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Welcome to the Prevail Case management Legal Software Demo! For more information on our Legal Case Management Software or for a more personal demonstration, visit us online at
Track statutes and appeal deadlines for your personal injury, workers' compensation, Social Security, and other cases.
Use the Disabilities tab to maintain a list and narrative description of your Social Security disability claimant's ailments.
Keep a comprehensive employment history for your workers' compensation, Social Security, and other clients on the Employment tab.
The History tab is the heart of our legal case management software. It captures merged documents, e-mails, appointments, tasks, case notes, and more!
Track financial data- time, cost, and fee entries- for the case on the Ledger tab.
Medical treatment history is of utmost importance in many cases. Keep tabs on medical records and requests for your personal injury, workers' compensation, or Social Security client here.
Prevail's robust merge document feature allows you to generate all sorts of documents- Social Security forms, immigration forms, pleadings, and form letters- with just a few mouse clicks.
Prevail's calendar allows you to view all appointments (hearings, depositions, and more) and tasks for all employees, for all cases.
The Events tab serves as a case-specific calendar, listing all appointments and tasks associated with that particular case.
Generate e-mails to and receive replies from any party involved in a case or any of your co-workers.
Get a handle on the back and forth process of offers, demands, and liens on the Negotiations tab.
Keep track of the medical expenses, pain & suffering, property damage, and other damages your client has suffered.
Make your own script of questions for auto accident cases, disability claims, and others, and let Prevail do the work of creating the new case for you!
Prevail is a tightly-integrated legal case management system that allows you to work fewer hours and make more money!