How to Set Up and Activate an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad

Uploaded by duncan33303 on 26.12.2011

Congratulations, you’ve got a brand new iPhone, iPod touch
or iPad! To best use your shiny new iDevice there are a few
things you should do. First off you need to activate your
device. This is very simple and mostly consists of getting
the basics set up for the first time but if you like I have
a tutorial which you can view by clicking the annotation
on-screen right now. Once your device is activated and
connected to Wi-Fi the first thing you should do is check
for software updates. From time to time Apple releases new
features so to check tap on Settings, scroll down to General
and then Software Update. If there’s anything new download it
and give it a bit to install. After everything is set up you
should plug your new device in. When you get a new gadget with a
rechargeable battery you should always charge it fully and
then burn the battery all the way down. This is what’s known
as calibrating and should be done about once a month to get
the most out of your battery. Now that all the boring stuff
is out of the way it’s time to load your new iDevice up!
Connect it using the included USB cable to your computer and
transfer over all of your music, movies and other media using
iTunes. You can also use the App Store to download lots of
cool apps and games. There you have it, you are all ready to
get the most out of your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. For more
you can subscribe to this YouTube channel to be constantly
updated when cool new things are released and if you want to
see some of my favorite games for iOS click the
annotation on the screen right now.