Airbrush using Adobe Photoshop CS6 Mixer Brush

Uploaded by mosesphotomedia on 21.11.2012

hello there im alexander adrian
im a photographer from moses photography
its pretty late right now, but i thought id show you
the adobe photoshop cs6 new feature
the mixer brush
to create a simple and effective
airbrush effect on any photo you take
now if you are using any of the old photoshop versions to try and do
an airbrush effect
it was never simple
it was always a tidious and tiring task
one method i used to use involved dividing
the image into textures and skin tones and working from either layer.
it was slow
and felt like i would be wasting time
this new messages are i'll just discovered recently fiddling around with
adobe photoshop ccs
and split the screen
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