Gundarr - Meals on Heels (Ep #9)

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Welcome back, y'all.
So today we're makin' deep-fried triple-butter gingerbroad cookies.
[Toddy:] Yaaaay!
[Pauline:] Here's one I've already battered.
[Girl:] Oh my gawd.
[Sizzling] Now we'll just let this fry
until our cookies stop screamin'.
[Gundarr:] What that yummy stink?
It be making Gundarr hungry, AND horny!
[Girl:] Ow.
Hey you, barbarian. Save me.
I'm very wealthy and attractive.
[Gundarr:] Nice
[Pauline:] Hey! That's MY succulent woman flesh!
[Gundarr:] Mine now! Your food put me in the mood!
(Pauline laughs)
[Pauline:] You'll have to do better than that!
(Mechanical buzzing)
(Glass breaking) [Pauline:] Hngh!
Fetch mama her cheddar pills!
(Girl screaming)
[Girl:] So long, you trout-mouthed old tooch.
[Pauline:] Minions! Y'all get him!
(Minion yelling gibberish)
(More gibberish)
[Minion 1:] Uuuuuuuuuuuuu- tensil!
[Girl:] Oh fuck!
[Minion 2:] First day on the job, there's no way I could die.
Oooh, owowowowow...
[Minions singing:] Violence is not okay
Gundarr, put your gun away
[Minion:] Oh my god, Dennis!
(Girl farting) [Gundarr:] Aww, girl farts! Aw.
Oh snap! The Lard-Ass river!
(Minion war cries)
[Girl:] *gasp!* Oh my gucci, we're gonna die!
[Cookie:] Hey guys! How 'bout a car ride?
In my car!
[Gundarr:] That cool.
[Toddy:] Pauline! That was a hell of a show!
... Pauline?
[Gundarr outtro]