ORBEA RALLON: How to adjust the bicycle suspension?

Uploaded by OrbeaBicycles on 29.04.2010

How should you adjust your bike’s damper?
To adjust your damper you need a pump and a gauge, or failing that a measuring tape.
First of all, look at the sticker on the bike tube, which tells you how much
air pressure is recommended for inflating your damper according to your weight.
For me, for example, with my particular weight, it’s around 200 psi.
The next thing is to take a look at how much pressure there is in the damper,
using the high pressure pump.
Let’s see how much there is…
Well, it’s just slightly below 200, so we need to pump it up a bit more.
That’s it, it’s at 200 psi now.
So I remove the pump…
I'm checking the pro-pedal dial isn’t connected, and I lift up the rubber part to confirm the sag.
Raise the bike without jolting it and then check the sag is actually 25%,
which corresponds to 16 mm for this particular bike.
So it’s just right now.
We’ve adjusted the damper air pressure.
This damper also has an expansion adjuster, which is the red dial.
If it goes over to the faster side, it means your damper is returning too quickly,
and if it goes over to the other side, it means the damper’s too slow.
Here, as before, the adjustment indicated on the sticker is 2 clicks.
Let’s take a look at it. This damper isn’t returning too quickly or too slowly.
So that’s fine for a start-off.
Each of you should adjust the damper as you wish,
depending on its handling and how you feel on the bike.
And that’s that: all you have to do now is get on your bike and ride it!