Pumpkin patch pumpkin picking - Pumpkin farm in Long Island

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\f0\fs28 \cf2 \cb1 Welcome to the Long Island pumpkin picking farm\
\ Get ready to have a fun-filled day\
\ You have got 6 weekends to come to the Great
Pumpkin Patch\ \
Come and see the the Great Pumpkin Patch with you own eyes\
\ There isn't a pumpkin patch more sincere than
ours in all of Long Island\ \
But that ain't all my friends, We have got more, much more\
\ Well, you have probably heard that Pigs are
smart, Come and see just how smart they are as they jump, waltz and even sing\
\ We have sing along hayrides, special appearance
by the Kings of the Coast Pirates, Bouncers. Petting Zoos, Animals, Parks an aviary, Pony
Rides and more live shows and entertainment.\ \
You don't want to miss this, and we sure would love you to be part of all the fun at the
great Long Island pumpkin picking farm\ \
We hope to see you soon at white post farms\ \
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\ At white post farms\
\ \
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