How To Do A Rabona In Soccer - Soccer Tricks Rabona Tutorial

Uploaded by EpicSoccerTraining on 17.08.2012

Hey guys, Matt here from Epic Soccer Training. I'm here to teach you an awesome trick which
is how to do a rabona in soccer.
All right, guys. I want to teach you how to do a rabona in soccer. That's one of those
names you might be like, What the heck is that? But when you see it, you're like, Oh,
I've seen somebody do that. That is such an awesome trick. So stay tuned. I'm going to
teach you exactly how to do that so you can go out and practice right away.
The rabona is actually the kick where you go behind the leg and you have that cool little
spin and you get a little power on it as well. So again, let me show you one real quick.
If I'm going to teach you how to do a rabona, I want you to kind of see one. So again, just
coming along and you're kind of driving it through.
So again how you do this, how to do a rabona in soccer. What you want to do is start off
and you're going to be coming on the ball from the opposite direction which is kind
of weird because normally for you people that are the righties, you're going to be coming
on the ball like it's your left foot, like you're taking a ball and kicking it with your
left foot. But what you're actually going to be doing is you're going to be stepping
to the inside of the ball and coming around with the outside and hitting it kind of with
your toe. Not like the toe here but when you're coming along, you're going to be kind of hitting
it on the inside part as well.
So one of the ways to do this and I want to show you from this angle as well. When you
do this, you need to make sure that you're actually stepping up ahead of the ball a little
bit. The reason is because you need to be able to actually make contact with the ball
with your leg behind your other leg, behind your plant leg.
Where a lot of people make the mistake is when they come up to the ball, they think,
Oh, I will just plant here. Well when you do that, you can't actually reach the ball
and if you do, you're not going to get power. You're probably going to trip and then everybody
is going to laugh.
So we don't want to do that. So again, when you approach the ball, come at it from a little
bit of an angle because you're going to have to swing your body. Plant ahead of the ball
because now you have a clear access to go and boom. You're going to kind of poke at
it and follow through and you want to kind of bend your knee as well.
The reason why you bend your knee is because now instead of just going right here, you're
giving your foot that much more to go around and kick it and again, where to kick the ball.
So now you know your approach. You're going this way. You're actually going to kick the
ball right around here. The reason is because the sweet spot on the ball is from the middle
to right about an inch towards the inside.
That's actually the explosive part of the ball which we will get to. I know you guys
want to learn knuckling and all that. I'm just kind of trying to rehab my torn quads
so I don't want to go blasting anything right now. Again so that's how to do it. So really
take your time when you learn to do this.
When you initially start, do a very slow run-up when you learn how to do it. Plant and again
you will see that spin which is normal. You should probably see some spin as well. So
again, I'm coming at it from about a 45-degree angle. I'm planting my foot ahead of the ball
and you will see as I come here, I'm kind of chopping.
So come on it. That's a low and again, one of the reasons why you might have a low one,
it's simple. It's just the angles. So obviously on that last one as opposed to the one before
that, I hit the ball more in the middle as opposed to getting lifts by hitting it on
the bottom.
We will see if I can pull this off. This is going to be difficult but this is the money
ball. This is a different colored one. See if I can hit the crossbar. Probably not but
whatever. But you will see that's another thing you can do is either get the ball in
the air or hit the crossbar because what you're going to be doing is you're going to be learning
how to give yourself that lift and that curve.
So again, come on the ball. Thank you. All right. So there you go. One shot, hit the
crossbar with the bonus ball. Comment, like, subscribe. Really work on that guys and again,
if you want to go from being an average soccer player to playing professionally or All-American
like I did, I want to teach you the exact steps to do that.
So click the link below the video and check that out right now and thanks so much for
checking out this video on how to do a rabona in soccer. I will see you guys in the next