Christmas - Streetammo Christmas calendar - Julefanden, Det Røde Svin // Episode 3

Uploaded by Streetammodk on 14.12.2012

What the fuck...
You thought I wouldn't hit you?
The christmas fucker and his steel tip boots
Fuck my steel tip Boots man From now on 50% on ALL winter Boots
Buy god dammit Buuuyyy
(Primal Medieval roooar)
I've heard that the christmas party is coming up soon
Christmas party? Us! Hah, It's me who is having a christmas party I'm going to get all the bites in the sack
Yeah I've heard some talk about Santa always ending up with an old bag...
Yeah well, my christmas sausage man, I'm telling you 30 pounds of good Danish christmas sausage, right up in the a** on that little Bitch, I'm telling you
I have no idea what's going on in his head Fucking Steel tipped boots… He can't just run around kicking me in the nut sack
And as if that wasn't enough, he is giving them away at half price. Is he trying to drive us into bankruptcy
Yo! Dummi, the coast is clear
What's up Street Pete, how's it going
Great! it's going really great What
I've got it under control, everything is super Additional Sales
Fuck you, dickhead
Additional Sales! Additional Sales!
Just a minute please Customer service this is Street Pete
What the fuck Don't you waste time calling us, start ordering some boots, NOW
Street Pete! Starting monday, you'll be shovelling snow And I'll take care of this customer service business, you got that? Asshole!
What the fuck! Here here here, we've got cheeseburgers for you
There is pickles in this no no no, I swear, I got rid of those
What the fuck! You don't have to look, I took them out
There is pickles in this, I can smell it, that green crap
What the fuck!
What the hell
God dammit, how the hell could I forget to remove those pickles I know he hates pickles.
Now look at me, all shredded to pieces
What about the christmas party, no girl want's to be macked on by freaking hell raiser
HAH! Customer service
Piece of cake! I'll do that on Monday at 2 pm, Just call me.
And if you call I promise I'll shove winter boots down your throat at a 50% discount
God dammit, It's a good thing we have a new plan
This one can't go wrong, it's bulletproof It has to be
that stupid christmas fucker he has to go down