mother
what do you propose,, then?
3 daughters of the King of Kashi
Amba. Ambika and Ambalika
will be choosing their husbands soon
Take Vichitravirya there.,
Let us get their Invitation first
It will surely come
Fine, Mother I Shall wait for it.
The moment it comes,, I shall take him there.
Long live the Kashi King
This Is the royal court of Kashi
or shall we say. It is the Court
Of Ambika, Ambalika and Amba's father .
..Where Bhishma's death was decided
Whatever it may be called.
it is an Important place
in the history of Mahabharat.
Traditions born in the mist of history.
Will soon be slaughtered here
Prime Minister
I await your command Sire.
Invite all the Kings and Princes in India
for my daughters to choose their husbands
As you wish, Sire
But don't send an invitation to Hastinapur
may you live long. Sire. but
why this hesitation
only diplomacy Sire
I don't want the storm of Bhishma's arrows
. to reach Kashi :
so I'm taking this liberty to suggest
that we be friendly to Hastinapur
As our Princess Sunanda was married to
. . . King Bharat Of Hastinapur
It would be appropriate to invite the King
of Hastinapur on this occasion as well
Relations must change with times:
Each Relationship has to end some day.
The relationship you mention ended the day
King Shantanu ridiculed the marriage proposal
... of our sister with Devavrat
That Wound of humiliation is still sore .
, ... in my heart.
now is the time to take revenge
Hastinapur must not be invited.
It's an order
As your Prime Minister Sire
it's my duty to warn you
that to invite the wrath of Hastinapur
will prove suicidal for Kashi.
insulting them will be harmful to us.
Kshatriyas do not worry about such trifles
They only care for their self esteem
Which was hurt by King Shantanu of Hastinapur
We'll certainly take revenge
Couldn't. We take revenge
and yet be discreet
Sire: only the Princesses will choose their husbands:
if they ignore Vichitravirva
Our revenge will be complete
They refused to accept your sister
We'll refuse to accept their King
He'll be publicly, insulted in our court
no, Prime Minister:
One who insulted us
Can't be our guest
As you wish my Lord
but tit for tat is not alwavs a good policy
Making friends is more effective
Such a diplomacy may suit you.
But for me, revenge calls for revenge
Hence. I order you
.., not to invite anyone from Hastanapur
As you wish., MY Lord.
my regards, Gurudev
What are you discussing
.. in such hushed tones ?
It is most insulting, Sir
For whom?
For Hastinapur, Gurudev
for our King as well
in fact for all of us
who has insulted us ?
3 daughters of Kashi King are to choose their husbands.
but there's no invitation for our King
most insulting
Does Prince Bhishm know about it
It's an insult to our Roval House
I won't tolerate it
What happened?
You seem very upset
It is a grave matter.
Kashi King1s daughters are to choose their husbands
They are Our Old friends
our King Bharat's queen was also from Kashi
It's time for them
to have a matrimonial alliance with us.
I also had that in mind
Then what's the hitch?
King of Kashl
He has forgotten that Once he was
proud of our friendship
but to-day when he is giving away his daughter.
in marriage,, he dares to ignore us.
So what
Are these the only Princesses in the country
But Mother
if we tolerate this humiliation to-day.
'We'll Suffer loss of face before others as well.
Its imperative that we bring
these Princess.. to Hastinapur
and prove to the World that
... we are still a power to reckon with..
But how would you do it?
I'll go there and
show them the power we still are
if you're determined to go..
then take my blessings with you.
Ambe, are you thinking the same as I am?
What art you thinking Mv Lord?
After the function tomorrow
our lives will be changed
In what way?
no more secret meetings nor
freedom to roam about.
only ever-lasting love instead.
pure and sacred like the waters of Ganges
that never stop moving.
It'll be love day In and day out.
On our wedding night
when I'll lift your veil
I'll be seeing a new moon
delicate and pretty like a lotus
you'll be in my arms
and we'll be in Heaven
With dreams fulfilled and future secured
Heavenly existence for us both
In the royal Kashi Court all the Kings
emperors and Princes
are Present to win a bride for themselves
The 3 Princesses, Amab
Ambika and Ambalika are entering the Court
Amba knows who to garland
You two also choose your bride-grooms
Prime Minister, start the ceremony
Certainly, my Lord Attention please
I announce the arrival of King Shalva.
Be seated My Lord.
Attention for the warrior Prince Bhishma
It seems Bhishma has forgotten his vow:
Beauty. has taken its toll
Why this urge to prove his youth at his age?
such beauty can lure even saints:
leave alone a middle aged Prince
It seem he was waiting for his father's death
Satyavati broke her wedding bangles ..
and he his vow.
His vow too was brittle as glass
Its an assembly Only of invitees
I know
Since they're guests,, I've not cut their tongues.
I'm here to represent King Vichitrevirva
For centuries Kuru's have married Kashi Princesses
it'll be so even to-day
I'm taking the 3 Princesses to marry Vichatravirva.
Who has been ignored and insulted by you:
I forgive you for that
Princesses have a right to choose their husbands
Not these Princesses Even if they had
none of you is worthy of them
Bhishma, put a rein on your tongue
I put a rein on my horses only.
As for you Shalva King
had I not gifted life to You once. I'd have .
killed you for insulting me before this assembly
I declare in this court
that I've come to take away these princesses..
and an doing so now
is there anyone to stop me?
Is there?
Permit the Princesses to leave. oh King
I was afraid this would D3432happen, Mv Lord 'Charioteer
Turn the carriage
Shalva King
Yes, It's I
But, this Road doesn't lead to Shalva..
You're no warrior, Bhishma
you're an evil magician
You didn't display Valor in the Kashi Court
You displayed evil magic.
Now face my arrows
you're a great warrior.
and we are not enemies
I can't take away the life I gave you once
... So, go back to Shalva,
I'm not here to show my regrets
I'm here to spare you your life
I'll forgive you if you return to Hastinapur
Or else lift you bow Beware
I forgive you for this wound too
go back while you can.
I'm not here to return. Bhishma.
I've no dearth of arrows. shalv King. But
I don't wish to take away the life I gave you once.
So I pardon you again,
Proceed to Hastinapur
Prince is back,, Queen Mother
is that so ?
Yes, my lady: he has brought 3 Princesses too.
Congratulations for 3 lovely brides. mother
welcome,, son
she is Amba
She is Ambika
And she Ambalika
And she - their maid
Am I permitted to speak. your majesty?
Call me mother, Amba
But my request Is to Her Majesty
Make it
Before Bhishma came to Kashi. I had
accepted Shalvraj as my husband
why didn't you tell me this then princess?
Fear. Sire: I was scared of you
Then she can't marry vichitravirva. mother.
You're right Bhishma.
Don't despair. Princess
We'll send you back to Shalvraj with respect
You've my blessings. Amba
Queen mother
With great pride and honour.
the Jewel princess merrily departs
full of hopes to meet her lover
And full of happy dreams
Bhishma, gave me a new life
.and now he has given you to me
We will name our first son after him -
Certainly, my love.
You know. when I told the Queen Mother
that even before Bhishma arrived in Kashi
I had accepted you as my husband
he shuddered
.... and I knew then
.that our union was assured
You're now entering the Shalva territory.
Tell Bhishma that once I've lost something.
I do not take it back in charity
inform him
that by sending you back here
he has insulted me
When Bhishma learnt
that I love you
he himself sent me back to you
Bhishma defeated all of us and won you.
so you belong to him
Kshatriya code of conduct says. so
when I was to choose my groom he was there
But the choice was mine
Only I could choose my life partner
I'm not a Kingdom .
that Could be won or lost in a battle
Or gifted away in charity
Prior to Bhishma's arrival in Kashi
I had already chosen ' you as my husband
indeed I'm grateful to you Princess:
but you'll have to so back to Bhishma
by sending you here he has insulted me..
... and humiliated you as well.
Let the Princess come in
Long live the King
I'm here to seek justice
You'll surely get it. Princess
my Lord, after defeating all the Kings and Princes
Bhishma won me
But I was committed to marry the King of Shalva
so You sent me back to him.
but he refused to accept me
He Shouldn't have done so.
I'll send my army to avenge this humiliation.
But what has the King of Shalva done my Lord?
Why should your men invade his Kingdoms?
I have been insulted by Bhishma
What are you saying princess?
Bhishma can never Insult anybody
I'm not talking about anybody
I'm talking about myself.
I'm the one who was insulted
and only I can tell
who Insulted me
I was Insulted by Bhishma
if he hadn't sent me back to Shalva
I wouldn't have been insulted
So. I beg you to order him
to perform his duty as a true Kshatri
by accepting me as his wife.
May you live long, my Lord
I'm bound by my oath
I can't marry
Then why did you bring me here?
I had announced in Kashi that .
I was only representing Vichitravirva there
I was abducted Mv Lord
When I was about to choose my husband
my sisters have accepted you as a husband
but I have not.
I wish to choose Bhishma as my husband
it isn't possible Princess.
why ever not ?
Because I'm pledged to celibacy
beware of a wounded female serpent a wounded tigress
and a woman humiliated Bhishma.
You're bound by your oath which..
.. forbids you to rescue me from my predicament
So. in this Kuru Court.,
with your King as my witness
I too. take an oath
Gangaputra, Bhishma
never to forgive you for this insult even if
I've to be born again and again to take my revenge
One day I'll be the cause of your death.
I'll certainly take my revenge
She was like an angry serpent.
in a beautiful forest:
None could be blamed for this
but deadly deeds of destiny
Kashi Princess. Amba
left to seek her revenge
She'll Certainly do So
But when and where?
As Yet Only I know
But when this epic reaches that stage
I'll tell you all about it
Right now Hastinapur feels secure.
King Vichitravirya has married.
Ambalika and Ambika. with pomp and Show
The Kingdom is being looked after by
Wise and learned Bhishma.
vichitravirya spends all his time
With his two Queens
What's wrong .. My Lord?
Mother dear
What's happened, son ?
May he live long
Give him some holy water
The light of the Kuru clan.
was extinguished long before its time..
Leaving the throne empty
And the royal Palace deserted.
Get a hold on yourself. Mother
I'm trying. Son
But I'm unable to face the truth
I feel lonely and helpless.
Truth doesn't make you helpless. Mother
It does, son. it makes you very helpless..
You're ambitious
so you can't see my helplessness
I had wished,
my son to be the King:
So I removed you from the throne
.. that was yours
Look, What happened
The throne of Hastinapur
is looking at me
and asking me
to give it a King
now. where can I find a King ?
Both my sons
passed away
They left no heirs
I have let down ..
My subjects
Accidents and lncidents are inevitable. Mother
Whatever has to happen must happen
Destiny always finds its way.
man can't read the script of fate
He's sometimes baffled by happiness
and sometimes by Sorrow
But how can I give a King to Hastinapur
time alone will tell
Time has all the answers.
But you too are pledged to Protect the throne.
Certainly. Mother
so fulfill your Promise son
Is anyone about to invade Hastinapur ?
The truth is. that it has.
it has already been invaded
By whom ?
Your Oath
you promised your father to keep Hastinapur safe
To keep that promise You'll need an heir
YOU can't serve a throne without a King .
, or protect it without one
After the death of my two sons. the Kuru
Royal House is in danger of extinction.
only you can save it from dying out
On one side is your Oath.
and on the other the word given to your father
The decision is yours,
What do you mean ?
According to our custom It a your duty
. to marry Ambika and Ambalika
and thus save the Kuru clan
As your mother I wish you to do so
it's my duty to obey you. mother
But I'm pledged to celibacy
Bhishma can't break his oath.
and be called a liar.
sun can cool down.
and Moon become a ball of fire