[Real 2PM] 2PM in Taiwan

Uploaded by 2pm on 15.09.2010

Wooyoung Cow zero
Don’t pretend to be good
Won’t pretend to be good
Don’t pretend to be friendly
Not friendly
There is great attraction.
Hey, in Taiwan, there are many things that you can’t think of
At first, there are delicious foods
Greatly attractive pine apple cookie, yes, there are such things
Actually, it’s been only 2 hours since I came, so that I don’t know well
Don’t ask such a thing
What would you like to do the most after coming ?
About what I’d like to do in Taiwan
I’d like to look around Taiwan after going up to Taipei 101
With whom?
With whom? Go with our 2PM members, our staffs and this camera
Ah, getting out of airport today, actually, wow, felt so good
Actually, while visiting foreign country much, we were bumped much and bad things happened, things are like that
When we just arrived at here airport, people kept order greatly well like this
and made placard well, So, we were really touched
By the way, it seems that people are really cool and nice. Attitude to keep order
Order order yeah
Wow, really, black
Why do you take a shot for real missA, suddenly?
Don’t take a shot for real missA but for real 2PM
Sister ours~
It’s flickering, it might have no battery
Since yesterday, it’s been like this
It was like that in yesterday radio as well
It is because of no tape
Ah, something, there is no both of things now
Well, it’s missA, Hey
Show each individual skill, please
yo~ yo~
Yes~ Thanks
Well~ Min ~
Well FEI
There is no such a thing, There is no such a thing
Well, Taec
Wow really~
No funny
Really, been like that since trainee
I don’t know well
Is this program the famous real missA?
Yes, really thank for your coming here
Sorry that we can’t give signature to all people like this
And we love you~