Rochelle (+ Vanessa & Jan Teaser) | Ep. 2 of 3 | Feat. Rosanna Arquette and Nazanin Boniadi | WIGS

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Mrs. Kane, you need an appointment.
This is for Mr. Kane. Tell Charlie that the wicked witch of the west dropped something off from her lawyer.
My, aren't you gorgeous?
I can't wait 'til Charlie gets a load of you. He'll be camped out here, panting.
Mrs. Kane, I think you left something in the other room.
No, I— I'm sure you did, let me show you.
What're you doing?
I told my lawyer I would drop that off. Why pay a messenger service?
I'd ask you if you know about overnight mail, but the postal money orders you send me come that way.
I was in the neighborhood.
No, Rochelle.
You couldn't stand not being able to see this whole thing playing out.
And if Charlie would've walked by in that moment, you would not have been able to keep a straight face.
Three weeks of my hard work, and thousands of your dollars completely wasted.
Well it's my money. You're just worried about the bonus I promised you if—
If he leaves Miss Tits-A-Lot.
Yes, yes I am, because this is a business transaction, Rochelle.
And I don't do anything unless I do it very well, it's the way I was brought up.
Oh, quality standards. Something I didn't imagine in your upbringing.
Don't condescend, Rochelle. Don't you dare. Not everyone who does this is a drugged out wreck.
I had issues in my family, just like yours. But my father is a research chemist and I have two brothers with Ph. D's.
I was 18 drinking on a phony ID in a luxe bar with my girlfriends, when some old billy-goat offered me $500 to go home with him.
And he turned out to be a relatively nice guy who told his friends about me. And it paid my way through college.
But I'm a pretty normal person, Rochelle.
I like money. I like sex.
And actually I take some pride in being the best at what I do.
I'm sorry.
You know, I accepted your offer for many reasons.
I mean it's interesting for one, and who doesn't like a little change...
But, man, I feel for you.
Your situation.
And it's so frustrating watching you get in your own way.
Get in my own way.
It's not like I haven't heard that before.
I knew my marriage was circling the drain, and...
I just couldn't keep myself from berating my husband.
I drove him out the door. I know I did.
Rochelle, listen, please. You have to trust me.
I think you're gonna get what you want this time.
Have you met Charlie?
Oh yeah, I was paraded in front of him before they offered me the job.
Oh, that's Charlie. Very controlling.
And is he succumbing?
Too soon to be positive. I haven't flirted with a guy in years, at least, not when the outcome's uncertain.
But I do make it a point to go to his office every time there's an envelope or a message for him.
I think he's interested.
I told him I'm considering business school. That seemed to engage him.
Business school. That's brilliant.
It's true, actually. It's part of the reason I took your offer.
Business school?
You're doing it again, Rochelle. Yes, business school, because, unfortunately, my situation isn't one that lasts a lifetime.
Neither was mine as it turned out.
And, I don't mean to patronize, but I was a little horrified when we first met, and then I walked away respecting you, truly.
Why's that?
Because you're in charge of yourself.
And so powerful, I mean, look what you're doing to Charlie and he doesn't even know it.
And me, fifty-one and...
Emotionally speaking standing on a corner, with a tin cup.
And look at you. Gorgeous. And how old?
Thirty-one. Thirty-one, mmm.
And with these prices, financially secure for the rest of your life, probably.
Well, you could always use a little more, but, yeah, I'm all right.
Your strength and your ability to go your own way is hard not to envy.
Thank you.
The one thing I don't understand is, I mean, how can you have intercourse with someone that you barely knew for five minutes?
I mean, I think about having sex with someone other than Charlie, and...
Even though I have the yearnings...
But the prospect of another body, another penis...
After three years I still recoil.
You haven't been with anyone else in all that time?
I nearly offered the cable guy $200—well I did frankly, pay him $200.
But, I just, I couldn't get the words out. I said to him...
I wanted him to do something dirty.
And he thought I meant, hook up the cable television to—all of them, under the table. And he did it, too.
Rochelle, I'm going to give you a number, there won't be any mistake about what you want. You'll feel safe, I promise.
And you'll be completely satisfied.
That would be a new development.
I mean, you know the joke about the difference between a golf ball and a clitoris.
That a man will spend 20 minutes looking for a golf ball?
Charlie was a very dedicated golfer.
And you... business school? And never marriage, children?
That's not for me, Rochelle.
I've seen too much to believe in love.
I suppose I should agree with you, but most of me wants to tell you to think again.
I mean, there may be no God, or even love for that matter. But most people need to believe in both, and life is so much better, with hope.
Well, I'm afraid I have to excuse myself. I am working. Oh, and by the way, I'm really thirty-six.