How to Thaw, Brine, & Cook a Turkey - Mastered in 99 Seconds

Uploaded by allrecipes on 07.11.2011

turkey it's not just for thanksgiving
it's big. it's inexpensive and makes a giant meal with plenty of leftovers
so have it a lot
in just 99 seconds we'll show you the basics of thawing, brineing
and cooking starting

Turkey's are usually sold frozen rock-hard solid as a brick so you have to thaw it before you cook it
the fridge is the simplest way but you have to plan ahead because it can take several days
it takes twenty four hours of thawing time for each five pounds of turkey
check the weight and do the math
give the turkey a rinse inside and out to get a really moist tender flavorful turkey
it's great to brine it
a brine is a salty sugary season to your own taste liquid that you soak the turkey in
well now you've thawed, you've brined let's cook this bird already shall we
preheat your oven to 350 degrees fahrenheit yank out the giblets and use them in a dressing or
toss them
mmm turkey and dressing and pie
then set the bird in a roasting pan on a rack breast side up
pat dry the turkey then butter it up on the skin
under the skin and in the cavity
then tuck the wings behind the back
then give it a rub down of salt and pepper
to stuff or not to stuff when in question, just do it the way your Mom did it
now we'll tie up the legs
set it oven on the lowest rack and let the cooking begin
how long it cooks depends on the size of the turkey
is it done yet?
the internal temperature on the legs should be
180 degrees fahrenheit
the breast should be 165 degrees fahrenheit
it's done
take your turkey out of the oven and set it on the stove top to rest for twenty to thirty minutes
carve, serve
and enjoy
for any occasion