TICK TALK - with Dal★Shabet [PART 6] 뉴페이스 우희(Woohee) - INSITE TV

Uploaded by insiteTV1 on 12.08.2012

Hi, everyone! We're Dal★shabet!
Hi, I'm Woohee, the new member and new face.
Hare and Ddochi.
Members say it's my bellybutton.
You want me to show it?
Oh my god!
Never, not at all.
Does it look like they forced me to say so?
They didn't.
She's like a brother to me.
My old friend.
A cute girl.
She's a year younger than me, but just like my friend.
She's like a big sister. 'Hi, sister.'
Of course we all wash,
but Subin and I tend to wash the last.
I raised the wrong leg when dancing on stage.
Serry scolded me.
Well, these days... 'B.A.P.'
Powerful and cool.
The way of showing intrest in us?
I'm thirsty. I want water.
'Geek in the pink' by Jason Mraz.
It's a really fast English rap.
'Part of me' by Katy Perry.
Sorry about my bad pronunciation. 'Part of me.'
I'm sorry!
Number 4.
Wave dance.
Oh my god.
It's fun.
We don't have much time to stay in.
I guess exaggerating?
When I talk or sing...
Like this.
Actually, I'm a refreshing girl.
I'll let you hear my original refreshing voice next time.
I love you.
Thank you, bye.