EPISODE 2: Jang Woo Young (장우영) M/V Making Film

Uploaded by 2pm on 15.07.2012

These people are
my choreography team brothers
with huge force
My concept is set as that
I have to go clubbing with friends
Because these brothers have such a force
I can't get any close to them
My moves have to be connected like this
but because it is set like this
it comes very uncomfortable
But I'll do it
Fighting Woo Young
He can't even notice
that I'm here for him
Everyone, Wooyoung is
coming out as a solo
Please give out your attention
Right now I'm the one
to have my part lip-synced
Other dancers are taking a rest
My own solo
Are you ready?
This is driving me nuts
I have to dance there as well
How many more minutes to go?
Now having a wire scene here
and there,
and I have to practice the moves too
I came here while I was practicing,
I didn't even get cleaned up because
I came here in a hurry hearing that Woo Young's shooting.
Am I showing out alright?
I didn't even get cleaned up.
He came in his training suit
Right when he was practicing
Right, because I have to be handsome all the time.
Looking good.
Keep circulating
Woo Young's side~ you
He has been waiting for this for hours
I have waited for hours for this
I came here to shoot this scene, in fact
Thank you~
Woo Young fighting~
Thank you Junsu
I came here first, right?
Came first, and going first.
I have a thing,
thing that I have to take care for you~
I'm going
I'm going!
You're great
No, you had to come
when I was dancing
When are you dancing?
I did already,
but I have to do it again.
Sexy Lady.
I got punished
This is a gift from the fans
Maybe this fan is from overseas
Maybe chinese fan?
For the fact, this kind of confirmation
is Taecyeon's expertise.
This can be somewhat awkward
and embarrassing confirmation that I did
but this kind of confirmation
could be the way to express
my gratitude
for my fans
and then I use this with such gratitude.
That seems right thing to do.
I'm using this well. Thank you!
Today Taecyeon and Chansung came
Junho said he'd drop by when he has time
Other members are
nowhere to be seen
Hmm I can't even smell them
What will they be
up to right now today?
In case of Nichkhun,
He went as an advertising model
for our proud outdoor brand
I understand that they are not able to come
But in case of Junsu
I know he doesn't have anything today
I'd like for Juhho and Junsu to come today
I know their schedules
are empty today
But they are not coming
so I'm going
to call them
right now to Junsu.
'Hey Woo Young, I'm in a middle of something'
'I will call you back'
He's going out on [Immortal Masterpiece] program
He didn't even say hello
He dumped me
in a way like this. I'm going to call Junho
'Hey Woo Young'
Hey, your voice sounds good
'What was that~'
Where are you Junho?
'You're shooting right now, right?'
Yes sir
'I'm at home'
You're at home?
Very well
No I just ate
and I'm on a voice call with you.
'Oh is that so?'
Thanks for your effort!
Today I came as a part time
Hair/make-up assistant
Please sweep off his sweat
Is he sweating?
I'm not sweating.
He's not sweating.
I'm not sweating.
When I came here like this in a while
I'm going to
show you my best on the stage
It's finally over.