CMA building tour, home of 3D4M

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we're just doing a story for scholarships for scholars trying to promote this place
Building a good story about the good things that happen here
This is the ceramics and metal arts facility
There’s going to be a fundraiser down here
On February ninth
the idea to behind fundraiser is just to raise a bunch of money for continuing graduate students and also
recruits, incoming people.
Show me around? Alright.
I’m Jacob Foran. I’m in the class of 2010.
Right now I'm working on my thesis body of sculpture
In the 3D4M program.
We have two
pretty large kilns that run off electricity and the rest
are good for smaller work
Right now this student’s working on
a glaze fire
So she’s fired this multiple times and this is going to be a golden glaze, so it looks black right now
but it’s going to go kind of lustery gold
These electric kilns, you can basically
program them like a microwave
It’s convenient because you can program and walk away
But the gas kilns we have outside, it’s more mechanical. You have to sort of make adjustments between the gas and the oxygen
to make the kiln climb at a certain rate.
so this is the foundry
it's where we do all our metal casting, so in this room we’ll cast bronze and aluminum
And they're working on,
they’d really like
To have the ability to cast iron eventually.
You see how much excess bronze there is,
the object that they’re actually casting is probably this section right here
so this is all a sprue (?) system that
allows the metal to vent and fill this space that they want
From here there's a lot of cleaning up,
and grinding. I this process you make
positives and negatives and
you cast a resin-bonded sand around it which is actually just packed in
and then you pull the two pieces apart and you're left with
an open space
sort of like this.
And then the metal gets poured back into that once you’ve glued it back together and removed the inside.
I'm actually casting a big throne, so it’s going to take about 32 molds
the one chair
The problem is we’re here to make stuff…
the more stuff we make…
the less room we have.
It’s based on
three-dimensional art, but
I think that anything goes down here.
I’ve seen materials that aren’t glass, aren’t wood, aren’t ceramic.
You can make stuff out of Styrofoam
Down here if you wanted to
I think you could make
paintings on canvas down here. It’s more of
whatever you need to make is possible
There’s a couple people around here
that are really good at blowing glass. So, while I’m not a glass blower, I don’t have a lot of experience with that, I’m learning just by doing it. And, in the meantime, I can teach them something about handling clay.
There’s no expectation
for what way you you express yourself. It’s more like locating
the right language
for you to say what you want to say.
That’s part of the reason I chose this place.
I looked at what other students had done and
it was clear to me that it was not a
Hell-bent, clay orthodox program. There are places that are like that
and that's good for a certain sort of student
But I think that
faculty support 0:03:48.489,0:03:55.489 whatever you're interested in.
I’m Trish. I’m a ceramics major here
At 3d4m
I’m at the senior level
I’m working on a figure right now
It’s one I’ve been working on for a couple quarters.
That’s her, right there.
I'm just kind of drawing out some clay and getting ready to build a little bit higher.
This is a really great program because
You’re free to just develop
the way you want to, and it’s very supportive. 0:04:31.059,0:04.34.049 So, I love it.
So this piece will be for sale, to hopefully benefit my first-year friends.