My Tracks

Uploaded by Google on 11.02.2009

>> JEFF: Hi, my name's Jeff. I work in Google's Boulder, Colorado, office.
Today I'd like to introduce you to an application for your Android phone called My Tracks.
My Tracks enables you to record G.P.S. tracks and view live statistics, such as time, distance,
elevation and speed, while hiking, biking, running and participating in other outdoor
activities. First, let's install My Tracks.
You'll need one of the new, G.P.S. enabled, Android phones like this T-Mobile G1.
In the main menu, go to the Android market, find the lifestyle category, and click the
My Tracks icon to begin the download. Now let me show you how My Tracks works.
To launch the application, click the My Tracks icon.
You may have to wait a few minutes for your phone to obtain an initial G.P.S. fix, especially
if the sky is partially obscured. I usually use this time to stretch and warm
up. [pause]
Once a fix has been established, press "Menu," then "Record track," and you're off!
[pause] As you move, My Tracks displays your speed
and elevation, and shows your progress on a map.
[pause] At the end of your run, unlock your phone.
Select "Menu," and then press the "Stop recording" button.
Create a track name. And then enter the activity type-- running,
hiking or biking-- in the activity type field. In the track description field, I like to
enter my name. I also add a few notes about the run: Strenuous,
lots of vertical, some shade on the ascent. You can upload you tracks to Google Spreadsheets
to create a database of your training and analyze your performance over time.
Look! I'm getting faster.
Sweet! You can also send your tracks to Google My
Maps. I'll send this track to both Spreadsheets
and My Maps. I press "Send to Google," select "Google My
Maps" and "Google Docs, " and hit "Send." Now that I've uploaded my track into a Google
My Map, I can invite friends to view it. I select "Share with friends."
I enter my friends' email addresses and hit send.
Badda-bing! I can also share the map through My Maps.
I choose "Link," copy the map URL and paste it in the body of my email.
Because I tagged my track with my name, friends can enter my name in the search box and choose
the "User-generated maps" category to find my tracks.
The location information I added helps out-of-towners find runs recommended by locals.
All they have to do is enter the search terms "Boulder, Colorado," and "Running."
If you're into Twitter, you can tweet your tracks using an application such as Twidroid.
Here's how. Select "Share with friends," then a link to
Google My Map, then "Twidroid." This last prompt for Twidroid will only appear
if you have Twidroid installed. Try it.
It's a blast. Well, that's it.
My Tracks is a purpose built, route tracker and training aid for outdoor activities of
all types. Now when I go out, I can carry just one device--
my phone. So can you.
Give it a try. Well, got to run.