School of ROK - Rokenbok 3D Building Blocks

Uploaded by Rokenbok on 17.08.2012

Hi. Welcome to the School of ROK. I’m your headmaster, Noah ROKs.
If you don't know, the School of ROK is a place where we build, play and explore the
fantastically fun construction and remote control toy system, Rokenbok.
Today, I’ve playing with my favorite new construction piece, the ROK Block. This is a ROK Block,
as is this, this,
and this. What???
Together these four ROK Blocks, in combination with a fantastic set of Rokenbok
construction pieces, creates the most dynamic set of building block ever!
You see, was normal building blocks you can just build up. But with ROK Blocks
you can build in three-dimensions. So why is this important? Because it allows
you to build some amazing things that you just couldn't do with any other young building block.
Like Chico. Or an airplane, or a bicycle, or chicken, or a wheelbarrow, or. . .
how about a guitar?
Oh, so pretty.
Guess I got a little carried away with myself, there.
That gives me an idea!
We should start a ROK Block Band!!
Yes. Why don’t guys go watch this video while I start practicing.
The Rokenbok Airport is open for action. . .
Because when the building is done, the fun has just begun.
Oh no, too many passengers for one airplane.
Bring out the second plane and hurry.
Don’t forget the payload.
Oh no.
We can’t have any more delays.
Bring out the Sweeper.
Nice job everyone.
Prepare for take-off Rokenbok One.
Please clear the runway.
Rokenbok One, you are now cleared for take-off.
Rokenbok Two, you are now cleared for take-off.
Thank you for flying Rokenbok Airlines.
Oh, don’t worry Chico, it’s just my friend Mr. Science guy. Hi Mr. Science Guy. Well hello Noah.
I wanted to share something with you that
I discovered during my ROk Block testing. You see,
The ROk Blocks fall perfectly in-line
with the zone of proximal development for young children.
The zone of what? The zone of proximal development is the difference
between what a learner can do with help, and what a learner can do without help.
With ROK Blocks, a child can move very quickly from needing help from a
parent to building on their own!
This accelerated learning curve
is proven to help children in math, science, and creative thinking
as they grow older.
Wow, who knew a building block could have so much to do how our brains develop.
Thanks Mr. Science Guy. Oh, it’s what I do. Mr. Science Guy, do you want to hear a song the band and I wrote?
I love to!
Rokenbok is the coolest toy I know.
Just grab your ROK Star Controller and you’re on the go.
It makes it easy to pick-up your favorite machine.
And if you spill some ROKs, the Power Sweeper is on the scene.
I said Rokenbok, yeah, Rokenbok, yeah, Rokenbok is the coolest toy I know.
Rokenbok, yeah, Rokenbok, yeah, Rokenbok is the coolest toy I know.
ROK Block guitar solo!
Well that does it for today. Thanks for watching. I hope you learned something about
my favorite knew building block.
Make sure to like us on Facebook and subscribe to YouTube. until next time, keep on ROK’n