Lateral Rolling Plank with Jonathan Ross

Uploaded by ACEfitness on 11.04.2012

Jonathan Ross, Senior Consultant Personal Training: Most of the time we do planks for stability.
But by introducing a stability ball, not only can we add more of a stability challenge, but we can also pull off a small miracle
and do a plank that focuses on mobility and creating more movement.
The first thing we do is get to a plank position on the ball.
Put your elbows on the ball. You'll put your body weight over top of your elbows.
You'll extend your legs, tucking the toes under, straightening the legs, making the legs very stiff
and using your leg muscles to help you get up into the plank position.
Now, in order to learn to do the lateral rolling plank, which is the exercise that we're doing here,
you want to take a moment just to get comfortable, knowing what it feels like to shift your body weight
side to side over an air-filled ball, because it's quite an experience if you've never done it before.
So, now we just get comfortable with this feeling and we change the elbow position
so we turn and we lay the forearms on top of each other. Hold your biceps with your hands.
Then you'll get back to your plank position on the ball.
This time you'll move your feet a little bit wider to give you lateral stability
and we're gonna use a lot of mobility in the upper body by rotating.
So, we'll roll around to the back of your upper arm and there's two options with this.
You'll notice I'm looking at the ground.
When I look at the ground, it limits my range of motion and makes it a little bit easier, although it's still very hard.
Now, if I start to look at the sides as I move my body, you'll see that I get a little more range of motion
and it gets a little more demanding, as I'm sure you can see and hear.
That's the lateral rolling plank on the ball. Give it a try when you're ready. It's a lot of fun and a big challenge.
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