Black Jack TV - Full Episode 44 (Official & HQ with subtitles)

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As I stand in the wind on a hill by a port town,
my head feels unusually empty.
I was watching the town from the south side of the shore.
And so I sunk my unsteady passion into the depths of the sea.
This surging power...
It's something hidden in everyone, everywhere.
Day after day, everyone tries their best.
But people get annoyed when I mention it.
It makes me glad...
that I found my place here.
I searched for the reason
why we can believe in the same air
as long as we're alive.
He weaves the thread of life with his miraculous control of a scalpel.
The genius surgeon who lives on a cape.
His name is Black Jack.
What is it?
What time will you be home tonight?
It's a difficult case, so I might be late.
I'll be waiting with your dinner.
Please come home early.
Have a good day!
The Birth of Pinoko
Originally "Fetus in Fetu" by Tezuka Osamu
"You Dummy"
It was her birthday?
How many years has it been since Pinoko came here?
It was a night just like this one.
Is this Dr. Black Jack?
I am the primary care physician for a certain person.
I'd like to ask for your skillful assistance.
And that it be right now.
That's quite sudden.
It's quite late already, so call again tomorrow.
It needs to be done tonight, or it'll be too late.
We'll come see you in a few minutes.
What symptoms does she have?
Move her slowly.
Hello, and sorry to come on such short notice.
I'm Dr. Kani from Yokobai Hospital.
I know this is very sudden, but it's very time-critical.
Hey! I haven't agreed to take her yet!
You want to hide her identity that badly?
But I'm used to such patients.
You brought her here at this hour because it'd start rumors elsewhere, didn't you?
This operation is impossible to do anywhere else.
You are our only hope.
You seem to put a lot of trust in me, huh...
We've heard that you have extraordinary skills that let you handle any operation.
I know you want to hide her identity, but you could at least show her face.
Please take a look.
This is a tumor.
And it's big.
It's a cystic tumor.
Then just remove it.
It contains a fetus in fetu.
Fetus in fetu?
There are cases where a twin isn't formed completely,
but is still born inside the other twin's body.
And that twin grows inside a cyst as the other twin grows.
It ends up being a large bump.
That's what a fetus in fetu is.
What a surprise.
It contains most of the organs a person would have.
It even has a nervous system!
Why did you leave it alone until it got so large?
That's because...
Anyone who tries to extract it
goes crazy all of a sudden.
So the operation gets canceled every time.
It's probably the curse of the cystic tumor.
A curse?
I hate to admit it myself, but...
Leave right now if you're just here to mock me.
A-Absolutely not!
It's the truth!
I'll do this operation for ¥50,000,000.
That includes hush money.
All right.
That's fine.
Allow us to assist you.
No, thank you.
I'll do it by myself.
Please leave for tonight.
I won't do it if you can't accept how I do it.
All right.
I've heard about mummies' curses,
but how can a bump curse people?
Don't cut!
What the...
Don't cut!
Don't cut!
Don't cut! Don't cut!
Don't cut!
Don't cut!
Don't cut!
Don't cut!
Don't cut!
Who is it?!
The tumor?
Is that you?
That can't possibly be!
Don't cut!
Don't cut!
Don't cut!
Listen up!
I'll extract you, but I won't kill you!
You're someone who's living within another person.
I plan to save you and keep you alive.
So don't be scared!
I want to live.
Will you really save me?
And how?
Well, I could keep you in a culture, or...
That's it!
I'll keep you alive in a culture!
I'll trust you.
You are an extraordinary surgeon who can perform any operation, right?
You know well.
I heard that quack talking.
Quack, huh?
You are also the first person to talk to me.
See? I'll keep you in here.
This way you'll be able to live for a while.
All right.
Commencing operation.
I'll give you some anesthetic, so stay asleep for a while.
It became totally quiet after it came out.
Did it go to sleep?
Did it lose its special power?
Good morning.
The operation was a success.
I've removed the tumor completely.
What came out of you was the body of a person who was supposed to be your younger sister.
Would you like to see her?
I don't!
Please throw it away now!
As expected of Dr. Black Jack.
Handling an operation this difficult by yourself?
Looks like she's recovering well.
The tumor's contents are alive as well.
D-Did you...
Why are you keeping it alive?!
Get rid of it right now!
She's my patient.
I will decide what to do with her.
W-What are you saying?!
Or would you buy her from me for ¥10,000,000?
Get me out of here right now!
You've now been abandoned.
Why are you keeping it alive?!
I don't want to see it!
Please throw it away now!
I came back to life with a torn-up body too.
I will keep you alive as a person!
Can you see?
You have been reborn.
Yes, this is the world.
You are in the operating room of my house.
As we promised, you are alive.
I decided to take care of the girl.
It wasn't like me,
but the strong will I saw in her eyes made me go through with it.
Your name is Pinoko.
That's right, Pinoko.
See? This is your face.
You don't like it?
How about this?
Don't even think about getting any help from me.
Work on your own.
I was torn apart by a terrible accident.
I went through agonizing pain while rehabilitating slowly.
And so will you!
"A year later."
Hey, Doc!
Not like that.
It's pronounced "Doctor".
Yes, Doc, dinner is ready.
It's good that you can cook now,
but you need to work on your speech.
But you can understand me.
You'll always sound like a baby if you keep talking like that.
You may have a childs's body, but you're really an adult.
I know!
I was in her body for eighteen years, so I'm eighteen yers old.
Eighteen "years" old.
Oh, my goodness!
Oh, my goodness!
What's that supposed to mean?
This is the last checkup, right?
You are completely healed.
You don't need the medication anymore either.
My job is now done.
Dr. Black Jack, I will never forget what you've done for me!
Go ahead and forget.
I don't even know who you are.
By the way, there's someone I want you to meet.
Who's that girl?
This is your sister...
of the same age.
I don't have any sisters!
This is actually the first time you're meeting her.
But this is the sister you grew up with for eighteen years!
I know of no such girl!
Keep her away from me!
Go away!
She's not my sister!
Why are you keeping it alive?
Get rid of it right now!
I don't want to see it!
Please throw it away now!
You dummy!
Dummy! Dummy! Dummy! Dummy!
You good-for-nothing scumbag!
That girl is not my sister!
Dr. Kani! Please take me away from her!
You'd never understand how I feel!
And ever since then...
Welcome home.
Thank you.
I want to capture your heart with my silly smile.
Only look straight at me.
Being kind isn't good enough.
I want to get in touch with your true heart,
deep within the you that nobody else sees.
Being in the gentle sunlight,
I wish on the clover that plays the melody of dreams,
and I search for a ray of hope beyond the blue skies,
because I want to stay by your side forever.
The promise we made long ago in a far away place...
is finally coming to a realization, overcoming the incredible distance,
just as it was led by the light.
That patient has chronic laughter.
Oh, my goodness!
Ever since that day, I haven't been able to laugh.
How can you be laughing?!
That patient has never laughed.
Then why don't you laugh?
Laughing is an action that only advanced animals are capable of.
Why don't you laugh?
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