Ripple Effect

Uploaded by waketechcc on 01.05.2012

After 20 years in IT, it was time for a change
It wasn't my dream job, but it paid the bills
We were bartending
I wanted to start my own business
I got let go
This job market is always changing
I decided to pursue my real passion - chocolate!
Why work for someone else when I could work for myself?
I heard about a program nearby
Air conditioning, heating, and refrigiration technology
Simulation and Game Development
Planning entrepreneurial ventures
Baking and Pastry Arts
I don't have time to train folks
They know what they're doing - right out of the gate
Cutting edge technology belongs in the classroom
because it belongs in the real world
I have about one hundred employees
We have over 11,000 employees
We went to Wake Tech
Now we hire from Wake Tech
It's an investment - in the entire community
Everybody should have access to a quality education
Who knows - maybe the kid my gift goes to will be the nurse that saves my life some day
A wealth of highly-skilled alumni is right in my backyard
and I want to keep it that way
This is how
Start the Ripple Effect
Give something and you will get something
It will come back to you
Giving is up to all of us
Because giving benefits all of us!