Save Hundreds on Wedding Planning! (The Frugalicious Show)

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BITSY: Hi Everyone, Bitsy Jennings here from The Frugalicious Show and
please allow me to introduce my co-captain in savings, the lovely Erin
ERIN: Hello everyone, and thanks for joining us today.
BITSY: Now today we're going to talk about something that is very important
to some of our fans. The big W
BITSY: Now that's right, now some people may think that just getting a guy
to put a ring on it is the hairdos part, but we know that planning the
party while engaged and having in-laws who still want to talk to you at the
end of it is nothing to sneeze at.
ERIN: And here at The Frugalicious Show we know that everyone can have the
wedding of their dreams for a price that isn't a nightmare and that keeps
everyone happy
BITSY: Bliss means frugal at Frugalicious
ERIN: That's right and this show is part of our Weddings and Special Events
Series, there's just so much for us to cover and remember that most of our
tips about weddings can be applied to any special event or party so to pull
of a fab wedding or party on a budget you'll need to do a bit of planning
and compromising and of course get creative
BITSY: So let's talk about location this can be a big chunk of your budget
especially when it can determine things that go hand in hand with it like
the caterer, chair rentals, alcohol, etc so choose wisely.
ERIN: And we encourage you to think outside the box, we love the site which lists some off the beaten path locations like
historic homes, college campuses, parks, the list goes on and on
BITSY: Aw college campus wouldn't that be nice to get married at a college
campus if you met there.
ERIN: Yeah, and they're so beautiful, there are lots of gorgeous campuses
BITSY: And it's actually an inexpensive option, since it's really just
extra revenue for the school
ERIN: And just like many local parks, city squares, gardens and cultural
centers, they can be a perfect place to host your event so check out your
local parks and rec department to see what's available in your area
BITSY: Absolutely, now when choosing your venue keep in mind what their
policies are for potential other expenses
ERIN: That's right, for example, do they limit you to the caterer of their
choosing, will you have to pay extra to rent the linens, or chairs or can
you bring your own alcohol.
BITSY: Oooh alcohol, now that is a biggie.
ERIN: It sure is, and if your venue allows you to bring your own alcohol it
can be a huge savings, but you need to make sure you purchase the right
BITSY: and that can be the hard part to predict
ERIN: Well it was, but not anymore, the site is a great
resource, and it has a drink calculator that lets you put in how many
people are coming, the types of drink you're going to serve, and what the
cost will be so you'll know what to purchase and how much to budget.
BITSY: I love that idea, That's awesome. Now if you
can't bring your own you can limit your guests to choices of just wine and
beer or maybe just sparkling wine or what about having a signature cocktail
ERIN: What about having a Bitsy-tini on the menu?
BITSY: I think that has a wonderful ring to it I love it
ERIN: Yeah you might also want to consider having your event on a less
popular day, which is basically any day but saturday. If you have it on a
Friday or a Sunday, venues will drop their prices, often by 20% and are
willing to go even lower if you have it during the week on like a Monday or
a Tuesday.
BITSY: Wow, and you know if you have it on a Sunday why not have a Sunday
afternoon brunch and serve your guests mimosas, that's like a double dose
of savings and Vitamin C all at one place
ERIN: I like the sound of that
BITSY: I love it
ERIN: So Shauna from Boston told us she saved a lot of money by getting
married in January and getting hitched during the winter months can help
you save big time
BITSY: Mmm hmm so true, a lot of wedding vendors like photographers, and
bands and venues and florists they really slow down during the winter
months which can be good for you because one their schedules are more open
you'll have your pick of your favorites and two you just might be able to
negotiate with them on price
ERIN: I'm living proof. My husband and I got married in February and we got
our number one venue, photographer, and caterer because there was no
competition and they negotiated with us
BITSY: That's awesome.
ERIN: Yeah, win win.
BITSY: Seven years, she's getting really itchy with that.
ERIN: Alright so now we've covered the location and alcohol, next up food
and cake.
BITSY: Mmmm sounds like we have some savings we can really sink our teeth
ERIN: Oh that joke was hard to swallow
BITSY: And that was no better, so we'll be back with some tasty savings at
The Frugalicious Show
ERIN: Bad.