Ignatius Piazza Front Sight Handgun Training

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"Ignatius Piazza Front Sight Handgun Training "
Welcome to the Front Sight Challenge. I'm Dr. Ignatius Piazza, founder and director
of Front Sight Resort. You're watching the only show that features our nation's finest
law enforcement professionals, military personnel, and highly trained private citizens locked
in an epic battle of skill at arms. Today our contestants will compete with semi-automatic
handguns through three explosive rounds of intense action, each challenge testing a different
set of skills. One combatant will be eliminated at the close of each round, leaving only one
man standing at the end of the day. Now, let's meet our competitors.
My apprehensions are that there are going to be really good shooters here. But, if anything,
they don't have the training, then obviously they're not going to be any good with a weapon.
My idea here is to have a good time and just let it roll.
I'd much rather have the opportunity to defend myself than just to be a defenseless victim.
This is technically the first time I've been in any kind of competition. If I shoot my
best, I'll do very well. If I get in a mind game, where I'm worried about the guy next
to me, I'll have trouble. I tend to be kind of a rebel myself but here,
I follow the rules. They have instructors that are not only good shooters, they're good
instructors, and they really seem to care, and they're just focused. Try to look good,
at least! Granted, I carry a gun every day when I'm
working, but that doesn't mean that I'm as proficient as someone who's out here shooting
every day. A lot of the cops really enjoy the adrenaline pumping and the action, you
know it's good, it's healthy and hopefully that'll help me out today.
I absolutely love this line-up. A cardiovascular surgeon, a seasoned SWAT officer, a professional
dancer and a chief of police. All stepping up to the line for a chance to earn a top
spot in today's competition. But trust me, they have their work cut out for them. In
round one, our competitors must really concentrate to achieve the optimal balance between speed
and accuracy, with only one shot to get it right, their very fate hangs in that delicate
balance. Their scores will be calculated by dividing the sum of the hit by the elapsed
time that occurred while making those hits. The weapons are loaded, hot lead is about
to fly, let the games begin. Good morning, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome
to Front Sight Challenge. My name is Brad Ackman, I would also like to introduce fellow
rangemaster Wes LeHullier. The question for today is which one of you will be victorious.
Well we're going to figure that out by running you through a series of events. First is,
"Do or Die". The idea here is you present your weapon from the holster, fire one round
to the center of that target, balancing speed and accuracy. We're going to determine your
final score using the formula that we discussed just a moment ago. Wes?
Steve, you're going to be first. Everybody else, fall back 15 meters. Alright Steve,
on the timer tone, you'll present and fire. The range is clear! Ready... [beep] [shot]
Good hit. Man that was a good shot.
You're holstered, so go ahead and fall back. Steven, you're next. Come on up.
Good luck. OK Steven, here we go. On the timer tone you'll
present and fire. The range is clear, ready... [beep][shot]
Pretty fast. Holstered up, fall back. Crystal, you're next,
come on down. On the timer tone, you'll present and fire. The range is clear, ready... [beep][shot]
You're holstered. Go ahead and fall back. Alright David, you'll be wrapping this up.
The range is clear, ready... [beep][shot] Good job.
Nice shot. And you're safely holstered. Great, fall back.
I don't want to make excuses, but I'm using a weapon I'm not used to. I thought the procedures
would work, but that safety's different for me.
Crystal's a good shooter and she did fine. Everybody throws a shot here and thre, and
unfortunately this was her time. Steve was a pretty good shot, I think he's
perhaps the man to beat. Yeah the others don't think I was very nervous
but I was very nervous, and I will be until we finish up this competition.
Championship shooting marked this first round. Steven opted for blazing speed, but may have
sacrificed accuracy. David and Steve took their time to ensure great hits, but did they
take too long? Crystal won't be able to waltz around the fact that the pressure overwhelmed
her. She completely missed the target. Let's go to rangemaster Brad Ackman for the official
results. Well guys, with those shots, we're now at
the moment of truth. So here's Brad with the results. OK guys, as I mentioned, we calculated
your score. That is the points you received on the target divided by the time. So let
me go through this. 1st place. You shot six points on the target in a time of 1.60 seconds.
Total score of 3.75. Steve. That puts you in first place. Second place. You shot ten
- perfect score on the target. Took you 2.88 seconds to do that, so a little bit longer
but still a good score of 3.47, second Steve. Third place. You shot an 8 in 3.44 seconds.
For a score of 2.39. David. And I'm not going home. I'm going over there
and I'm going to get some practice. I'm here, I've got to do it. Well you scored 0 points.
In other words, you missed the target, just by a hair. Total time of 3.21, for a total
score of 0. Which brings you into 4th place. Good luck guys!
You know, being in the Front Sight Challenge today, I didn't really want to be the loser
or the blond, you know, because I was born this color. But, a Front Sight did win. Alright
guys, by dodging the bullet here, you've earned yourself a position in Round 2 of the competition,
run and gun. There we're going to eliminate one more of you. So follow me to Ambush Canyon.
Well, I came in third place, which I'm not real crazy about, but I'm happy that I'm going
on. You know, in order for me to place first in the next competition I'm going to need
to concentrate on the basics, I'm not really sure what my chances are, but I will be giving
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