Tell Philips: Keep the Lights on in Sparta, Tenn.

Uploaded by TheElectricalWorker on 18.01.2011

IBEW Members in Sparta, TN are marching to save their jobs.
We don’t know what we’re gonna do or what’s gonna happen.
Philips plans to close its profitable lighting fixture plant.
Nearly 300 people will lose their jobs.
I think the way Philips feels about us is, we’re just a number. They can take what
they’ve got their and just plug it in anywhere. But it’s not. It’s a group of people.
Most of the work leaving this small town…
is headed to Mexico.
I’m the breadwinner in my family. Losing this job will be harsh on all of us.
There’s not a future here. All of the plants around here are leaving.
These factories are moving overseas and offshore and we’re kind of fed up with it.
There’s no place to go and get a job right now. We’re in the biggest downturn in the
economy that any of us alive today have ever observed. It’s tough times.
If our politicians don’t do something to stop it, they’ll be nothing for us to do.
Philips ... Keep the lights on here in America.