Huevocartoon - El Huevo Santa 2

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Transcript: Presents
Santa Egg
It's Christmas Time!
A love and happiness...
At what time will Santa come?
Soon he will be coming down the chimney!
Will he bring me all my presents?
Of course he will, my son!
I think he's coming!
Don't you dare moving,
you filthy Rudolph!
You dog ass!
Damn it! That's why I broke my ass last time!
Ho, ho, ho...
It's Santa!
What the hell are you doing awake?!
We were waiting for you, Santa!
No, no #$%& way!
You're supposed to be asleep!
I'm leaving now...
No, no, no, no, Santa Egg!
Don't leave!
Let us show you our hospitality!
Do you have cognac?
I have Tequila...
Nah, nah, nah...
Who do you think I am? One of the three wise men?
...why didn't you come down the chimney?
Because I don't fit in it, brat...
What did you bring me, Santa?
A little cornet...
And me?
That's for all of you, dickheads!
That... not what they asked for!
Then you buy them what they want... opportunist parasite!
Get out of my house immediately!
But tomorrow I'll send you a sack...
...filled with crap...
And I warn you,
don't bother writing me next year...
'cause I'm not coming...
You're in my black list now,
for about four generations...
So...'re screwed...
Have a nice dinner...
And go $%&@# your mother!
Ho, ho, ho...