Meri Jung

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Mother, father!
Let's go.
- Madam, not from here. - But that was my husband.
This entrance is for prisoners, you go from there.
Ms Arti, where were you? I was looking for you.
They brought him now. . in handcuffs.
- Mr Gupta, please save him. - Madam, be strong.
Don't worry.
Tell me honestly, will he be acquitted?
What can I say!
I am doing my best.
Good morning, sir.
Greetings, Mr. Thakural. - Good morning.
Hello, Mr Thakral.
Good morning, sir. . - Sir. .
Start the court proceedings.
Your honor, this face which is the epitome of honesty. .
is nothing but a mask.
A mask which hides a hardcore murderer.
Your honor, who doesn't know the deceased Mr Oberoi. .
was a very rich man. .
and a great philanthropist also.
The killer calls himself a musician.
On the night of 18th December, the accused Mr Deepak Verma. .
reached his house with lust for money.
But Mr Oberoi had an inkling. .
that on the pretext of starting a music school. .
he wanted to fill his own coffers.
And so he refused to donate the money.
And Mr Deepak Verma behaved like a brute.
And when he left half an hour later. .
he left behind Mr Oberoi's dead body.
I object, my lord.
The prosecutor is accusing my client Mr Deepak Verma. .
of a crime which he can't prove.
Your honor, I agree that on the night of 18 th December. .
between 8. 30 and 9, my client. . was at Mr Oberoi's house.
I also agree that as per the post-mortem report. .
the murder took place around nine.
But that doesn't prove that. .
Mr Deepak Verma is the killer.
The prosecutor can't present any eye-witness to prove it.
Your honor, there is a witness.
And this witness will put everything in place.
The eye-witness to this murder by Mr Deepak Verma is. .
. . Mr. Pramod Vaswani.
I am Pramod Vaswani.
Mr. Vaswani, can you tell. .
what you saw in Mr Oberoi's house on 18th December. .
from your house?
Yes, I was standing at my window. .
and I saw this man sitting in Mr Oberoi's drawing room.
Mr Oberoi was flaying his arms and talking loudly.
- What was he saying? - I couldn't hear due to the distance.
Then he stood up and he removed a huge knife. .
- and. . - Then what did he do?
Don't get scared and tell me what did he do?
He then stabbed Mr Oberoi with it in the chest.
- This is a lie. - This is the only truth !
It's a lie.
Judge, trust me, I am innocent.
Every criminal screams that he is innocent.
Mr. Verma, you may try your best to hide but evidence. .
. . have proved your gruesome act in court.
No, I am innocent.
Lawyer, I am innocent.
The court is adjourned for the day.
Do you want me to lose this case?
- I didn't come to tell you that. - Then?
I came to inform you that despite being innocent. .
I've made my client agree to this crime.
Please ask for life imprisonment instead of capital punishment.
Look, if you get a capital punishment for an innocent man. .
It is important for me.
You can pick up any newspaper and see. .
this case is on the headlines.
If this man doesn't get a capital punishment. .
who will acknowledge my mettle as a lawyer.
Look. . - I am sorry, Mr. Gupta.
I can't help you.
Arti, you have supported me in every struggle of life.
Now from your tears, should I understand. .
- that we have lost this struggle? - No, not at all !
Aarti, you are the only support for our kids now.
- Yes. - Come here.
- Yes, father? - Arun, your mother has suffered a lot for us.
- Don't ever trouble her. - I won't, father.
And Komal is your younger sister.
- Take care of her. - I will, father.
I've pinned all my hopes on you, son.
Ms Arti !
Mr Gupta, what did Thakral say?
He is very stubborn.
I told him that if instead of capital punishment. .
he emphasizes on life imprisonment. .
- Deepak will agree to the crime in court. - Yes.
- But yet. . - But what?
He still didn't agree.
Oh god, what will happen now?
Now god can only bring about a miracle. .
and Thakral relents or he has set the trap. .
for Deepak to get capital punishment.
Mr Oberoi, a lawyer's profession is a game of chess.
And not everyone knows it.
If I want I can get Mr Deepak Verma acquitted.
Or can let him off with a mild sentence.
And if I want I can get him hanged to death also.
I've paid you five lakhs for that.
I know. If he lives, you will die.
But who will give him death and life to you?
I! Thakral !
And rupees five lakhs is not a big amount for it, Mr Oberoi.
Mother. Where are you going, mother?
Arun, come with me.
I don't have time to listen to nonsense.
You aren't my wife. You were my wife.
I've signed and sent the divorce papers.
And don't bother about the child.
He and I, we both will live happily without you.
Shanta, what are you doing here?
- Go and put the child to sleep. - Okay, sir.
You? What are you doing here?
I've come to you for charity.
Mr Thakral, you. .
Will you be kind to me?
I. .
I have two small kids.
They will. .
They will bless you, Mr. Thakral.
They will bless you.
How can I help you?
Your lawyer has no evidence or witness.
Can't a person who doesn't has evidence or witness. .
be innocent?
You want me to lose this case on your behest?
No, but. .
he is innocent. But you can still punish him.
But please don't ask for capital punishment.
If you want to win the case, do so. .
but give him life imprisonment.
He will languish in jail but he will atleast be alive.
Atleast my children won't be orphaned.
No matter how many years. .
but I'll wait for him.
But don't give him capital punishment, Mr Thakral.
Don't give him capital punishment.
Don't give him capital punishment.
Look, I can't do anything for you. You can go.
No, Mr. Thakral !
Get up!
Get up!
Look, what had to happen has happened.
But there is no need to worry.
You are young. You want to bring up your kids, isn't it?
If you need a job, I'll find you one.
Did you get me?
Don't consider yourself to be hapless.
I'll take care of you. Understood?
Rascal ! Swine!
You dared to touch me?
I came to beg you for my husband's life.
And you. .
Thakral, He is watching you !
He's watching you !
One day you will have to pay for your sins.
This is a hapless woman's curse.
A day will surely come, Thakral. . when you will beg for mercy. .
. . but nobody will be benevolent towards you.
This is my curse to you !
Let's go!
Oberoi here! I heard Deepak Verma's lawyer came to you.
And you are thinking of life imprisonment now.
Mr Oberoi, your brother's killer Deepak will be hanged.
. .will be killed.
Bearing in mind, the evidences. .
the court accords Mr Deepak Verma. .
. .capital punishment under Indian Penal Code 302. .
. .for murdering Mr. Ramkrishna Oberoi.
Do you want to meet anyone?
Deepak Verma will be hanged.
I've paid you Rs 50,000 for your testification.
Why are you fighting, Mr Oberoi?
I need another Rs 50,000.
- You will get it. - When? Tomorrow.
Promise? - Promise.
Thank you and goodnight.
I've tolerated you enough.
- Mr Vaswani, you? - You? !
I. .
Listen. .
- Yes? - I gave a false testification.
Deepak Verma didn't murder Mr Oberoi.
He didn't kill him. He didn't kill him.
He is innocent.
I know he is innocent. Then who is the murderer?
- The murderer is. . - Who is it?
Did you all hear what he said?
Did you all hear what he said?
Sister, did you hear what he said?
He said Deepak Verma is innocent.
That Deepak Verma didn't commit this murder.
Sir, you heard him, didn't you?
You heard him, didn't you?
If you all testify to the police. . what he said before dying. .
then my husband will be saved.
then my husband will be saved.
Madam, don't worry, we'll tell this to the police.
Sir, thank you very much.
Thank you very much.
I'll go and tell him.
O God !
Sri Krishna told Arjun. .
that the body is. .
What happened?
- What happened? - My vehicle broke down.
Central jail is just two kilometers away, you can walk.
Two kilometers? Oh my god !
The papers are ready for you to take the body.
Come and sign.
I lodged a police complaint and called up all hospitals also.
But son, there is still no information about your mother.
I think she couldn't bear this grief. .
and like Deepak, she too has left us.
Son, I won't give you false hopes.
I'll tell you the stark truth.
At your age, life is carefree.
But life is no longer carefree for you.
It is a battle!
You have to fight this battle as per. .
the values your parents have instilled in you, Arun.
You will have to fight this battle.
''We will win ! ''
''We will win ! ''
''If you are with us! ''
''Life is a struggle. .
. .at every step''.
''Life is a struggle. .
. .at every step''.
''We will win ! ''
''We will win ! ''
''If you are with us! ''
''Life is a struggle
. .at every step''.
''Life is a struggle
. .at every step''.
''It's you who has brought this music on my lips''.
''It's you who has brought this music on my lips''.
''Your love has brought music into my life''.
''O my beloved, all that I love is a gift from you''.
''I am just a picture which you have filled with colors''.
''Life is a struggle. .
. .at every step''.
''Life is a struggle. .
. .at every step''.
Deepak Verma's piano for Rs 7 000.
Rs 7 000. .I Rs 7 000. .II
Rs 8000 !
Today, Deepak Verma's house was auctioned.
His children have become orphaned. .
and homeless.
And, Thakral, you are responsible for all this.
How can you blame me?
Finally, the truth was out that Deepak Verma was innocent.
Remarkable, Gupta !
I always knew that Deepak Verma was innocent.
But my job was to get him hanged. And I did it.
Thakral, you ought to be ashamed.
You have murdered the law.
You have ruined a happy family.
Now, where will these kids live?
Mr Gupta, I'll give you an advise. . absolutely free.
The government has set up many orphanages.
Send them to one of them.
Driver, let's go.
Make yourself comfortable here. Eat something.
You must be hungry, isn't it? Indu, take care of them.
Husband, please come in. I want to talk with you.
Coming. Look after them.
- Be quick! - Coming.
What do you take this house to be? You just bring anybody here!
Shanti, the kids are hungry. They've been orphaned.
My father didn't give you this house to stay. .
to convert it into an orphanage.
Look, don't get street urchins home.
We've fed them. That's enough !
I can't tolerate them. Ask them to leave.
Calm down, Shanti !
- Yes? - Where are they?
- Father, they left. - Where to?
I don't know.
''Don't lose hope and fight the world''.
''Don't lose hope and fight the world''.
''Look, the color of the sky is also changing. ''
''. .the color of the sky. ''
''This is not the color of weather. .
but of the changing times''.
''At every step life throws new challenges''.
''At every step life throws new challenges''.
''Where can people look for the stars and moon?''
''I'll light a fire. .
to dispel this darkness''.
''There's no fear as long as there's fire in the belly''.
''At every step life throws new challenges''.
''At every step life throws new challenges''.
''We will win ! ''
''We will win ! ''
''If you are with us! ''
''At every step life throws new challenges''.
''At every step life throws new challenges''.
Mansukh, get all this typed.
These papers have to presented in court tomorrow.
Yes, sir.
And get the file from the court's record room. .
- of the case which Mr Thakral has won. - Yes, sir.
Sir, can I ask you something?
You are such a good lawyer yourself. .
then why do you refer to Mr Thakral's files?
I am sorry, sir.
If I've said something to offend you.
No, it's okay.
Mansukh, I became a lawyer because of Mr. Thakral.
I want to understand his strategies and ploys very well.
Because a case is going on in the court of fate.
And I have to win that case against Thakral at any cost.
Komal. Komal.
- Ramu, keep my brief-case in my room. - Yes, sir.
So, Keshav gave this file.
Ramu, did Keshav give a thick file?
- That's all that he gave. - That's all? - Yes.
Tomorrow is Mr Chopra's case's hearing and he. .
Mr. Lawyer, Arun Verma !
Do you remember anything besides court. .
case, files, witnesses and your honor?
Yes! I do remember that I have a younger sister Komal.
She is very sweet and cute. .
but she gets angry very soon.
But she forgives equally fast.
She remembers all that needs to be remembered.
You need to be given a reward for such a good memory.
Take this.
- What is this? - Perhaps this may remind you of something.
- But what is this for? - I wanted to remind you. .
that a few years ago besides law you had another hobby also.
And secondly, today is your birthday.
I had forgotten about it.
But how can I forget it, brother?
A happy birthday to my brother.
Many, many happy returns of the day. - Thank you.
It is a very nice gift.
Brother, I didn't gift you this to remind you of your sorrow.
Komal, those things are reminded that one forgets.
But this is a grief that neither you nor I have ever forgotten.
I remember everything very well.
Good morning, sir.
Good morning, sir.
Good morning, sir.
What's next?
Sir, this evening you've an appointment with. .
the King of Behrampur.
And at twelve with Lady Zarapshah.
- When is her case's hearing? - On the 18th of this month.
And you've an appointment with Dr Dinesh Mathur now.
Dr Mathur, I've understood your wife's case.
But I am sorry. .
I can't fight this case.
Mr Thakral, don't say that. You are the city's best lawyer.
And if you. .
As the city's best lawyer, I've some problems also.
I've so many cases. .
that it is difficult to make time for a new case.
Mr Thakral, my wife is innocent.
I can pay you any amount you demand.
Dr Mathur, my reply remains the same.
I am sorry.
Srikanth, just check if Mr Dayal has come.
He's come.
Send Dayal inside.
Ok, Mr. Thakral. . - That's ok.
Sir, you could have found time.
And he was ready to pay handsomely, then. .
Srikanth, you won't understand.
His wife Dr Asha Mathur. .
has been accused of poisoning her patient.
All evidence and witness are against her.
It's totally a flop case.
And I neither like to lose a case. .
nor am I used to losing a case.
Brother-in-law, what happened? You went to meet Lawyer Thakral?
Geeta, everyone knows that Asha is innocent.
But the case is so complicated. .
that no lawyer is ready to take up this case.
God knows what will happen now.
I just don't understand.
Someone has recommended a lawyer very highly.
I am thinking of meeting him.
Ms Geeta, you will get only one reply from me. .
that I don't handle false cases.
Mr Verma, my sister is innocent.
And I can say this confidently.
I agree with you but you also listen to me. .
that this can't be proved in the court.
There is no way to win this case.
And why support the truth when there is no chance of winning !
Isn't this what you want to say?
Ms Geeta, you have misunderstood my words.
I've understood your words and you also, Mr Arun Verma.
An innocent person can be imprisoned for life. .
but you don't want to spoil your name by taking a losing case.
Because all that matters to you is. .
your success and your victory.
Miss. Gita Srivastav.
Anybody looking at this file can say that Dr Asha Mathur is a. .
cheat and corrupt doctor who has deliberately poisoned her patient.
But you want to scream yourself hoarse. .
that your sister is innocent.
- She is innocent! - Only because she is your sister?
Do you have any witness or evidence?
If you have then bring them here, I'll listen to them.
- Bring them! - If a person doesn't has witness. .
can't he be innocent?
If a person doesn't has a witness. .
can't he be innocent?
I'd heard a lot about you. I had pinned my hopes on you.
But before leaving, I can't even say. .
that I was pleased to meet you.
Goodbye, Mr. Arun Verma.
Dr Asha Mathur, my name is Arun Verma.
- And I am your lawyer. - Did my husband send you?
No, your younger sister came to me.
Ms Mathur, I've read your statements and reports.
But I want to hear the entire incident from you.
This happened the day Dr Mathur left for Pune. .
and I was alone at home.
- Hello! - Dr Asha, ward no 5's condition has worsened.
Administer him nestral 500.
We don't have it in our stock.
I have it, I'll get it.
Temperature. - 102. - BP. - 140 /240.
Drink this medicine.
Don't worry, everything will be fine.
- Where's the doctor? - He's in his cabin. - Okay.
- Doctor, his pulse isn't beating. - What? !
It can't be.
What I told is the absolute truth.
I don't know who mixed the poison in the medicine. .
and how all this happened.
I don't know anything.
Dr Mathur, right now, I can only promise you. .
that I will do my best.
I'll come back later.
Mr Daga, isn't it possible that Dr Asha Mathur. .
administered Damodar the medicine which she brought from home.
No, that isn't possible.
Damodar drank the medicine. .
which Tony planted in Dr Mathur's bag.
Tony, your father Mr Daga and I are childhood friends.
Don't consider me to be a lawyer. .
but confide in me as an uncle. .
as to how and why you changed the medicine.
Uncle, Damodar had become a threat to us.
And the police was waiting for him to regain consciousness.
And I had only one option to keep him shut.
That night I was present in the hospital as an electrician.
And Dr Mathur administered Damodar that medicine.
In that case, nobody can cause you any harm.
Go and sleep peacefully.
Dr Mathur, there's poison present in this medicine.
Can you tell me. . what are the chances of survival. .
if a person consumes the quantity of poison. .
found in the dead person's body as per the post-mortem report?
Very little. No chance at all.
I heard Thakral refused to take up this case.
He feels no lawyer can win this case.
I will win !
Your honor, in lieu of the witness and evidence. .
it has been proved that it was Dr Asha Mathur. .
who killed Damodar Prasad.
And the poisoned medicine which Dr Mathur got for Damodar. .
is right now present in the court.
And also the government 's chemical report. .
which states that this bottle contains poison and not medicine.
That's all, my lord.
The defense can present his evidence and witness.
Yes, your honor.
Your honor, it is true. .
that Damodar Prasad was the police's prime witness.
And he was silenced for good.
And this is also true. .
that on that night Ms Mathur took the medicine to hospital.
And this is also true. .
that a minute after administering this medicine. .
Damodar Prasad died !
But all this doesn't prove that. .
Dr Asha Mathur is responsible for Damodar's death.
All the accusations levied by the prosecution are that . .
the medicine administered by Ms Mathur to the deceased. .
was poisoned and I say this is a lie.
I object, my lord.
The defense lawyer seems to forget. .
that the report present in the court along with bottle. .
proves that this bottle contains only poison.
- This bottle contains poison? - Yes.
Your honor, I've read its chemical report. .
which states that it contains poison.
But before giving a verdict on this case of life and death. .
we mustn't forget that. .
this chemical report isn't the gospel truth. .
that can't make an error.
I challenge this chemical report.
There isn't a drop of poison in this medicine bottle.
It contains only medicine that can't kill anyone.
Mr Verma, do you have any evidence to prove this?
Yes, you are right.
I am the evidence and the witness.
It's me.
What are you doing? Mr Arun Varma !
Stop it.
What better proof can I give than this about this being a medicine?
Thank you, Mr. Rawat.
The court realizes that it can't be proved totally. .
if Dr Asha Mathur has killed Damodar Prasad.
And there are chances of the chemical report. .
presented by the prosecution to be erroneous.
And so the court acquits Dr Asha Mathur.
Congratulations, Mr. Arun Verma !
Congratulations, Mr. Verma !
Congratulations, Mr. Verma !
Congratulations, Mr. Verma !
Get ready. It's an emergency. Hurry up!
- How is Mr Arun now? - He's fine.
He's still unconscious but is out of danger.
The poison had spread a lot.
Any further delay could have been fatal.
Asha, I'd say that it was Mr Arun who saved you. .
and it was god who saved him.
But why did he do that only to win a case?
No, he was certain of Asha's innocence.
And he had said that he can risk his life to save the innocent.
He is a different man.
It contained poison.
If there was poison then how did he drink it?
Whether there was poison or no, will it create a problem for us?
No. No. No problem.
Mr Daga, nobody can even point a finger at you.
Uncle, newspapers have praised Arun Verma to the skies.
The standard of newspapers is falling.
I've solved such cases by a flick of my finger.
Besides, there isn't anything special about this case. .
for newspapers to make an issue over it.
Yes. - Hello!
Is Mr Thakral in?
Hold on please.
Thakral, there is a call for you from the office.
Sir, Mr Vicky is asking for Rs 5000.
- Give it to him. - But sir, he took Rs 10,000 last week.
Mr Sharma, he is my son, give him whatever he asks for.
And don't bore me.
Mr Sharma, I have money for him, but not time.
I've heard these days Vicky is creating an uproar in college.
After all, he is my son !
O God ! He is so good.
He is the best.
He moves so swiftly.
My would-be wife will work?
- Never! - If only I'll become your wife!
You still have two years to complete college.
Okay, take up a job.
But I've already considered you as my wife. .
legally or illegally.
What's going on here? What audacity is this?
Hi, professor!
A class-room is a temple not a goon's den.
I'll complain against you to the principal.
Decent people don't cross swords with me, Vicky, Professor.
Because I am G. D Thakral's son.
And everyone knows G. D. Thakral.
Sir, did you see this newspaper?
Your name has been published in bold letters on the headline.
Mr Thakral was confident that nobody could win this case.
We must talk with him now.
Mr Mansukh, that day will also dawn. .
when I will talk with Mr Thakral.
Sir, Dr Mathur had called up for you.
They want to invite you home.
And Ms Geeta had also called up.
- Madam, a Mr Arun has come. - What?
Make him comfortable, I'll just come.
Sir, madam is dressing up, please take a seat.
Mr Arun, no, don't get up.
What is this!
Sir, a tune is incomplete without lyrics.
- Sir, look, I. . - This applause was for the tune.
- And now this applause. . - Will be for the lyrics.
A big hand !
''We will win. .
''We will win. .
if you are with us''.
''Life is a struggle. .
. .at every step''.
''Life is a struggle. .
. .at every step''.
''We will win. .
''We will win. .
if you are with us''.
''Life is a struggle. .
. .at every step''.
''We will win. .
''We will win. .
if you are with us''.
''Life is a struggle. .
. .at every step''.
''Life is a struggle. .
. .at every step''.
Mr. Arun, what is this!
You are standing here all alone and you are without a glass!
Waiter, whiskey!
No whiskey please. Thank you.
Look, right from the start you haven't been just with us.
Isn't it, Asha? You rescued us from such a big problem.
And you aren't even talking about your fees.
What is this! - Right. Right. I agree.
Dr Mathur, you want to pay me my fees?
I can sell my every penny for you.
God forbid, you have to see such a day.
Mr Mathur, unfortunate is that woman who loses everything.
But I'll consider myself to be very fortunate.
Tell me what you want. A car, bungalow or a blank cheque?
Whatever you want.
Mr Mathur, please give me this piano.
What? ! A piano?
What is this!
This is an old ordinary piano.
It is old but it isn't ordinary for me.
What is so special about it?
This is that melody. .
which has many tunes hidden within it.
Will you give me this piano?
What is this!
This piano will reach your home before you reach home.
But this isn't your fees. It is a small gift from us.
Thank you, sir. Thank you.
- Yes, Geeta? - How did you come to know that it was. .
Just as people recognize each other's voices on hearing it. .
if you pay attention then you can hear and recognize. .
other people's silences also.
- Can I ask you something? - Yes, ask.
You are a very strange man.
I don't know why you are the way you are.
But I would surely like to know.
There's nothing worth knowing about me.
Would you have a problem if I decided that?
Okay, I leave all decisions to you.
So, my first decision is. .
next Sunday our group is going to Manori beach. .
and you have to come.
And I'll wait for you.
Geeta !
''My dream man. .
my knight in shining Armour''.
''My dream man. .
my knight in shining Armour''.
''This weather. .
beckons you''.
''My dream man. .
my knight in shining Armour''.
''You make me restless''.
''You make me restless''.
''You have stirred. .
my heart strings''.
''What is your wish?''
''What are your intentions?''
''My dream man. .
my knight in shining Armour''.
''Heart! ''
''Heart! ''
''Heart! ''
''Heart! ''
''You have already stolen my heart''.
''Now don't take my life also''.
''You have already stolen my heart''.
''Now don't take my life also''.
''Don't test. .
my patience''.
''Don't break a fragile doll. .
with stone''.
''My dream man. .
my knight in shining Armour''.
''This weather. .
beckons you''.
''My dream man. .
my knight in shining Armour''.
''Music! ''
''Music! - Dance. ''
''Let's dance in the music. - In the music. ''
''Let's dance in the music. ''
''In the music. ''
''Music. ''
''Music. ''
- What happened? - Nothing.
Nothing at all.
- Were you deep in thought? - No. You've come?
Yes, I came.
Are you alright?
Yes, I am absolutely fine. But why?
You don't seem alright. Come, let's sit in the restaurant.
- The beer is over. - Don't worry, I'll arrange for it.
So, you didn't tell me what were you sitting there and thinking?
I said I wasn't thinking. Actually, I like to dream.
Hey! - Hi, guys! - Cheers!
Since when have you been dreaming?
Since I was 6-7 years old. At that time we shifted to London.
And I did my college also there.
I am very fond of music and dance.
Really? - Really!
- What kind of music do you listen? - All types.
Actually, there is nothing to match Indian classical music.
And Indian culture has no parallel.
Geeta, do you know what this flower is called?
Geeta, I was thinking that on one hand you are there. .
who despite living abroad. .
has not forgotten your country's culture.
And on the other hand is he who must have stayed here. .
but yet behaves like a foreigner.
Actually, it is their parents' fault.
Had such children been disciplined in childhood. .
they'd never have misbehaved.
Good day, gentlemen.
Hi, Komal ! - Hi ! Hi, Tina !
Your brother Arun's picture. . was published in the papers today also.
- Is Arun Verma your real brother? - Yes.
How lucky you are!
Vicky, there's a call for you.
Hello. - Vicky, Indu here. - Yes?
I tried calling you up so many times. I tried at home also.
- I was busy. - Let's meet on Sunday.
I have lots to tell you.
Indu, don't bore me. - Please.
Yes. - Vicky, Arun's sister Komal.
Are you there?
Vicky, I can't hear you.
Are you there! Hello! Hello!
Hello! - Hello!
Can I present a flower to a girl as beautiful as a flower?
Thank you.
- Komal, you may not know me, but. . - I know you.
Your name is Vicky and you are a good dancer.
Great! Can I thank you for this compliment with a flower?
Please accept it.
Komal, anyone can be a good dancer. .
but he needs a good partner.
I was looking for a dance partner who is graceful. .
and a good dancer and beautiful and you are that dancer.
This flower is for our partnership. Accept it!
But I can't dance as well as you. . - and. . - You can learn.
I'll teach you. - Really? - No problem.
We rehearse daily in the assembly hall after the sixth lecture.
And you are coming tomorrow.
This flower is for our appointment.
Accept it! - Thank you.
And this flower is for that day. .
when our partnership will turn into a meaningful friendship.
Bye, partner.
- Amazing ! - This girl will be easy to woo.
And then I'll show Mr Arun Verma. .
the consequences of insulting me.
Arun. - Hello, Mr. Girewal.
- I am angry with you. - Why?
Come with me.
Our justice department has tried several times. .
for you to take up some cases of prosecution.
But you are too busy to become a prosecutor.
Mr Garewal, I became a lawyer to save people. .
not to get them punished.
It's difficult to win an argument with you.
Ok, goodbye.
Spend some time with us. Come.
Thakral, you must have met this young man.
He is Arun Verma. He's from your field.
Arun Verma. Hello!
Your name sounds familiar. I think I've seen you somewhere.
The lawyer whom you saw fighting Asha Mathur's case. .
was none other than me.
I see.
It was quite an interesting case.
Actually, I meet so many people. .
that it becomes difficult to remember all of them.
Don't worry, I remember everything, Mr Thakral.
Oh yes, who can forget Thakral, the great?
Yes, and certainly not me.
It is your love that makes you say this.
Mr Khanna, you didn't play your move.
I think you will only win this game also.
Excuse me, Mr Khanna, Mr Thakral's position is strong. .
but not invincible.
Is it? Okay, then you play instead of me.
- Can I? - Certainly!
Two lawyers' brains are clashing !
Let's see who plays what moves.
No, Garewal, this is not a fair game.
Mr Arun has just entered.
And the game is already under my control.
He hardly has any chance to play.
Mr Thakral, when a player is in a strong position. .
he becomes so confident. .
that he tends to overlook something.
And that's where he gets defeated.
Very good.
A good move.
But a player in a strong position. .
has no problem in taking care of his loose end, Mr Arun.
Certainly but to save that loose end. .
he has to divert his strength elsewhere.
And so he becomes a little weak.
And when he becomes weak, he can be defeated.
To save the knight. .
you have left your king unprotected.
Check and mate.
Wonderful !
Mr Thakral, you have lost this game.
No problem, this wasn't the last game.
Very true!
Mr Thakral, don't be too laid back or over-confident.
Goodbye, friends. - Bye.
Thakral, don't underestimate today's youth.
If brother remembers any appointments it's his cases.
And if he remembers dates then that is of the court.
He forgets everything else.
Just yesterday, we decided to go to Prithvi Theater at 5. 30.
How can he forget it so soon?
Brother-in-law, there are twenty -fours hours in a day.
And that much time is enough to forget something.
- It's already six. - It isn't six and I've come.
Sorry, Dr. Mathur. Sorry, ladies.
I'll freshen up within a minute.
- Arun, just wait. - Yes?
- Whose picture is this? - Why?
I've seen her somewhere.
You have seen her? Where have you seen her?
I have met her somewhere.
- What are you saying? - Yes, it was this same face.
Asha, last year when I was the locum for Dr Banerji. .
at Thane mental asylum for a month. .
that's where I saw her.
She's there since fifteen years.
And doesn't reveal anything about herself.
She just talks incomprehensible things. .
- about a case. - Such a thing did happen.
Such a thing did happen, Dr. Mathur.
What else does she say?
She only repeats two children's names.
Pinky and Anu.
Doctor, I am Anu and she is Pinky.
O God !
Doctor, that lady in the mental asylum is my mother.
She's our mother, doctor. I want to meet her.
I want to go there right away. Where is that place?
Just wait here, she'll come soon.
And bear one thing in mind.
You all can meet her turn by turn but not together.
Arun, did you follow?
Don't forget that her memory and thinking stopped. .
fifteen years ago.
She still thinks that her husband is in jail.
And the case is going on.
And her two small kids, Pinky and Anu. .
are still at home alone.
- So don't say anything. . - I got it, Doctor.
Rest assured. We will see her and meet her. .
But we won't address her as mother.
Are you the one who's come to meet me?
- Has Mr Gupta sent you? - Yes.
He sent me to ask you. .
if you are comfortable here.
- Do they take care of you? - Everyone's very nice here.
I am fine but I am only worried. .
that my children are alone at home.
I thought of going home but the senior doctor. .
he is a thorough gentleman.
He advised me to stay here for the case.
The case is in this city. So I decided to stay back.
This case has ruined my family. .
But I'll leave in a day or two.
The doctor always comforts me saying just a day more.
Lawyer, you know. .
half the time I'm busy here with the case. .
but a part of me is always pining for my kids.
Poor girl ! Who is she?
- Control yourself. - What's wrong with you?
Hold yourself.
Take her out.
Afterall this is a hospital. She must have come to visit someone.
Are you Mr Gupta's assistant?
I guessed it from your coat. .
. .that you are a lawyer.
What do you think?
Tell me honestly, will he be acquitted?
Why are you looking at me like this?
- Do you think he. . - No!
Nothing will happen to your husband.
He is innocent and nobody can punish the innocent.
I thought you would say. .
Okay, I'll leave then !
Arun !
Geeta, she is my mother.
My mother.
My mother is in this mental asylum since fifteen years.
For fifteen years I didn't know if she was alive or dead.
And today when I found her, she was in this condition.
I can't decide if she is alive or dead.
I want to talk to Thakral, the great,. .
the biggest lawyer in the city.
- Who are you? - Don't bother about my identity.
Tell me where is he?
He's gone for the meeting of Sion Club.
Mr. President, ladies and gentlemen. .
Some of the workers of this place ordered me. .
to present my views. . as a lawyer. .
if the law should accord. .
capital punishment that is hanged to death or no.
Some emotional people are against the capital punishment.
But emotions always wean you away from the truth.
And that is my opinion.
I have always been in favor of capital punishment.
And to prove this. .
I can present seventy-five examples in front of you.
Because in my long career as a lawyer. .
I've got seventy-five people hanged to death.
I will. .
Decent people of this city. .
Mr Thakral has been very modest. .
about his actions.
And that is his greatness.
Who says he has got capital punishment for only 7 5 people?
Absolutely wrong !
The count is much more than seventy-five.
Several people accompany a man to the gallows.
Nobody is hanged alone.
His wife's husband is given the capital punishment. .
and also his children's future and every joy in their life.
And even the sunshine in his house.
They all get capital punishment simultaneously.
Mr Thakral hasn't got capital punishment for 7 5 people. .
but for seventy-five families.
And that is his greatness.
Decent people of this city. .
Mr Thakral is a very large-hearted man.
He has never differentiated between the innocent and guilty.
And never spared the neck. .
that came in his grip from the noose.
And look. .
And look. .
how tall he stands on. . seventy-five dead bodies!
. . how tall he stands. .
But bear one thing in mind, Thakral. .
. .just one thing. .
that a innocent man's murder always demands justice.
And you will have to pay for those sins.
And I will make you pay for it.
I will make you pay for it.
Now nobody can save you from your sins.
Ramu. - Coming.
- Just put these covers and keep in the room upstairs. - Okay.
And also keep a jug of water. - Okay.
Hello! Yes!
- Who's that? - So you still don't recognize my voice?
Yes, your highness!
You didn't attend college and the dance rehearsals either.
I'm really sorry, Vicky.
I am going through a lot of tension.
Komal, I too am under tension.
But you are just not bothered about me.
I am very much concerned for you.
Vicky, I'll call you back later.
Ok, bye.
Come in !
You have a beautiful house.
Make yourself comfortable here.
This can't be my house. My house is very small.
- Lawyer, will you take me to my house? - Certainly.
I have to go home.
If you come to my home, you can meet my two kids.
Arun and Komal.
Lawyer, such small kids can't live without their mother.
Kids of any age can't live without their mother.
- Come. - Yes, you are right.
This relationship is such.
I always worry as to who will serve break-fast to my kids. .
or who will dress them up for school every morning.
While playing, kids forget to eat food.
I wonder if they have a proper diet.
She is my younger sister Komal.
- Greetings! - My daughter's name is also Komal !
I was talking about her.
She is very head-strong and compared to her Arun is sensible.
But your Komal looks very sensible.
- Komal, take her upstairs. - Please come.
Come, let's go.
And yes!
- Lawyer, will you do me a favor? - Yes.
While coming, the senior doctor gave me the money I had saved.
Please arrange to send it to my children.
They need it.
And tell them that I'll be back in a day or two.
Please tell them.
Geeta, did you hear mother's talks?
Did you see her dreams and hopes?
She is still alive living as a married woman. .
when my innocent father breathed his last at the gallows.
We are still facing trouble because of that Thakral.
Arun Verma behaved very audacious at that function.
We just want your orders and then he won't be seen again.
- Uncle, if you want, he. . - No, son.
Lawyers fight in the court.
Let one of his cases cross swords with me. .
and then I'll teach him a lesson.
That can also be arranged.
- How? - I've bought a huge plot.
And since years the slum-dwellers have made a hamlet there.
- Get that plot vacated. - It will be done.
How does this concern Arun Verma?
Arun Verma is the lawyer of those slum-dwellers.
I see.
Mr Daga, assume your work to be done.
The police has come.
There will be a problem.
Before my men start demolishing these shanties. .
if you want to see the court orders of eviction. .
then you can see them.
Mr Verma, you told me a nice thing on our first meeting.
That when a player is in a strong position. .
he overlooks one of his weak points.
Excuse me, brothers. .
if your intelligent lawyer wanted. .
he could have taken a stay order against my order.
But it is too late now. .
as the court is now closed for three days.
This time you overlooked your loose end.
Mr Thakral, the question is not of a loose end. .
but of this hamlet.
Mr Thakral, don't mess with the poor.
Because when the poor is tortured beyond endurance. .
then he goes out of control.
And then one poor man is enough. .
for seventy-five like you.
Just one poor man is enough !
Mr Thakral, do you know this man?
And this is Munnu, Mangal's son.
Son Munnu, he is Thakral uncle.
He is a very famous lawyer.
He has come to demolish your huts.
Son, only you can give him a befitting reply.
Go and show him these court papers.
Go, son !
Mr Thakral, what does this order say?
I had taken these orders last evening itself.
I had said one more thing on our first meeting.
That you shouldn't get over confident and careless.
And you forgot this.
Mr Thakral, go, your cars are waiting for you.
Mr Daga, let's go.
- But we had the court orders. - These are legal hassles.
I'll explain later. Nothing can be done now, let's go.
Hurry up!
Glories to Arun Verma !
Long live Arun Verma.
Thakral. . - Down, down !
Thakral. . - Down, down !
Welcome, Vicky!
Welcome, darling !
That rascal lawyer insulted my father in public.
And you so called friends just looked on as mute spectators.
Not at all. Your father stopped us.
- Or. . - Vicky's foes are often found in the hospital.
And this time it is important. .
for Mr Arun Verma to land up in a hospital.
- Geeta, Arun here. - Where are you calling from?
From Borivli telephone booth. Where's Mr Mathur?
- He's in the bathroom. - Ask him to come home for a while.
I wanted him to explain mother. .
Arun. Arun.
Mr Verma, this is how the law is mislead.
Can you recognize us now?
Go and identify us in the police station.
Arun. Arun.
This is the result of crossing swords with Thakral.
Smash his face.
Arun, what sounds are these?
What's going on here?
Hit him!
Don't spare him.
Don't spare him.
Brother-in-law, come, fast.
See what's going on !
Throw the rogue outside a hospital.
Doctor, I'll stay here with brother.
What is this!
Komal, don't be stubborn.
There is no need for you to stay here.
Excuse me. - Yes.
Mr Thakral has sent this bouquet.
Thank you.
Cheers, Mr. Daga. - Cheers. - What a grand party!
In the honor of Mr. Thakral.
You shouldn't have done what you did.
This was the only way to contain you.
Correct. Correct.
Thakral, I want your life not your death.
So that I can give a befitting reply to all your actions.
And my every answer will be as per your action.
- Tony, did you see father? - No, I wonder where he is.
Vicky, open the door.
Father, where are you?
Father, I can hear you but can't see you.
- Rascal, I am here. - Uncle, where?
- Idiot, I am inside. - Where, father?
Inside the almirah.
Uncle, I'll get the keys.
Rascal, I'll die by the time you get the keys.
Damn the keys!
Daddy. - Scoundrel !
- Vicky, what's wrong with you? - I'm testing my love.
No, Vicky. No. Please don't.
- Do you love me? - Stop it!
Do you love me?
Vicky, please stop it. You are scaring me. Stop it. Please.
Vicky, watch out!
Oh no.
Say it!
I won't stop until you confess your love for me.
Vicky, please stop, I am scared. Please stop it. Please stop it.
- I know you love me. Say it. - You are very bad.
Welcome, friends!
To the show that never ends.
I have taken the chance to make you dance.
You will move your feet and groove.
So then which beat would you like?
Which dance would you prefer?
Ramba. - No. - No.
Samba. - No. - No.
Ramba. Samba. - No.
Takila. - No. Tanga. - No.
Charleston. - No. - Polka. - No.
No? - No.
Then what do you want?
One. - Rock. - Two. - Rock.
One. Two.
Three. Four.
One. Two. Three. Four. One. Two. Three. Four. - Rock and Roll !
''Baby, say it! '' - Rock and Roll.
''Baby, say it! '' - Rock and Roll.
''Baby, say it! '' - Rock and Roll.
''Baby, say it! '' - Rock and Roll.
''Baby, say it! '' - Rock and Roll.
''Dance with me''.
''Rock and Roll. ''
- ''The earth is round''. - ''Rock and Roll. ''
''Baby, say it. Dance with me. ''
''The earth is round. ''
''Let me into your heart''.
''Open the doors of your heart. ''
''Baby, say it! '' - Rock and Roll.
''Baby, say it! '' - Rock and Roll.
''Baby, say it! '' - Rock and Roll.
''Baby, say it! '' - Rock and Roll.
''Baby, say it! '' - Rock and Roll.
''Dance with me''.
''Rock and Roll. ''
- ''The earth is round''. - ''Rock and Roll. ''
''Baby, say it. Dance with me. ''
''The earth is round. ''
''Let's sing the music of love''.
''Baby, say it! '' - Rock and Roll.
''Baby, say it! '' - Rock and Roll.
''Crazy! Mad ! ''
''Crazy! Mad ! Wild ! Passionate! ''
''Your heart has become. ''
''Your heart has become. ''
''Slyly, discreetly. .
''Slyly, discreetly. . ''
''Life has become difficult''.
''Life has become difficult. ''
''We are two lovers. Let's spread our wings and fly''.
''Baby, say it! '' - Rock and Roll.
''Baby, say it! '' - Rock and Roll.
''Baby, say it! '' - Rock and Roll.
''The earth is round. ''
Rock and Roll.
Rock and Roll.
''In fun. .
. .I am wavering. ''
''In fun I am wavering, I swear on you. Take me into your arms. ''
''Take me into your arms. ''
''A dream or a mistake. . ''
''A dream or a mistake. . ''
''. .or a gift or present. . ''
''. . has a price''.
''. . has a price''.
''Everything has a price but love is priceless''.
''Baby, say it! '' - Rock and Roll.
''Baby, say it! '' - Rock and Roll.
''Dance with me'' - Rock and Roll.
''The earth is round. '' - Rock and Roll.
''Baby, say it! Dance with me. The earth is round. ''
''Let me into your heart. Open the doors of your heart. ''
''Baby, say it! '' - Rock and Roll.
''Baby, say it! '' - Rock and Roll.
''Dance with me'' - Rock and Roll.
''The earth is round. '' - Rock and Roll.
''Baby, say it! Dance with me. The earth is round. ''
''Let me into your heart. Open the doors of your heart. ''
''Baby, say it! '' - Rock and Roll.
''Baby, say it! '' - Rock and Roll.
''Rock and Roll. - Rock and Roll. ''
Ramu. - Yes, sir? - Where is mother?
- She's upstairs, in her room. - And where is Komal?
Sir, she called up to say that she would get late.
I am tired, Vicky.
Komal, before meeting you, I didn't know what true love was.
I never liked any girl. - Really?
But after meeting you. .
You know. .
Hi, Vicky!
You? What are you doing on this table?
I am sitting on this table. .
. .so that you don't ruin another innocent girl's life.
Get up I say.
Call the manager.
Komal, he has already ruined my life.
Now I hope he doesn't ruin your life.
Shut up I say. Get up.
I'll show you the love letters. .
that this jerk wrote to me.
Komal, after reading it. .
If you try to instigate Komal, I'll kill you. - Vicky.
Guards, take her away.
Komal, it's. .
- Listen to me. - I don't want to be a fool.
You are making me crazy. - Vicky.
I got it.
Komal, now I've only one option to make you believe in me.
You will have to meet my father, here and now.
- Are you Arun Verma's sister? - Yes.
You both want to get married?
Yes ; we only need your blessings.
Komal, touch father's feet.
God bless you. Good. Good.
Very good.
Good evening, Mr. Arun Verma.
You are playing alone?
Good. In playing alone, the fear of losing is not there.
Mr Thakral, I've never feared defeat.
You are right.
Because now you've started hitting below the belt.
- What do you mean? - You know that I've only one son.
And to humiliate me, you tried to trap him. .
and that too through your sister? !
I've seen people stopping very low.
But not so low!
Well, now it's up to you.
Anyway, the ball is now in your court.
Brother, it is stupidity to avoid the truth.
And the truth is that I love Vicky.
Komal, he is a rascal, a rogue.
Brother! Abusing Vicky means abusing me!
- Arun, what's happened to you? - Ask her what happened.
if you try to meet Komal.
I'll bury you alive. .
And the day I decide to do this,. .
even your father won't be able to save you.
Don't forget this.
Arun didn't slap you but he slapped G. D.Thakral's son.
Will his sister elope with you?
She will, father. - Good.
I'll take care of everything.
But if that happens. .
Arun Verma won't be able to face anyone.
If Komal is immature that doesn't mean that. .
you also behave immaturely.
Arun, be sensible.
And think of mother. Don't create a scene in her presence.
It is good that Geeta brought her here.
Let her be here for a few days. We'll make her see sense.
Fine and also tell her that I can fight with my enemies. .
But what shall I do when my family deserts me?
Whom do you want to talk with?
- Komal, Vicky here. - How did you know I was here?
Komal, when you love a person you can trace them anywhere.
And I love you, Komal. I love you.
I'll consume poison if I can't get you.
Vicky, don't say that.
No. I love you.
Then we have only one option. Let's elope tonight.
- We'll get married tomorrow. - What? !
Komal, listen to what I have to say.
Please. Please or else. .
Or accept it that you are scared of your brother.
I am not scared of anyone then why should I get scared of him?
That's my girl.
But Vicky, we will positively be married tomorrow?
I'll come to pick you up tonight at 9. 30.
Be at the gate.
Don't forget to come.
''We will win''.
''We will win''.
''If you are with me''.
''At every step life throws new challenges''
''At every step life throws new challenges''
''Our names are linked with each other''.
''Our names are linked with each other''.
''Like the breeze. . ''
''. . is linked to the air''.
''As if you are the thread and I am the kite''.
''At every step life throws new challenges''.
''At every step life throws new challenges''.
You both sing very well.
''This song on my lips is your creation''.
''. . it's your creation. ''
''This song on my lips is your creation''.
''This song on my lips is your creation''.
''Your love has brought music into my life''.
''Your love has brought music into my life''.
''All that I have is a gift from you, my beloved''.
''All that I have is a gift from you, my beloved''.
''I am the picture. .
''. . but you have. ''
''. . but you have. ''
Mother, please sing !
''I am just the picture which you have filled with colors''.
''At every step life throws new challenges''
''At every step life throws new challenges''
''At every step life throws new challenges''
''We will win''.
''We will win''.
''We will win''.
''We will win''.
''If you are with me''.
''At every step life throws new challenges''
''At every step life throws new challenges''
''At every step life throws new challenges''
''At every step life throws new challenges''
- Doctor? - She's regained her memory.
But Mr Arun, please try and understand. .
. .that she has waken up after fifteen years.
You can go and meet her.
Mother, don't cry. Look,. .
Look. .
We have got back our mother and you got back your kids.
My son has become so big.
What must you have gone through these days?
I couldn't do anything for you.
Don't say that. It was your love and courage. .
. .that kept me going, mother.
Mother! It sounds so good to the ear.
- Say it again. - Mother!
- Where is Komal? - She doesn't even know.
Mother, she is at Mr Mathur's house.
You rest, I'll go and fetch her.
She will be thrilled on hearing this.
Komal, wait! Don't consider me to be your enemy.
Vicky has ruined me.
- He won't spare you either. - You are lying.
You don't know him as well as I do.
These are Vicky's letters to me, Komal.
Last year, because of him, I had to go to Pune. .
. .for an abortion.
Read his letters dripping with fake love.
Shut up!
- Wretch ! - Return it back to me.
Leave me.
- Vicky, what is all this? - Komal, you stay from all this.
- This is her ploy. - Komal, don't trust him.
He will ruin you.
No, Vicky, I won't go with you.
No. - Komal.
Listen. Come here. Come fast.
Come soon !
- Hurry up or he'll escape. - Ms Asha, what happened?
I can't see it anymore.
Oh God.
That rascal escaped.
- I saw his car. - He killed her so brutally.
We must immediately call up the police.
- Is he Mr Gupta? - Yes.
His daughter was his only support, now she's also gone.
Arun Verma? - Yes.
- You are the same Arun? - Yes, Mr Gupta. .
I am that same Arun !
One day you fought Thakral for us.
And now I'll fight with Thakral for you.
This time in this war between truth and deceit he will lose.
There's no question of my losing.
But father, they both have seen me .
Don't worry, I'll see them in the court.
Vikram, you are G. D.Thakral's son. It's no mean feat.
Just relax. Ok.
Mr Thakral, the time for meeting is over.
Inspector Bhosale, he is my son.
- Take care of him. - Rest assured.
We must take care of each other. That's how the world functions.
See you.
Who's there?
Good evening, Mr. Thakral.
- What brings you here? - I came to inform you. .
. .that I am the prosecutor for the Indu Gupta murder. .
. .case against Vikram.
I sympathize with your enthusiasm and innocence.
But the day you stand against me in court. .
All your pride will get shattered.
Mr Thakral, I am not absent minded.
And so I remember everything.
I remember the fear on an innocent person's face. .
. .on hearing the capital punishment.
His wife's sighs in an empty dark house.
- I remember everything. - Whom are you talking about?
I am talking about that Deepak Verma. .
Who died at the gallows because of your brutality.
And of that Arti who because of your cruelty. .
. . lived in a mental asylum for fifteen years like a vegetable.
- I am talking about them. - How do you know them?
Mr Thakral, I am their son.
Life can be very ironic, Mr Thakral.
The pawns in the game of chess remain the same,. .
. . but the game changes.
- Are you done? - I want to give you an advise. .
Absolutely free.
Ask your son to confess his crime.
He will surely be hanged.
But at least you'll save yourself. .
. .the embarrassment of losing a case against me.
Goodbye, Mr. Thakral.
Start the court proceedings.
Your honor, this case is the story of a decent girl. .
Indu Gupta born in a poor family. .
who is no more.
This murder case is gruesome. .
but not complicated.
And very soon, you will know. .
. .that the murderer is none other than the accused Vikram.
He killed that girl as carelessly. .
. .as someone stubs a cigarette butt under his feet.
Your honor, I don't know. .
What happens to a person after death.
And if there is something called a soul.
But if there is, then, Indu Gupta's soul . .
. . must be present in the court.
And is awaiting justice.
And your honor, I am confident. .
. .that she won't be disappointed.
Thank you, my lord.
Your honor. .
I'd like to first congratulate the prosecutor. .
. .on his emotional and energetic speech.
But I also want to remind him. .
. .the first chapter in the book of law. .
That court decisions are not based on emotions. .
. . but on intelligence.
What can I answer the public prosecutor. .
. .for the accusation he's levied on my client in a fit of rage.
Because Vikram didn't even know a girl by this name.
He knows her. Because the defense. .
. . has started the case with the issue. .
. .that Vikram and Indu were strangers to each other. .
So I first want to prove that this is a lie.
And my first witness is Ms Komal Verma.
Ms Komal, did you know Indu Gupta?
I didn't know her but I've met her twice.
When and where was the last time when you met her?
Carried away by Vikram Thakral. .
I was ready to elope with him. .
and on the night of 16th July. .
When he came to Dr Mathur's house to pick me up. .
Indu Gupta reached there.
She again tried to make me see sense.
She had with her a packet of letters. .
Which she wanted to show me, but. .
But Vikram came between us and he snatched that packet from her.
And he kept it in his coat pocket.
What happened after that?
He pushed Indu Gupta and kept her away from me.
She wanted to come near me and talk with me.
But Vikram. . I got scared and ran inside the house.
- Then what happened? - I heard Dr Asha Mathur's screams.
I came running out and I saw. .
Indu Gupta's dead body was lying in the compound.
And Dr Mathur and Asha were standing near it.
Ms Komal Verma, you can go.
Hold on !
Your honor, I'd like to ask Ms Komal a few questions.
Permission granted !
Thank you, sir.
Take this. Come on, take it.
Wipe your tears.
Don't get scared.
Child, I'll ask you a few very easy and simple questions.
And you also give simple answers.
Child, are your parents alive?
- My mother is alive but father. . - He's no more?
Can you tell me where and how did your father die?
Objection, my lord.
These questions are irrelevant to the case.
They are relevant to the case, your honor.
This case will decide life or death for someone.
So I should be allowed to ask her this question.
Permission granted.
Thank you, your honor.
So Ms Komal, you were going to tell me. .
the circumstances of your father's death.
No, don't look at anyone.
Calmly answer my question.
Tell me, how did he die?
He was hanged to death.
Do you know the lawyer who. .
. .got your father punished? - Yes.
Then you must be aware that Vikram Thakral is his son?
- I didn't know this earlier, but. . - You came to know later.
And when you came to know, you decided. .
. .to avenge your father's death from that lawyer or his son.
And that has made you falsely testify against Vikram.
Objection, my lord.
The defense won't be able to wash off Vikram's sins. .
. .with an innocent girls's tears.
In his obsession to prove Komal's statement false. .
he seems to forget there are two other witnesses also.
My next witness is Dr Asha Mathur.
Yes, this is the one whom I saw.
Your honor, he is the one.
Mrs Mathur, as per the police report you've testified. .
. .that you were standing at your gate when you saw the accused.
- Yes. - And as per that same report. .
. .that the distance where Indu Gupta's body was. .
to the gate where you were standing. .
- is a good 22 feet. - Yes.
Mrs Mathur, a distance of 22 feet on a stormy night. .
. .with reduced light, are you sure. .
. .that you recognized the murderer properly?
I agree that this is difficult but the truth is that. .
I saw this man.
What was the murderer wearing?
- A coat and trouser. - A coat and trouser?
- Or only a coat or a trouser? - Both.
- Both of it? - Yes, both.
Mrs Mathur, can I know where you had gone. .
. .with your husband that night?
Yes, we had an appointment with Dr Dastoor.
- And we were coming from there. - You are speaking the truth.
Dr Dastoor is a famous opthalmist.
And as per his report you have weak eyes.
I think this is the report. Check it.
- Is this right? - Yes.
Mrs Mathur, despite having a weak eye-sight. .
. .you recognized the murderer from such a distance.
- Is this right? - I said. .
Thank you. Thank you, Mrs. Mathur.
Your answer was my question.
You can go now.
Thank you, your honor.
Your honor, I agree that Dr Asha Mathur is myopic.
But I think even the defense lawyer is myopic.
If he sees and reads this report properly. .
. . he will know that she is hypermetropic.
And 22 feet is quite far. The defense himself said so.
Your honor, the defense counsel. .
is trying to create a gap between justice and punishment.
But he won't succeed.
Because the prosecution has a witness. .
. .who has seen the murderer from close quarters.
Your honor, this boy jumped over the wall.
I tried to nab him but he succeeded in escaping.
I've seen him from close quarters. .
. .and there's no room for being mistaken.
Dr Mathur, what did you do. .
. .when the murderer escaped?
I came back to the spot where the dead body was lying.
I'm sure you were near the dead body until the police came. .
and you didn't touch the body.
I only covered the body with a coat.
Hold on ! Did you bring the coat from inside the house?
No, I covered the dead body with my coat.
I see.
So that night you were wearing a coat?
- Yes. - So you were wearing a coat and trousers?
I don't wear a coat without trousers.
So you were also wearing a coat that night?
Why are you repeatedly asking me the same thing?
I told you I was wearing a coat!
I am sorry to have bothered you, doctor. I am sorry.
Your wife has made a statement. .
That when the murderer was in front of her. .
You weren't with her.
And when you came, the murderer managed to escape.
It means your wife didn't, simultaneously, see. .
. .you and the murderer at the same spot.
- Is this right? - Yes, she's correct.
And your wife has also stated that. .
. .that night the murderer was wearing a coat.
Again the same thing ! What are you trying to say?
Mr Mathur, I mean to say. .
That it is possible that after parking the car in the garage. .
instead of going to your wife. .
. .you went to the spot where Indu Gupta was waiting for you.
Perhaps you had an affair with her.
And she reached your house,. .
. .to blackmail you. .
. .that if you didn't pay her a certain amount. .
She would reveal everything to your wife.
You were livid. .
. .and killed her in a fit of rage.
Before you could think of an excuse. .
. .you saw that your wife has reached the gate. .
Due to the distance of 22 feet, myopia. .
. .and the darkness of the night. .
Your wife couldn't recognize you properly. .
She just saw you in a coat and trouser from far. .
She screamed and your first reaction in fear was. .
. .to run towards the garden.
But then you realized. .
. .that perhaps your wife didn't recognize you.
And you came to your wife from the garage. .
. .and to cheat your wife you again ran towards. .
. .the side which your wife saw the murderer running.
Stop it. - You came back after a minute. .
. .and convinced your wife that the murderer managed to escape.
Because your coat bore stains of Indu Gupta's blood on it. .
. .so you cleverly covered her dead body with your coat.
And later people believed that those stains. .
. .were from Indu's dead body.
It is all rubbish.
Are you trying to imply that it was I who killed her?
I'm not implying it. I'll prove it that you are the murderer.
What is this!
This is that and that is possible, Dr. Mathur.
My lord, there is a flaw in this story.
Had Dr Mathur been the murderer. .
. .why would he have called up the police?
And if Vikram didn't go to his house. .
How could he tell that Vikram could be found at Ashoka road. .
in his white jeep?
That's not a big deal, your honor.
Ashoka Road falls on the way to Mr Vikram's house.
He often passes by that road.
And in his white jeep. What is of special notice. .
. . is that when the police arrested Vikram Thakral. .
Neither was he wearing a coat nor was a knife found on him. .
. . nor were there any blood stains on his body.
In a span of twenty minutes. . blood stains can be washed away. .
The knife and coat can be discarded or hidden.
Your honor, I repeat that on the night of 16th July. .
neither was Vikram wearing a coat nor was he carrying a knife.
I want to give the court and especially the defense. .
. .a good news.
The coat and knife hidden by Vikram have been found.
The proof of Vikram's sins are present in the court.
This is the knife that killed Indu Gupta.
And as Vikram's finger-prints will be found on this knife. .
. . his crimes are screaming for justice.
And what will remain incomplete with the knife. .
. .will be completed by this coat.
The blood of the innocent. .
. .can never go waste.
Your honor, the blood of the innocent demands justice.
Every fiber of Vikram's coat screams of his crime.
I demand justice. . for Indu Gupta.
- The evidence of Vikram's crime. . - This is a lie.
- This is the truth. - This isn't my coat.
- I say this is the truth. - This isn't Vikram's coat.
I can confidently say that this is Vikram's coat, your honor.
And I can also confidently say. .
. .that I never had a coat of this color.
Then what was the color of your coat?
His coat was white in color.
White color!
Oh no!
Thank you. Thank you very much.
Your honor, a little while ago. .
. . he said that Vikram hadn't worn a coat.
Your honor, Mr Thakral is right. .
That this coat and knife don't belong to Vikram.
But he also said that. .
That night Vikram was wearing a while colored coat.
I request the court. .
. .to grant prosecution time to find the coat and knife.
The court grants three days time to the prosecution.
And with this the court is adjourned for the day.
- Yes, sir? - Shut the main door.
Okay, sir!
Cigarette. - No, thanks.
You must be thinking as to why am I favoring you so much.
There are two reasons for it.
One is that your father made a very wise comment.
That we should help each other. .
. .and that's how the world should function.
And secondly, I have an old axe to grind. .
. .with your lawyer.
Just because he's won a few cases. .
he thinks we cops are his slaves.
Listen ! Come here!
- Yes? - Would you like to earn Rs 50,000. .
- by this evening? - Rs 50,000?
- How? - Just release me for an hour.
Don't worry, you will get the money before hand.
Leave me after you get the money.
Here's the money. I hope I wasn't late.
No ; but one hour means precisely an hour.
Officer, you can trust me.
Thanks, Anthony.
Or this coat and knife would have got me hanged to death.
Don't worry, Vicky, I'll burn these evidence.
And burn these letters of Indu also.
Ok? - Ok. - Now leave.
Thanks. - Good evening.
Sir, the police has come to receive you.
Let's go.
That's the car for you.
I want to explain to your father, Mr Thakral. .
That our police station is not a place to buy or sell people.
This is the police and there is the law.
And this is you along with all the evidence. Let's go.
Officer, here is the coat and knife. .
. .which will be dissolved in the acid within no time.
Officer, I've done my job.
Now, you do your job.
- Tony, what's this you are saying? - This is true, uncle.
Mr Thakral, we must do something.
If those letters reach court. .
Our all evidence and witnesses will be proved false.
Then no power on earth can save Vikram, sir.
What will people say?
That such an accomplished lawyer couldn't save his own son.
We'll pay Arun Verma any price he wants.
- He won't agree. - Mr Thakral, there must be some way out.
Start the court proceedings.
Your honor, some new aspects. .
. . have come up in this case.
I request the court for some more time.
The court grants the prosecution three days time.
And with that the court is adjourned.
Arun, what are you saying?
Yes ; read this.
Your mother is in our custody.
And if you want to see her alive then tonight at two. .
. .come alone with Vikram's letters to Borivli Park.
My God !
Much before that, I have to find out. .
Where mother is.
They've created a big problem. But, I won't spare them!
Life is one big joke.
Just listen and laugh over it.
Gentleman, learn to live. .
. .and also to drink.
''Enjoy! It's the time to live''.
''Enjoy! It's the time to live''.
''Enjoy! ''
''Enjoy! ''
''Enjoy! ''
''Enjoy! ''
''Enjoy! ''
''Enjoy! ''
Just look, my son is dancing so well.
''I have seen you all. ''
''I have seen you hugging each other. ''
''I have seen you all. ''
''Get intoxicated today. ''
''Quench your thirst today. ''
''Put the bottle to your mouth. ''
''Celebrate till you drop. ''
''Make merry! ''
''Do something that they remember. . ''
''. .that they remember you forever. ''
''Enjoy! ''
''Enjoy! ''
''Enjoy! ''
''Enjoy! ''
Tony has had one too many, send him up.
''Enjoy! ''
''It's time to live. ''
''Enjoy! ''
Good evening, Mr. Tony.
''Enjoy! ''
''Enjoy! ''
''Enjoy! ''
''Enjoy! ''
''Enjoy! ''
''Enjoy! ''
''Enjoy! ''
''Enjoy! ''
- Son, what happened? - Mother, the car's broken down.
Arun, look up!
Mother, secure the doors.
Mother, you don't come out.
Let's run !
Check if police is there.
Mr. Thakral has come!
Remove the body.
Let him be there. - Bring his mother from the car.
- Sir, there's nobody here. - What are you saying?
She's must be somewhere around. Find her.
- Is she there? - Sir, she isn't here.
Then where could she have gone?
Lie low, all of you.
This will be enough. . to make Arun keep his mouth shut.
Take her away.
Leave me!
Leave me!
Leave me!
Leave me!
Leave me.
Rogues! - You can't take her anywhere.
Mother, you go from here.
We were taking only one. Now we've got a bonus also.
Thakral, spare this child.
I said leave her.
Don't worry, we'll release her and you also.
But before that the court will release Vikram Thakral.
Child, you escape. Anybody there!
- Anybody there? - Leave me.
Leave me!
Arun. Arun.
Arun. - Leave me.
''People will forget the sun and moon''.
''We will dispel the darkness with the fire within us''.
''We will dispel the darkness with the fire within us''.
''War means to fight''.
''Even death shouldn't be an impediment''.
''War means to fight''.
''Even death shouldn't be an impediment''.
Thakral !
''Even death shouldn't be an impediment''.
''You have to fight to live''.
''And die fighting''.
''You have to fight to live''.
''And die fighting''.
''War means to fight''.
''Even death shouldn't be an impediment''.
''You have to fight to live''.
''And die fighting''.
''Life is a struggle''.
''You have to fight to live''.
''And die fighting''.
''There's no fear as long as there's fire in the belly''.
''At every step life throws innumerable challenges''.
''At every step life throws innumerable challenges''.
''At every step life throws innumerable challenges''.
''We will win ! ''
Thakral, all my life I stood at the steps of the court for you.
And today if I'm at the brink of death is also because of you.
Today, only one of us will survive.
That's for sure, Thakral !
That's for sure, Thakral !
This is the answer to your atrocities.
Breaking news! Thakral killed a man.
Lawyer accused !
The court accords Mr Vikram Thakral death penalty. .
. . under section 302 for the gruesome murder he committed.
Accords death penalty!
Death penalty!
Death penalty!
Death penalty!
Hell is here. .
. .and paradise is also on this earth.
Everyone has to pay for their deeds. .
. . in the court of fate.
''We will win ! ''
''We will win ! ''
''If you are with us. ''
''At every step life throws innumerable challenges''.
''At every step life throws innumerable challenges''.