[101208] SJ Foresight Part 2 Eng Sub

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Let's see from the knee
[Kyuhyun is here~!]
Ya! Where are you touching
Kyuhyun, kyuhyun
[Kyuhyun hands holding tightly]
Say it before you touch
I like it here
You roll up the pants is here
This is hidden camera am I right
Above knee. Here here
Accuracy is 37cm
37cm. Eunhyuk is also very skinny
Not bad
[Suju representative line Eunhyuk is?] Eunhyuk is 34cm
Am I the one who win?
Because I am taller
The funny thing is when I am talking, someone touches me from behind suddenly
I didn't realise as well. Kyuhyun disappear
When we are saying "ah", he touches from behind without a sound
[What done has done. Feeling extremely happy maknae Kyuhyun]
Really gave me a big shock
Then. Let's see what greatest "gain" senior has
Every MC chooses one
I chose leg kick
I chose purple hairstyle
I chose angel
Mine is emergency act number 19
Are you sure this is gain
I feel this is really interesting. This is the one starring with Hong Kyung-min senior
This is more like losses to me, yesung
Then let me change another one
This is more like losses
Because it is our thinking. Let's listen to
[YS: That is my thinking...] -Kicking
[Kim Jang Hoon senior 19.4 years of entertainment career/ 'Gain' leg kick]
Actually mentioning of Kim Jang Hoon senior is about leg kick
When did you start to do a leg kick?
On February 1993, a public perfrmance in front of a department store
I gave a leg kick out of a sudden. People below screaming "wow"
So I was thinking. Why should a singer be doing leg kicking?
From then onwards leg kicking becomes my special feature
I got the 1st place because of this
When is the correct time to do a leg kick during performance? Please demonstrate
We want to learn leg kicking as well
This timing is very important right?
Timing is very important
Are you alright?
But there is cracking sound by the bone
[37cm is it alright...]
There is another decisive blow
[I am Kim Jang Hoon!]
This is very handsome!
A flying kick
Eunhyuk try it too
If it is us, our "sorry sorry"
[In the air powerful leg kick!]
Well done!
Really well done
Then let me challenge a low kick
Really there is such a thing low kick. Low kick...
[Kyuhyun is the one doing leg kick. Why are you nervous Yesung?]
[Tragic expression maknae] -Then 1 2 3 4
[What will he show?] -Low kick...
[Studio scorch]
[Clapping and laughing/ Life-threatening/ Close relax]
[Finally calm down]
[Ya! What is that!!]
Ya what is it
This curtain is expensive
[Still has not recovered from the shock of the shoe that 1 person]
This is the first time
No idea what is the thing that fly pass me
I am very curious. The shoes flew off why is there a person lying there
[Lying on the floor during the middle of recording]
Such thing happen to us before. Do you have an experience where shoes got kick off?
Fearing such thing will happen, legs should put slightly like this
This will not happen to professional people
Kind of amateur
Is not kind of. Is completely amateur
In "I am a man" song there is this dance
No name for the dance?
The style is a bit like Amazon
Firstly is like this. Then like this
[Slowly moving with Kim Jang Hoon senior and idols]
Ah good good
You are number one doing ssanti dance
Like this right?
[Unbelievable ssanti]
Now we will dance with the music. Please play the music
[Kim Jang Hoon and idols. Official first performing stage]
[Somewhere not right with his neck dance]
Dance to the second beat
Everything has to be done if you follow instruction
[A man not in coordination]
[No matter what, born rich Kyuhyun prince]
[Even that he still try his hardest]
[2011 year anticipate. New idols. Kim Jang Hoon and idols]
[Kyuhyun train your ssanti before debuting~]
[Kim Jang Hoon senior 19.4 years of entertainment career/ 'Gain' purple hairstyle]
It is not Kim senior if you don't mention this
He got his own view in the case of hairstyle fashion
Purple hairstyle
Not just purple hairstyle. We prepared some wig, red hair, pink hair
This is pre-debut hairstyle.. Dark purple hair
I think hairstyle is very important
What is your reason for making hairstyle so unusual
If I have to say a reason, because it is interesting
Anyone who saw it will get shock
[Just came from universe princess aurora] -The funny desire came again
Because I am using this now. It seems like I got influence
Now I am Kim Jang Hoon!!
Miss A jia is here
This is Park Bom
[Although is kind of hard to believe... 2NE1 Park Bom transform!]
Very suitable
Just like own hair
Hyung seems to be wearing a wig
Kyuhyun want to try?
[Prince Kyuhyun challenge wig?] -Me?
This is use by senior during pre-debut
It is my honor
Holding it is fine
You seem to be suitable
Not bad
Choi Seong Kuk is here. Choi Seong Kuk!
[Looks like me~~!!]
[Thanks to hyung fully adapt to ssanti our Kyuhyun!!]
[And together with Kim Jang Hoon senior is totally alike!!!!!]
[Only at Super Junior Foresight able to see such scene]
Really, looking at it hyung's wig seems to be the most fake
[Kyuhyun screen did not freeze]
[Becomes main MC mom is suppose to be happy...]
Yesung still hasn't wear yet
[How does Yesung look like??]
That, how
[Di-ri-ri-ri-ri~ Yeong-gu is here~~]
[Re-emphasized Kyuhyun screen did not freeze]
Now Yesung is like this
If you take away the wig
Forehead really looks like me
Real hair
Really is like that
[Other people laughing happily situation]
[Alone. Crying Soon]
You got petrified? Why are you not talking now
I.. I am doing a great job now right
Yes well done, excellent job
I am looking weird now
It would be good if the camera don't film me
[Sorry... Camera focusing your face...] -I don't want to say anything
No one know is Kyuhyun
This kind of hairstyle is totally unacceptable in our company
Why do you dye that hair color?
It suits hyung very well
Do I need to keep wearing while doing the show?
Yes just endure a while more
Keep wearing the wig until this topic ends
[Hurry end it end it] -This is very interesting
I feel this is very interesting
We had that spirit at that time as well
[Hurry end it end it] -We need to change often
So this time it goes according to my idea
For a very long time I keep dying this color
The reason I am doing is because
To everyone, I am also a popular singer
I don't need a noble image
I need to let myself look more friendly
There is a meaning inside this
How about our next album
Let's do this hairstyle
[How about next album hairstyle!]
Kyuhyun don't be like this. Kyuhyun?
[I am a ballad singer...] -Cannot
Kyuhyun, raise your head Kyuhyun
The camera is filming you
Really? Filming me?
[From just now didn't dare to raise up head]
Your turn to ask a question
Ask him what kind of hair color is he going to dye next
Ask this question
[Cute x2] -What color are you going to dye next?
Hair color..
[Unconsciously feminine action]
You have to ask quickly so you can take it off
What kind of hair color do you want to dye next?
Give me 10 minutes to think about it
Not just about hair
You have a thing for fashion
[Mom should have seen it...]
Ah this one
It's this skirt right
This one
You really wore this during performing
[Not again... Me???]
This weight is not joking
You wear this during performance?
Is this scotland skirt?
When I went to Scotland
I felt this is very pretty
The charm of a lady
You wear like this
[Why did he try suddenly?]
Like a stylist
[Singer Kim Jang Hoon turns into a stylist!!]
Under this situation
Dance just now that song for us to see
5 6 7 8
Well done well done
[Kim Jang Hoon senior 19.4 years of entertainment career/ 'Gain' achievement]
I chose PSY senior
At what kind of situation both of you have met?
My fashion designer is a senior female designer
She notice first
Because most auntie knows her
So I know PSY mom first
Yes. Know mom first
She said to me
My son is a singer as well
Do help him if you can
After saying that, a few months later
I was reading a magazine in a salon
I saw PSY this name
The moment I saw I was thinking
Oh? It's him
I check again
Ah... Completely dead
First of all is <Mong Ti Ju>
No matter who saw it will feel
PSY this way is not right
He is the first place isn't it?
When he say hello that time
I do like this
Ever since then when he saw me he will
But not a single word
You can't compare to me this meaning?
When seniors do like this
Juniors will have to think what kind of reaction to give back
When senior do like this
Together? That's not right
You will be shock
At that time, PSY is known as a singer
The in and out during performance
Very grand right?
Even gears appear too
When I was singing <I am a man>
I look back after ending, there he was
[Situation replays. Found lying on the floor ready PSY!]
I. Even like this I
Shooting arrow. You even done that?
We are quite familiar with one another so PSY
How? How?
One more time!
I am PSY!
[No one told him to wear. Got in trouble as a result Yesung]
Yesung, Yesung, just sit there
Who doesn't know how to use this method to grab attention
Yesung, right now we are talking about important issue
We are looking at his replay
At that time both of you do not know each other for long right?
[Today was tiring...]
There was not much time given to breathe
Let him rest
[Kim Jang Hoon senior 19.4 years of entertainment career/ 'Gain' angel]
Angel, angel, angel
Kim Jang Hoon senior is an angel for donation
Compare to donation
How do you earn ten billion?
You need to have money so you can donate
Compare to donation during performance
I don't donate often during performance
Normally after performance you go off right?
To fill this gap
I have participated many donation activities
If I participate in many performance
Although the amount of money is not much
But the income will still come back again
Then, don't let it stop there
Continue doing it
It is difficult to express using words
Never forget to repay the society
But why do you donate a large sum of money?
In fact, I work for donation activities originally is from my public performance
I am most impressed in
I have a broad range of audience for my performance
From 10th generation to 60th generation all came
Really broad range of audience
At one moment
"Bak!" explode suddenly
Everyone have shown the same expression
Like a child
When I saw that
I was thinking, it's worth to die like this
At that time, everyone united together
I was shock at that time
I am very thankful
Going according to my idea
It would be great if by watching my performance would change their life
I bet everything there with all I have
In fact all these are my achievements
Is the same when I was drunk and had car accident
Artists suffering can really be a blessing sometimes
I live and realise
People who live perfectly can be easily forgotten by this modern world
From the day I was born
My dad is not there
I was very ill during primary three
Thought can't live for long
Being chase by people on the street
No matter where
Work as a waiter
As a DJ
As a manual labor
I sold fruits before. That is how I live
Even if it is like this, you still have to work hard living
Not giving up dreams
Finally able to survive
Every thing has turn to beautiful memories
To me, all the things
Had to suffer, hardship, is all achievements to me
[Countless of failures and mistakes have past]
[Forming the way he is now]
[Always striving to do his best, our senior]
[The scenery you walk along, so beautiful]
Now we will do a backward
Questions where many people are curious
Kim senior fans will answer directly
Good job reading
Then we will collect the opinions by the minority
Proceed to the discussion time from the opinions by the minority
The name is by backwards
Starting from middle ranking
From 6th place to 10th place
That is why known as backwards
Starting from now we will proceed to the backward ranking
Actor that match angel of donation Kim Jang Hoon
Who is the lady that match our senior?
Our 4 MC
Using the method of drawing
Still need to draw