Easy Weight Loss in Pittsburgh

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alison moore says any on wednesday right now
in really does sound to good to be true but i watch the patient coming through his
laser procedure
and it was comfortable painless and quick but we all know there's really no magic way
to lose weight so while the zerona lipo laser treatment is a breeze it does require some maintenance
calming music
a massage table and small red moving lights
spent forty minutes here six times over the course of two weeks
and you could lose inches off your waist
hard to believe
just after fifty seven-year-old joan larken from Cranberry Pa
it worked for her
I lost eight and a half inches within two weeks and i wanted to know jumpstart for the summer
and i just want to get rid of the buldge around the waist line and and and it has it really has
for better look better army unit an answer yes i'm very pleased the process is called
this is a low-level laser
and non-invasive type of liposuction
no surgery
new incisions
no recovery time
it's now being performed by doctor william call a pennsylvania licensed doctor with offices
in seven fields in greensburgh what we do is send the zerona laser deep into the fact is you what
that does it increases the cell metabolism of the fat so
that cause the fat to release all contents into the lymphatic system
our bodies recycling system takes over and here's our digestive system safely what does
that feel
and and it's quick six sessions twenty minutes it's
on every block so we'll bring it to the pittsburgh area
but is this california craze safe
the laser is faa cleared and has been the subject of more than seventeen hundred clinical
none of which has shown any side effects
but isn't for everyone if someone has visceral fat fat deep within their organs it's not
gonna work superficial that fiber understanding size
this is right for them and the results can be dramatic
three-and-a-half enters the nine ten eleven integrating thirty two-year-old lisa lost
forty half inches from her stomach
thirty six-year-old cheryl four inches off the permit section
and fifty three-year-old robert lost four and three quarter inches from his waistline
jump was clearly the standard losing a half inches after the two week session
to achieve maximum results like hers
patients need to drink plenty of water afterwards to flush the system and maintain a healthy
load up on fattening foods and the inches will come right back
but surrounding isn't cheap with that
twenty five hundred and i had a coupon for madeline stowe pathak two thousand
because it is around the laser is an elective procedure is not covered by insurance so patients
will have to pay the full twenty five hundred dollars themselves
pittsburgh patients have to pass a health screening but dr cole says that when it is safe for
nearly everyone except for pregnant women