Project Collaboration with Huddle

Uploaded by HuddleHQ on 29.03.2011

Huddle makes it easy to manage your projects securely in the cloud, working across multiple
time zones, between remote locations, inside and outside your firewall.
Huddle lets you separate each of your projects into its own workspace. This means that all
of the files, tasks and people working together are linked directly to the project, saving
you searching your inbox, computer or network for related content.
Huddle Tasks are quick and easy to create and assign. You can add a start and end date,
assign people that are responsible, and add extra detail like this. Attach files in a
couple of clicks to existing tasks, or add a comment or update here. The simple tasks
visualisation indicates your project’s progress so you can quickly see if everything’s running
smoothly, or if deadlines are being missed. You can also filter the tasks list to track
individual team member’s progress or view specific task lists..
All tasks can be edited without refreshing the page, making it quick and efficient for
team members to update progress. Huddle even follows up task assignees automatically with
reminders by email as task deadlines approach. The Workspace overview gives you an “at
a glance” look at the project calendar, recent developments in the project, and what’s
new. Clicking any of the items in your feed will take you straight to the appropriate
item, so that you can find out more or give your input in the comments section.
The Files tab in each workspace allows you to securely share any type or size of file
with invited users. You can request users to approve specific files, effectively adding
a task for them to sign the document off. Again automatic reminders are sent so users
remember to add their approval (or non-approval) comments and these are audited alongside the
file itself. Discussions centralise project communication,
keeping everyone involved and informed with the latest information.
You can access and update your Huddle workspaces securely from any internet connected device,
including smartphone and tablet applications, so projects can be kept on track no matter
where your team members are. Huddle offers Project Managers a simple method
to track progress and control related content, as well as delegate to and engage project
teams more effectively.