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All medalists are here on our live program!
[The strength of Japan shown on a world stage]
Special show of all medalists LIVE!
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Good evening,
[Takahiro Nishioka] [Rio Hirai]
On April 3, Suporuto(Sport), we have wonderful guests, Mr. Nomura.
That’s right. I was moved by them. [Hiroki Nomura]
Now, the five medalists from World Figure Skate Championship who brought many moving moments to all over Japan.
Congratulations, once again! Congratulations!
It’s quite a sight to see five medalists together. First of all, Mr Daisuke Takahashi,
So many medalists were born from Team Japan. What do you think about it?
The team has done so many achievements this time. I am happy to be within it.
I believe the team could show Japan’s strength.
And we’d like to ask you as the first pair skaters to be medaled,
Ms Narumi Takahashi, aren’t you getting huge reactions from people around you?
Many more people congratulated me than before, so .... I am happy.
Your character gain a great reputation in our Fuji Broadcasting Station.
What do you think about it?
Well, it cannot be helped that my second self just reveals.
We hope you can tell us all about it.
We’d like to hear from people from all over Japan Including Mr. Nomura’s.
But first, let us show you the performances of team Japan. Please enjoy.
In the Worlds Figure Stake Championship 2012
the serious battles of Japan’s representatives showed their strength.
First, Narumi Takahashi & Mervin Tran
Great combination of these two skaters have captured Japan’s first ever medal in pairs in the Worlds.
At Kiss & Cry area, she had a dynamic reaction.
They are the first reached to the podium and gave the great momentum to Team Japan’s medal count.
And here’s Yuzuru Hanyu, who experienced the Great East Japan Earthquake at his rink in Sendai on March 11, last year.
I want to show that the Japanese are facing forward through my performance even just a little bit.
Exactly as he says, he showed his soulful performance on a big stage.
He got highest technical points throughout the event and got a bronze medal on his first time try.
[The youngest Japanese man on the podium]
And Japan’s Ace, Daisuke Takahashi, who challenged his recapture of the world title.
He succeeded a quad in Free Skating his long-time challenge,
and with his step sequences hailed as the world's best
achieved Japan’s first double medalists on the podium with Hanyu
And in lady’s singles, Akiko Suzuki who is into the 20th year of her career,
got her long-yearned wish realized with a bronze medal
She concluded the season’s grand sum in the best way.
Today we have live appearances of these five medalists on our show.
Let’s find out about the backstage of the serious battles.
I feel happy all over again, what a competition! I’d like you to talk a lot about it.
To begin, let us talk to Ms Narumi Takahashi and Mr Mervin Tran the first Japanese pair to have a medal.
First of all, Ms Takahashi, THAT moment of joy we were all glue to the sight.
What did that pose mean?
You mean this?
There is no meaning at all.
None? None at all, but..
You are laughing all through Ms Suzuki. What do you think about this happy dance?
This is genuinely called 'jump up onto someone' springing up on her coach, like 'Flop!'
Mr Tran, you were right next to her. How did you react to it?
He’s saying that when I was jumping He was also happy and screaming
so he didn’t notice.
If he didn’t notice that he must have been enormously happy.
Can I ask you something too?
Mr Tran, you are 5’9’’ and Ms Takahashi 4’11’’ with about 11.4 inches difference.
Is it easier and better to have small partner?
It is easier, quite normally, for a pair to have this much difference.
I see.
This station use a medalist to do a translator's job herself.
Sorry. Not at all.
Mr Hanyu, as a team mate, did you feel cheered with this achievement to skate after?
Yeah, I felt a huge pressure as a first timer in the event.
We fought together in the junior events so they gave me courage.
They indeed changed the history of pairs. How do you like it?
History? Yeah, well, we had no plan to change it yet.
Our target was to be within Top 5. But now we changed it so's good, I guess.
She is some character!
Well then, I want to ask you more but let’s move on.
Here we have Ms Akiko Suzuki who celebrated her 27th birthday in Nice.
Now what does this medal mean to you?
Well, this is my second time to be in this championship.
Through all the competitions of this season, this time I really grew to want a medal of this event.
So this medal is fruit of what I worked in this season.
In this season I heard that Nagakubo Coach and you had a serious and in-depth talk.
You had a hug with him at the moment your medal was confirmed.
What did you feel at the time?
After my performance, since it was not perfect, he said,
"Once again, your performance failed to make me cry”
Really? Yes.
But after the medal was confirmed, I was so happy that I could put my medal on him
because I wanted to do so.
Mr Takahashi was cheering her heatedly at the time.
What was going on your mind?
We have known each other since my first overseas competition.
I never thought I would be 26 and still in competitions,
it was a feeling hard to describe that took over me.
You were feeling the history you two had shared.
Ms Suzuki, you had a bronze this season.
And you're probably building your dream upon it further.
What is your next objective?
I don’t have any definite goals yet.
But this time, though I had a good result, I wasn’t satisfied with my performances.
Like Mr Takahashi and Mr Hanyu, and Narumi’s team as well,
I want to do a performance as I can say ‘I did it!’ and pump my fist after.
Then we can expect her doing that pose! Let’s look forward to it.
Congratulations Ms Suzuki. Thank you.
Now, the next.
We'll get a close look at the heated battles of Mr Takahashi and Mr Hanyu.
Next we will interview the two skaters
who achieved first Japanese men to be double-on-the-podium in the men’s singles.
First Mr Hanyu, on your first time on the big stage of this level
you landed a quad. How did you like it?
I had a little doubt with it in the Short Program,
It was good that I landed it. It made me relax in Free Skating.
You said you wanted to be in the last group. But you ended in 7th place in SP. Felt frustrated?
I had a mistake in SP so it cannot be helped, but to be honest, I was frustrated.
In FS, we thought it would be completely clean till the end,
but you had a fall in the middle part.
I don’t want to ask, but our staff forced me to, you know.
What happened there?
Uh, I was a little tired, I guess.
Tired? So, it came hard on your legs.
But you rose and nailed a triple Axel. Such a great job.
And the moment you finished it, after a lot of extra ordinaries this season, What was on your mind?
I've been supported by so many people this year. I meant to work hard to support others.
But the idea struck me that I was the one supported by others. I got tears in my eyes.
You said “I want to show that the Japanese are facing forward.”
I believe that you had done it very well.
Well, getting on the podium means that I could make my name recognized a bit.
So I think I reached my goal.
I was doing commentary of the performance and I almost cried.
Didn’t you hear about many such reactions?
I watched TV broadcast of my performance and could see the audience crying,
Also people told me so when I came back here. It made me very happy.
It was also impressive that Nanami Abe coach shed tears,
who's been the closest to you to support you.
We have a message from her to you. Please watch this with us.
Yuzu, once again, congratulations to you for the bronze medal of the World Championship.
Many things happen this past year.
You must have had a lot of pressure from around you.
This past year that pressure you'd kept feeling must be something you've never felt before.
I believed that you could make the pressure into your strength.
And Actually I was glad that I'd been believing so when your Free Skating finished.
You may have many hurdles to overcome from now, but let’s clear those by going step by step to your goal.
Let us have good time together from now too.
Hearing her message, in return, what do you want to say to her?
I only can say thank you.
I cannot thank her enough.
Including for this competition, she had supported me all through the time.
I want to say simple, straightforward thank you to her when I go home.
Next, we'll ask Mr Daisuke Takahashi about his third medal of the World Championship.
First, the quad you nailed in your Free Skating.
It must mean a lot to you, right?
Right. This is my first clean one.
It was actually barely made.
Maybe it was done by sheer willpower, I'm glad I could land it.
Talking about willpower,
I felt you were fired up throughout this competition.
What do you think about it yourself?
I could kept a feeling of tension in a positive sense, all through the time.
My only concern was quads, so I could concentrate on them in the practice.
That’s probably why I gave such an impression.
Your coach Ms Nagamitsu said that You were driving yourself into an extreme field
training harder than ever seen before.
What part of you had changed to feel like doing that?
I really don’t know, I just wanted to think I’m all right as long as I practice.
So I kept doing practice on and on more than before.
Ms Suzuki, he's been amazing in that matter this season, isn’t he?
Right. His skating itself has been refined, as well as technique in elements.
I could see that he was so focused in his training. That was a great inspiration to me too.
I heard that he was training like hell, before the World Championship.
So you two had a bandwagon effect.
Ms Suzuki is one hell of a hard worker. The amount of work she puts in is maddening.
I had been told all the time “If Ms Suzuki can, you should be able to!”
Oh, I see. Well let’s conclude that you’ve enhanced each other then.
Your widely known expressiveness was unparalleled again in this competition.
What do you think about it looking back?
This time I could enjoy skating from the start till the end.
The audience helped me greatly in this event.
It had a very good atmosphere in the rink.
Many Japanese fans were there too.
Weren’t you all helped by the crowd?
Now the time is up.
So to close this we'd like a word from you for the next season and to Sochi Olympics, 2014
Mr Takahashi, to represent all, please tell us your ambitions.
He must be who least expected this. Sorry, can you?
I believe all of us here will set out for a gold medal in Sochi.
Many things will probably happen during this coming two years.
I’d like you cheer us up a lot on coming days.
Thanks to you all, this World FSC in Nice will have a great lasting impression on our hearts.
Thank you very much. Thank you very much.