[Eng sub] Big Bang Concert: Big Show 2010 - Stay [13/19]

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- Good job. - Good job.
What a good job boys.
When did you prepare this?
The youngest people of Big Bang
have prepared this as your rivals.
l've heard that all this
medley was prepared all by Seung Ri.
l've done it all by myself.
l did it alone, and Dae Sung didn't even text me.
l will say it now.
l've just dipped my feet in what Seung Ri has prepared.
l'm sorry.
- l'm sorry, l'm sorry. - No.
Things must be dealt clearly.
Because Seung Ri felt quite bad about this.
-Yes. - Then let's
shout as loud as you can.
-What, shout. - Shout.
- Shout. - Shout.
-We promised not to do this. -What?
This is shouting.
-Why don't you shout too? - Shout.
- Shout. - Shout.
- l guess this is really fun. -Yes.
Do you want to shout too?
- Shout. - Stop, let's stop it.
Now, then the next stage is
a live 'student' stage together with the band.
You will not know when you only hearthe intro.
l want you to find out what this song is.