February is Heart Month - Go Red for Women

Uploaded by PeoplesHealth on 28.11.2012

Announcement: Live from WGNO ABC 26, this is Good Morning New Orleans.
Anchor: Today is not only the first day of Super Bowl week, it's also the first day of
Heart Month, February 1st. And here to remind us about it are Beverly Matheney
and Dr. Rene Louapre. Good morning! Thanks for coming in.
Dr. Louapre: Good morning. Thank you.
Ms. Matheney: Thank you.
Anchor: I know we've said it many, many times on this program, but it's so
important that people are aware - heart disease one of the leading killers, and it's
not just men, it's women, too. And I'm sure that's what you're here to talk about,
and I notice you're wearing your red as well.
Dr. Louapre: Well, it's heart month, and it's red. It's the identification of risk
factors that precipitate heart disease in women, that's where most of the
emphasis should be. The major risk factors for heart disease are cigarette
smoking, obesity, or that a body mass index greater than 25%, hypertension,
and high cholesterol. Women start having heart disease 60 and beyond as men start
having heart disease 45 and beyond. So, in that younger woman, at that point at
age 30, identify what risk factors she has, stop smoking, start exercising, watching
the diet if one's cholesterol is in the abnormal ranges. It takes 25 years or so
for heart disease to develop, so early intervention at a young age hopefully will
prevent heart disease later on in life.
Anchor: And I think we all know what to do to prevent it, but what are some of the
things you should be looking for?
Dr. Louapre: Well, the classic symptoms of heart disease are exertional shortness
of breath. Probably more common than the classic heaviness in the chest that
comes on with exertion. So, as patients go about their activities, they're noticing
that they become more short of breath with physical activity. They're having
trouble walking a couple of blocks without running out of air. Those are signs that
something has to be done an evaluation has to be done.
Anchor: Beverly you're asking people to wear red along with their black and gold.
Ms. Matheney: Yes, we're asking people to wear red on February the 5th, that's Go
Red Day. And we know that this is gold and black week, but you can wear your
red on top of your gold and black.
Anchor: A little splash in there, absolutely. Well, thank you very much for joining us
this morning. We wish you the best of luck. Thanks for the good information.
And we'll be back with more Good Morning New Orleans in just a moment.