AdWords Success Story: Hotel Rogge

Uploaded by Google on 07.09.2007


CHRISTIAN LARSON: Hotel Rogge is a really good middle-class
hotel, as we see it.
It's in the little town of Strangnas, but we look at it
as more of a big city hotel.
JOAKIM LARSON: We turn to business people, conference
guests, and weekend travelers.
RICHARD LARSON: We try not to be limited by
the small town thinking.
Instead, we look at the best and try to be just as good.

CHRISTIAN LARSON: Our customer groups are geographically
spread out.
The business people come from all over the world, while the
conference and weekend guests come mostly from Stockholm and

Earlier, we worked mostly with catalogues and guides to show
our products for weekend and conference guests.
But now, we have stopped with that.
JOAKIM LARSON: Our romantic weekend package is a
well-planned product where the goal is to create an
all-inclusive weekend date.
CHRISTIAN LARSON: This was the first time we tried
advertising a package like this with just the Google
AdWords tools.

About half of the website visitors come from search
engines, where Google is the leading one.
We think that all kinds of people go on romantic
weekends, but we can't possibly advertise in all
medias to reach them.
With AdWords, we can aim our campaigns so well that we just
reach the ones who are interested in this type of
It's this that makes our advertising costs minimal
while our effectiveness is at its maximum.
JOAKIM LARSON: This may sound a bit stupid, but our initial
investment was around SEK 10,000, which actually gave us
a return of SEK 100,000.
CHRISTIAN LARSON: Google AdWords, for me, who is a
market manager here, has been an Aha! experience where you
can early on follow up on your ads.
I can see in real time exactly how many that are looking at
my ad and how many that are clicking on it, as well as how
much I am paying for each click.

To reach our conference and weekend guests without using
digital media would have meant big ad campaigns in daily
press for Stockholm and Malardalen
which we can't afford.
What makes an AdWords ad interesting for us is that
people who click on them are truly interested in what we
are selling.
It's not exposed to just anyone, but instead we find
each other, buyer and seller.
That's why it's so great.