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All the things mentioned so far...
are the private affair of our singer.
U Entertainment has done our best to protect the privacy of Won Kang Hwi.
However, judging that it could arouse social criticism,
U Entertainment has decided that
Won Kang Hwi, of Take One . . .

We have decided to throw him out.
What to do?
They say he is gay.
What the hell is this?
- It's Tae Ik? - Tae Ik?
- Is this the truth? - Is it true?
Please excuse us.
We are sorry. We are sorry.
What the heck is this?
I’m sure you heard something!
I'm not sure . . .
I am also trying to grasp the situation. Let’s go home first...
Turn the car around towards the company immediately!
I have to personally... meet the President.
There are reporters there already. Even if we go there, we won’t be able to enter.
For now, Full House is the safest place.
Man Ok, where are you right now?
Don’t tell anybody and call me when you get a chance!
It’s an emergency!
Episode 6, part 1
Man Ok! I am here. Here!
Kang Hwi!
So, the President said that he
would take care of everything
and gave you a plane ticket, right?
Then... How did those photos get taken?
I think it was on that day…
That day...
When I was to waiting for you at Playground (Bar).
But you can’t remember anything, right?
Ah! Nothing at all.
I remember up to drinking one bottle of alcohol.
Hello, Sunbaenim.
Drink it up.
That's right! It's that jerk.
What is it?
Do you know who's behind it?
He was showing off.
Now the commercial has gone down the drain.
But... why would L.J.?
It's all done.
Yes. You've worked hard.
I think the left side is too flat.
Who is calling?
Yeah, hello?
Yes. It's Jae Hee, isn't it?
I am Manager Kim Eojin, the agent for Man Ok Commercials.
Man Ok Agency?
About the sports drink commercial
that we mentioned before ...
The advertiser wants to meet you urgently.
Are you free right now?
Right now?
You can't make it?
What should we do? We don't have much time.
Well, let's meet next time then.
No, it's okay. Where should I go?
Please excuse me.
Get out of my way.
What is this? Why are you doing this to me?
Why did you do this to me?
You are the one who released the photos, right?
What no?
The only person who could have
taken those pictures is you.
It wasn’t me who released the photos. That was L.J…
I gave up originals of all the photos to L.J.
Who would have guessed that he had the voice recorder on?
That person . . .
You know what a terrible person he is.
L.J. released them? Those photos?
If you don't believe me, you can go ask L.J. personally.
Aish! What is this!
You don’t know that I am close to Song Hee, do you?
If you do anything stupid, I will release this!
Ah, seriously! What do you want from me?
The photo. . .
Is it true that you didn’t release it?
The only thing I did was give them to L.J.
Look for them yourself.
The originals and the voice recorder are all there!
What woman is so strong?
I yield to you because you are a woman.
Will it really be okay?
What if he tells the reporters or the President that he met you?
He is too scared. He won't be able to do something like that.
He was ousted from U Entertainment because of girl problems.
If this scandal surfaces, he won’t be able to stay in this business anymore.
He doesn’t look the type.
He does look like that.
But… I really can’t understand.
Why would the President do that to you?
Why he did so, I need to find out now.
Let's go, Man Ok.
Where do you think?
If you want to catch the enemy commander, you need to enter the enemy's base.
The company is crowded with reporters!
L.J. is not the type of person to leave that kind of thing at the company.
What? Then… where?
Yes, that's right
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What the heck are you doing? You're without any manners!
What's this?!
What do you mean ousted?!
This photo...
No matter who looks at it,
it is obvious that it is fake.
I know that it is fake.
But why?
Whether it is fake or not, that is not important.
If he has damaged the team’s image, he must pay the price.
What damage?
No matter how much trouble he's gotten into up to now,
you've covered up all of them!
So, what is the reason why you are suddenly doing this?
What the heck are you up to?
Why are you jumping up and down like this?
I thought that you would be happy.
No matter how much I dislike him, this is not right.
Won Kang Hwi and I...
We are a team!
Is that so?
I didn’t know that you thought the team was so important.
You should have shown that good teamwork on stage.
Without even a word of consultation with me...
You can't do this.
Are you saying that I can’t oust Kang Hwi
without your permission?
Do you have the power to stop my decision?
If ousting Kang Hwi is so heartbreaking that you can’t stand it,
then give up Full House and you can stop working under me.
I won’t stop you.
If you don’t have that courage, then shut your mouth and do as I tell you.
It will be noisy for the time being, so live as if you are dead.
And don’t even take a step out of this place.
I told you.
You guys are my puppets.
You know that the popular person sits in the back, right?
Hey! Do you think I did that because I like it? Forget it! Forget it!
I won’t speak with a rude asshole who doesn’t even know that I saved his life.
If ousting Kang Hwi is so heartbreaking that you can’t stand it,
then give up Full House and you can stop working under me.
I won’t stop you.
Uh… Reporter Han!
Reporter Han, keep strict watch in front of Man Ok Kwan.
And tell Reporter Song to check all the articles that come up and report them to me!
Yes, that’s right. That’s right.
Now, I feel like I am communicating with you.
But, what do I do?
It was somewhere around here.
I found it! Let’s go in.
Will it be alright?
What if somebody sees us when we enter?
No one will look. No one will look. No one comes by this way.
I must find it!
If I don't have the voice recorder and the originals,
then no one will believe what I say.
How about meeting the President personally instead?
You heard what Jae Hee said.
If the President made his mind up to devise this plan…
Anyway, I can’t trust anybody right now.
The only person I can trust now is Man Ok.
Alright. Then I will go in first.
Kang Hwi-nim, hurry!
I think somebody is there.
Perhaps… the President?
What do we do now?
Let’s go to the annex first.
We can hide in the basement there,
then we can move at night.
But, if Tae Ik is there.
He isn’t.
He doesn’t like the dark, so he always has the lights on.
- Ah! Let’s go then. - Yes.
Wait a moment.
What is it?
I think there is somebody on the second floor.
Let's go around the storage.
Oh! What to do? What to do? To the basement!
What is this?
That is…
How did you get in?
That is…
That is... because of work!
Go... Go Dong gave the number…
I think I left clothes here.
What clothes?
Pretty clothes.
In this situation, what?
Aren’t you even worried about Kang Hwi?
Go now… I want to be alone.
What are you doing?
I told you to go!
I’m going, going. I said that I’m going. Bye.
You must be happy to be so at ease.
So bothersome.
Crime prevention mode is activated.
There must definitely be a way in there.
Kang Hwi-nim! I can’t go back in, so I will just go home.
I will come back early tomorrow.
In coming call: Man Ok
Where is this?
Kang Hwi-nim!
Kang Hwi-nim!
Are you alright?
No, I’m not.
Let me see.
What to do? We must go to the hospital immediately.
No, I can’t.
We must go!
Ah! It is so swollen.
If we go out now, we will get caught.
It will become better if I rest a bit.
You mustn’t move!
Oh! Wait a moment!
You will feel better if you place this on for now.
I don’t think it is broken.
Wow! Man Ok, you are like a nurse.
I am a Master of Hapkido.
When you do sports, you frequently get hurt.
Doing an emergency treatment like this is the basic.
All done!
Still, we should go to the hospital later just in case.
With this leg?
I don’t think I will be able to walk.
I am strong.
I will give you a piggy back ride and take you to the hospital,
so Kang Hwi-nim don’t worry, alright?
Thank you, Man Ok.
Ah! Right! You are hungry, aren’t you? I brought some sandwiches.
I will go out and get some medicine.
Ah! Hey…
More than that.
Can you go to my room and get me my stuff? Clothes and my emergency fund.
What is all this?
Huh? When did you come?
Ah! Just now…
What is all this?
It’s Kang Hwi hyung-nim’s stuff.
But what about it?
The President told me to clear them all out.
Is he inside?
He is on the 2nd floor.
I am also feeling suffocated to death.
He said to take the stuff out because he is remodeling it.
But, no matter how I think about it, this isn’t right.
Look here… Go Dong.
Can’t I take out the important things among Kang Hwi-nim’s belongings?
Kang Hwi-nim may come looking for them later.
The President told me to get rid of them all.
I will take responsibility if something goes wrong.
Go Dong, just act like you don’t know and guard the secret, alright?
What all do you need to take out?
What do you mean that he didn’t get on the plane?!
He saw him go through the gate!
Does it make sense that there is no record of him getting on to the plane?!
Where on earth did he disappear to?
Knowing his personality, you don’t know what trouble he will cause.
Find him quickly before trouble breaks out.
Implement location-tracing on his cell phone and
check to see if he has used his credit cards.
Uhm, what should I do about these?
Give it to me.
I will throw them out.
Then, we will be going now.
You've worked hard.
Excuse me!
Please throw these out.
Oh, yes, yes, yes.
Just a moment.
Take that with you too.
Oh, yes, yes.
There is nothing here.
Ah... Seriously!
Is there something to fish out here?
People are like that…
They always copy what they saw others do somewhere.
Like inserting a secret letter in between a book like this.
I am right on!
Reporter Han, where are you now?
Reporter Han! Hey! Hey! Why aren't you saying anything?!
Return Won Kang Hwi! We need Won Kang Hwi.
Ga Ryeong...
It’s urgent!
Toilet! [in French]
Hold it in.
Yes. [in French]
I can't! It’s urgent!
Oh, Seriously!
This is a silent demonstration! Shut the mouth!
You are the noisiest! Hurry up and take a piss.
Yes, Chairman.
What on earth is happening?
I told you emphatically not to create noise.
I'm sorry, Chairman.
I am taking care of it now, so you needn’t worry.
How can I not worry? The stocks in the curb market are hitting rock bottom!
The contract that you mentioned earlier is going well.
It is only a matter of time before the stocks make a rebound.
Knowing his personality, you don’t know what trouble he will cause.
Find him quickly before trouble breaks out.
Where did you go, Won Kang Hwi?
There is a fracture in your bone. You must not over-exert yourself for the time being.
Then, how long will it take to fully recover, Doctor?
Since you are a woman…
What? Wom…
It will take some time for the bone to heal.
It's different for each individual,
but around 4 weeks.
4 weeks?
4 weeks...
I will go to pay the hospital bill and be back.
This... Use this.
I have some money too.
Take it quickly. My arm hurts.
Don’t use your cell phone and credit cards. L.J. is tracing you.
A total of 86,300 won.
Who could have sent the text? Is there someone that comes to mind?
I don’t know at all… There was no number either.
Go now, Man Ok. You must be tired.
Kang Hwi, do you want to stay at my place? It will be more comfortable than here.
I must stay here till I find the tape recorder.
And you said it is dangerous there because of your friend.
Well, that's true.
She is really persistent.
If it were not for Ga Ryeong, you could have stayed at my home really.
This place is too...
It’s okay. This place is the safest.
And, they wouldn’t guess in their wildest dreams that I am here.
Still… even your leg is uncomfortable.
Aren’t you even worried about Kang Hwi?
Excuse me, Kang Hwi. How about talking to Tae Ik, once?
Why? You think that jerk will help me out?
That day, he worried a lot about you.
Who? Lee Tae Ik?
The two of you keep fighting, but actually you think a lot of each other.
Who says that? It's not like that.
Don’t be like that and let's bring it up to him once.
Right now, the only one who could help you out is only Tae Ik.
What is this?
At a time like this, you need to divert the fan’s attention.
So that they can forget about Kang Hwi’s problem at once.
It will suit your vocal color also.
Are you asking me to release a solo album now?
That was what you wanted.
I am letting you make the solo debut which you wanted so much.
Is there a problem?
Do you remember what you said to me in China?
That you can’t be on the same team with a jerk like him.
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Good morning!
What is it?
A thief!
How are you taking care of things?
I'm sorry.
The two of you were in that kind of relationship?
What is this? Why is this photo?
Senior Manager Hwang!
What the heck is happening outside?
For me really, there is only you, Man Ok.
Make Tae Ik's schedule.
Stylist Jang, open the door!
Are you crazy?
Make Tae Ik disappear.