Best Office Suite For Samsung Galaxy Note 2

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hello everyone welcome to another of my samsung galaxy note 2 videos and today
i'll be reviewing office suite apps for the samsung galaxy note 2
and I'm just letting you know
I'm going to use bluetooth mouse sometimes during this review and i'm also going to
focus on
word documents are more specifically 2,010 word documents because
that document or that format seems to have the most features
that they've worked on this
office suit app so let's begin
the four apps that i'm going to cover is
quick office pro polaris office 4.5
office suit six pro and king soft office so let's start with
quick office pro
so i'm going to create a
2,010 word document
so the only
pros i'm going to do a pros and cons the only pros
found for a quick office pro was that
as very sophisticated
tabling options
you could install a table
and then you could change the lay out and maybe insert
have these insert options here

put a style on your table
i thought it was very sophisticated and i was really surprised
the bad thing is that
that seems to be the only major
featuring that it has
going for it
it's limited in that you cannot insert things like
text boxes shapes
comments do any kind of drawing
while you're on consulate
this app is fourteen ninety nine

and it might be a little bit cheaper giver to fourteen nine nine I got it
at the amazon app store

here's one really annoying bug
is that it cannot see the actual internal storage
your galaxy note 2
it looks like it hasn't been updated for jelly bean so i think that is the
so let's move on
I'm gonna close out of this app
discard changes
let's move on to polais office
polais office you could get from the samsung apps
let's go back
so you could get it from samsung apps
here you go
samsung apps
just do a search for polais office

probably the first one
and it's free
so i let's go back to the app
let's create a new word document
doc x for 2010
blank document
once again the pros is it's free for galaxy noteh 2 users and
probably other galaxy owners
it has the most sophisticated free draw
free draw element
maybe i don't need to go there but
imagine you have to style this out
it has all these that stylists
customizations you could do
and that part I think it's their best feature
it has another cool feature which is text box i haven't really seen
this text box
any other
or processing app

you'll probably recognize
this text box very similar to what you see in office
so I think those are
the two best features the two pros of polaris office

you can't seem to define styles and i think that is
maybe it's there but i really really looked to see where
how you could
what i mean by defined styles is that
you wanna
you like this particular font
this particular font maybe arial
and then you like a particular size
but say you wanted to save that new style and
can't seem to
define it as a quick style so you could apply quickly
when you're editting the word document and i think that's crucial i think
people use
people that edit documents a lot probably that's one of their main future so
doesn't seem to exist it might be there i just havn't found that
it must be really buried in there

one last thing is
the ui
i think the ui is very outdated reminds me of
app from a long time ago
and in order to
exist some features
i need to have these awkward menus and it seems very limited
as well
it's not very intuitive so let's discard this let's go to the
next office app
which is office suite 6
let's make a new document
new.. word document
office suite 6 pro
the only pros that i've found but this app is that
it has a really cool way of
selecting text let me show you
say you wanted to select that word and
it has this really floating text selection
and i wish other apps adopt this not just for prossing apps but a lot other
apps in general because
it's beatiful how this works
unfortunately that seems to be the only feature going for it
because everything else is pretty bare-bones
for example the ui
and it is very quickly
you could
chang the boulder
do some formatting there
the thing is you want to change the font and the font size is
I have to look for a long time but you actualy have to hit the menu
you have to go to format and and then you could change it
these menus here
these full menus and i thought i was very awkward and it actually took me a
long time to find
that is
that is one of the columns of office suit 6 pro
it's very awkward menues
another thing is every other office app seems to be able to
insert images from the camera and
this seems to be the only
app that doesn't insert
images from the camera and that just shows you how unsophisticated
app is compared to other apps

that's what I mean by bare bones
they need me to continue developing these features
and they have a lot
a long way to go
and this app is also a fourteen ninety nine
I also got it at the amazon app store i think the
prices is i'm giving you might be slightly different at the google play
it's not cheap
bug is that

internal storage it cannot see your external storage
so that it's the opposite problem compared to the
quick office pro quick office pro only saw your
external storage while this one only sees your internal storage so if you have
sd card insert in there
it is not aware because
probably it isn't updated for jelly bean
so let's move on to the last
office app that we have
which is king soft office
that saw one of my videos made the recommendations cuz i actually wasn't
aware of this office app
I was aware of the other three that we have covered previously
and i'm very glad that he mentioned that because
this app is the best
app out there
the best thing
about this app is it is free and it is available
easily at the google play store
so i'll just go to google paly store downloaded and it has this killer
let's select the text
with your mouse
just by going over the text like that
just like a real
as if you were in front of
microsoft word
and then continuing on with the pros
it has slick
word 2010
type ui
and it works very well

we probably all adopted to that 2010 interface
so i think i will definitely find this
the best ui out there
by leaps and bounds

the only cons
is that
it is lacking
in the free draw department there is
option in there i think
free draw
there's like a drawing
setting in there somewhere
you can make a written notes here but it's very limited
actually when you try to write
wanted documents with the stylish
not smooth it produces jagged lines
but then again
are those is that a feature necessary in a word
processing document
i never needed it so maybe
it's not even a con
i was just trying to find pros and cons
at lease one con for this app
there isn't one so
as you could see the clear winner is
king soft office

I wanna restate that the best
thing is it's free and it's
because it has the most features
similar to what you are used to in office 2010

I think that's
all i have to say about
the office apps
so definitely
try king soft office out

I guess one thing
that they could add on here is
text box i think that is
very critical feature in my opinion

maybe they could update that soon
or if i had to make a recommendation
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