Mr. Nobody's quantum physics

Uploaded by MyHugestFan on 22.08.2010

what was there before the big fucking bang?
well, you see
there was no before beacause before the big bang
time did not exist
is the results of the expansion of the universe itself
what happened when the universe is finished expanding
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the string theory is correct
the universe possesses nine spatial dimensions
and one temple pension
that we cannot jim that in the beginning
all dimensions were twisted together
during the big day free speech from the mentions the ones that we know as height
width and depth
and one temporal dimension
what we know sometime
healer six remained minuscule planet together
practically living universal while dimensions
comes to distinguish between
pollution in reality
time as we know it is a dimension we experience
only in one direction
someone for the additional dimensions was insufficient
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you concentrate community
it's forever
this man comes into thinking secrets
exceeded introspection
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you have to make the right choice
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the universe
who's to insist it is sufficient
that's the principle of interesting
the tendency the universe
to evolve twisty
creasing disorder
the principle of the chicken is related to the arrow of time
result of the expansion members
but what happened gravitational forces counterbalance the forces of expansion
course the energy of the quando interested
at that moment the universe mind internet space of contraction the crunch
so when we come from
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