How to Make Valentine's Day Gifts : How to Make Origami Paper Cups for Valentine's Day

Uploaded by expertvillage on 11.02.2008

Hi, my name is Lanie Evans, and on behalf of Expert Village, I'm going to show you how
to make an Origami paper cup for Valentine's Day so you can fill it with your favorite
treats. Let's get started. Here I've taken some holiday wrapping paper. I like this,
you can spend money on a more expensive origami paper, but I think wrapping paper's a lot
of fun, magazine paper also works really well. You're going to start out by making a square,
here I have a rectangle. To make a square, fold the triangle and then you're just simply
going to cut this piece off to begin, you're looking for that right angle. Now once I have
this, actually we're half way done, take this point here and then you're going to fold it
over to where this point meets the middle of this line. So put your fingers down here
as you do that to stop the paper if you need to, actually I guess it's going to come up
a little bit. You want this line level, or just like that. Now this point is going to
come and meet this point here, just like that. Press down here and then get your creases.
And now I am going to peel down and this will hold the paper in place. Turn it over and
pull it down until it stops, and crease it. To open your cup put in your finger here and
press and then you can fill it with your favorite treats. You can use sweethearts, small candies,
foam hearts, stickers, these make great little gifts.