Paul Rodriguez Life: Family First. Ep. 1, Part 1

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(Phone Ringing)
uh, I'm Kurt, I can't answer the phone please leave me a message or send me a text
I'll try to get back to you as soon as I can
thank you very much, bye bye.
At the tone please record your message
When you are finished recording you may hang up, or press one for more options.
Yo Kasper
it's good, it's Paul
uh, just trying to get a hold of you, I'm not going to be able to make it out to Tampa.
My grandmother is uh really sick so I need to go visit her.
Sooner than later
but if you want to talk about it give me a call back and we can talk about it or what not.
Alright brother talk to you soon, bye.
Hey, did you have a good sleep?
(Girl): Hey, I want my hot coco
(Paul): Okay, it's probably not hot anymore but...
Yo, my dad ended up buying that ranch
before my grandpa
once he had made it big, once he had money
Bought three ranches up there, my grandpa always loved ranching and stuff like that
except my grandpa always worked for ranchers and things like that
so my dad bought him his own
(Girl): Daddy
(Paul): Yesss?
(Girl): Where is the policeman at?
(Paul): Well hopefully not anywhere around here
(Girl): The policeman is in the TV
(Paul): Okay, that's cool
(Girl): He can't come out
(Paul): Good. He's in jail?
(Girl): Yeah
(Paul): Anyway so my dad would always bring me up, they'd treat my dad like the king right
that all his sisters, my grandma, everybody as soon as he would get there
"oh son you want some food, here's some food"
They'd cook him all the food he wants and he just sits there and snaps his fingers
and they bring him whatever...
So for me, I guess, if my dad was the king, I was the prince
and so when I would go up there with my cousins
nobody gets in trouble for anything. Some of my uncles have some of these old cars
that they think that one day are going to rebuild
but they end up just sitting there for years and they never rebuild them
and we take the slingshots, bb guns, shoot all the windows out. Just bust shit up.
It was just, this place where we can go and do whatever we want.
At anytime and no one is gonna say nothing cause I knew I had that power to just:
"Nah, it's okay, I'm going to do what I want."
And my dad was the only one who moved away from the family.
And they're super religous, mega religous
you know, and that's why if like, I don't know what's going to happen
when my grandma... passes
I don't know if my dad is going to keep it or what
I would always get excited like the straight you have to go on
to go to the ranch.
It's like this long street then it curves in to get into the ranch
and like...
every time even still to this day, when I hit that street
my, my like, butterflies start going out, like filled with this excitment cause I cant,
the car can't get there fast enough.
Maybe to the outside to, to people, you know to
other people it would'nt look like much going to the ranch but for me it's like
such a special place man.
My whole life growing up,
going up there with my dad...
like the ranch I own
is much completley wholely myself as I can possibly be anywhere on this earth
it's insane...
Let's get the baby.
Hi baby!
I'm so excited, I forgot to get Heaven out.
Of course we've got to go say hi off of here, to the main event.
(Grandma): How handsome
(Off Camera): It's an offering.
(Paul): Hello grandma, I love you.
(Grandma): How sweet son, how sweet my son.
(Paul): This is the godmother of the family, of the ranch.
The boss.
(Grandma): How nice son... precious.
Your straight to playing huh?
This is how I used to be, I could'nt even, I barley could even say hello to everybody
just had to go straight with, straight to hanging out with the guys.
Now the best part.
I've got a bunch of stuff here, I came stocked up, lots of hats.
Oh I've got plenty for all of you guys.
Wearing a beanie that I got.
(Paul): Yeah I brought you some hats too, grandma.
(Man): She's beautiful.
(Grandma): Beautiful?
George! Need a bag for school?
(George): Thank you sir.
(Paul): Yes Sir.
That's the first part.
Make sure everybody gets stuff.
(Paul): Look at grandma!
(Grandma): I'm the one the movie star here.
(Paul): This is it, this is...the family.
And now its time to take a little tour of the ranch
and uh...
show you this place that is so dear to my heart.
These are my cousins, this is my man, George Rodriguez,
Javier Keyhas
Let's go this way
And right here, we used to skate this stair.
This is our curb.
Its gotten a little chunky but we used to grind the shit out of this curb right here.
Crappiest ground, but we did'nt even care we just skated here all day, all night
We built a flat bar right about here.
Somehow we wedged it in there
It was so stable, we just waxed the shit out of the bar, and just go.
This is flat bar central.
We used to build little make-shift kickers out of like random closet doors or something...
One, two, there's another flat bar right here
they're all rusted now, I've been skating years, three
four, five, six
That's the flat bar that we put through the gap.
Later on, after we got a little more sophistacated they stole a butter bench from the local school
Hopefully, the authorities aren't still out for that.
I was so proud of them when I came, and they were like, yeah we got a butter bench.
And it was like a legit one, I was so happy it's perfect.
Pepsi machine, see
I always was a pepsi man, dew man you know
Mountain Dew, Pepsi shout out.
Turns out this thing may actually be worth a pretty penny so we might have to
call American Restoration and get it sorted out.
And then over here
my cousin Pablo
This is the squad right here, well Sam and Matthew aren't here
but George, me, Pablo
This is how much of geniuses we are
back when I used to bring the bb guns and uh slingshots
For some reason
Have target practice on the gas tanks here, thats always smart.
(George): Tell them about the story when your dad and, and grandpa...
remember caught us making a bon fire under the fuel tank!
(George): It was the four of us, the normal gang.
These are just full of gas at all times
(George): That's gas and then diesel.
(Paul): And our dumbasses are right here, trying to make a bon fire!
(George): No! Right here, remember we were using the excess.
(Paul): Yeah we were like get a little fuel.
(George): There was a little puddle...
(Paul): God!
This barn
to me at least,
I don't know about these guys, used to be the scariest place on the ranch.
Here my uncle's got all of the gnarliest old cars that
he's working on.
We would skate flat ground right here too, like
clear everything out, skate flat ground right here
As you can see there's alot of glass, alot of doors, alot of windows
We would always be back here shooting these cars with bb guns
some sling shots, some of the windows are shot out, some aren't
they would be like no don't break the windows beacuse we're going to need that part later.
It's funny always the stuff moves
but I never see anyone moving it
It's almost like it moves on it's own
Hey, this is the car Pablo got shot in huh?
(Off Camera): Yeah this is it right here.
(Pablo): This is the car my cousin in the wheelchair, he wasn't always in a wheel chair
He was actully, he had just purchased this car, it was mistaken identity
whoeever had owned this car or owned a car just like it
pissed somebody off
and uh my cousin had bought it at a police auction and he was driving
their friend Red's car
on his birthday at midnight they were going to get him
a birthday present, right at midnight when it turned his birthday
and on the way there
somebody started shooting from way far back
it was like what AK-47 or some...?
some type of machine gun
shot right on the back of the car right here
this bullet hole, this bullet hole
(Kid): And this right here
(Paul): Shot through back here
and went right in the back seat
God bless Red man, rest his soul
killed him instantly, the rib cage, killed him instantly
went right through with the back of the seat shot Pablo in like the spleen and in the spine
And that was it man, he's been paralyzed ever since.
It was crazy.
That is probably the craziest thing that has happened here
to us at the ranch.