How To...Make a Turk's Head Woggle or Neckerchief Slide

Uploaded by RichardB1983 on 02.12.2011

Today I'll be showing you how to make a simple
Turk's Head woggle or neckerchief slide
such as this one I made earlier today.
At the end of each stage of the process,
you will have an opportunity
to rewind the video and see that stage again
by clicking on a small button
on the left hand side of the screen
for example, this button here.
If you couldn't see a button there
then you will need to turn on annotations
and you can do this by clicking on a small button
on the bottom bar on the right hand side.
For this task, you will need approximately
125cm or 4 feet
of thin rope.
I'm using 3mm nylon rope.
I've melted the ends
to make sure that the ends don't fray.
OK, to start off
hold your hand like so.
If you have smaller hands
you may need to use three fingers.
Take the rope, and drape it over the top
and then hold with your thumb.
Take the long end
and then loop it over the top
like so
and then repeat in the opposite direction.
Now we take this end
and pass it underneath this end.
like so.
Now we're ready to turn our hands over.
When we turn our hands over
we should be able to see
two parallel ones here and here
and the main working end coming out over here like that.
For the next stage,
take the one furthest towards the end of the fingers
and pass it underneath this one
forming a loop
like so.
Then take the long working end
and pass it underneath the one on the left
and then up through the middle
and then over the one on the right
like so.
Then pass this one
underneath here.
Now we're going to need to rotate round
so we can see on the other side again.
Now I've turned my hand back over again
you'll see that
if I pass the working end
over the top of this one
and then underneath this one here,
we'll be back exactly parallel
to our original stationary end here
like so.
Now it's simply a case of
doubling up,
following the stationary end as it
goes under and over
successive loops.
After a little while we will come back to
the stationary end once again
and we can now treble it up
by following both of these
in exactly the same way as before.
Remember to keep the successive ropes
parallel to each other
for the best decorative effect.
When you have been round three times
then we can stop.
You may find some of the loops
are just a little bit too loose
and so if that's the case
put your thumb in the middle
and you can slowly work from the top
and just pull each strand in turn
and follow the loop round
until you get to the end.
Make sure during this process
that all the parallel ropes stay parallel
and don't cross over each other.
Once you've finished tightening
it's now time to finish off.
So we can cut off any excess
like so.
There are two ways that you can
finish off the woggle
and stop the ends from falling apart.
You can either glue them down on the inside
or you can use a little bit of heat
and melt the end to seal the end
which is what I'm going to do.
To melt the ends, I'm going to use
an old piece of metal
such as this tent peg
and I'm going to heat it up gently
on the hob here.
When hot enough
simply place on the ends
like so
and it will just melt it and seal it like that.
So once you've let it cool
you then have your completed
Turk's Head woggle.
Thanks for watching!