American Express Summer Intern Insights 2012 Vol. 2 Episode 4

Uploaded by AmericanExpress on 11.09.2012

Sofia: Hi, I think Im sad that the internship experience is over. These last ten weeks went
so quickly and I made some really great friends who I really admire and really respect and
would be honored to work with again. I had a great mentorship from my hiring manager
and a great team behind me in the GNS finance team and honestly I feel really excited about
the payments industry and what that holds. But I also personally know what I really want
to work on to work on to imporove upon while im back at school, refining my skill set before
I enter the workforce full time.
Sofia: I think it went well. It was great to stand up in front of my peers, and some
of the hiring managers and give them a taste of what Ive done this summer, give them a
little of what makes my group interesting, what I liked about my group and what Ive learned.
Likewise I loved the chance to get to do that with everyone else in our group, the rest
of the finance interns presented, we sat through everyone and got a good taste for these people
that you knew personally and also getting to see the work that theyve done too.

Sofia: In terms of what we do for a living at American Express, I think within GNS finance
I really like to help think about it as partnership with the business team and partnership with
our bank partners. The issuing banks that we have globally that are issuing American
Express cards its really about that relationship and strengthening that relationship. Its not
just the day you issue a card youve kind of done your job but rather how do you keep everyone
engaged, how do you keep cardmembers engaged, and how do you keep your partners really excited
about increasing activation and doing various activities with the card portfolios.

Sofia: I do have great news to share. I was extended an offer and feel really grateful
for the opportunity to be invited to come back to American Express as a full time employee
after I finish my MBA in May 2013.