HetaHazard 12 [ENG subs]

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Hey, I think I'll try calling him one more time.
A little earlier...
Even though Romano is the only one who is seriously injured, it's really for the best to get some beds here.
I have no idea when they'll come back. I'll get America!
(The food is almost done, and I've got my salted salmon ready, too. I think I'll help the others now.)
France, do you need help with anything?
No, I'm fine. I'm just making curry.
Actually, I'm worried about Brows--
France? Is something the matter?
Hey, England! What the hell are you doing?!
Shut up, you bearded shit. Can't you see I'm busy?
I knew we shouldn't have let that jerk do anything in the kitchen. He just sucks at it...
F-France, don't be silly...
Um, England. Erm, I was wondering what you were doing.
Hmm? I'm boiling the lettuce and making scones.
We didn't ask you to make scones...
Ummm, but all the ingredients were pre-made...
Just because they were in a cool box doesn't mean they're safe. You have to cook them to be on the safe side.
Don't tell me you also did that to the buns and the patties...
Yep, I grilled both. These here are the patties, and the buns are over there.
And those things next to the buns are...?
Oh, these are the scones. They came out quite well today.
(At this rate, not only America but everyone else will be in danger.)
(I have to get England out of the kitchen as soon as possible.)
England, there's something you absolutely must help me with!
Huh? What do you need me to do?
I need you to set the table and make tea. Please...
Oh, but I'm not done here--
If I may be so bold, I will gladly take over the task of cooking.
Aww, but I'm the only one who can make good scones.
It's scary how oblivious he can be... Go, Japan, you can do it!
Do not worry! I will take responsibility for it. Besides...
Only a gentleman like you could ever make such delicious tea or set the table so wonderfully!
Way to go, Japan!
All right, if you insist.
Thank you!
Even I would love to see how you set the table.
Just because I said I would do it, doesn't mean I'll do it for you! And you shut up, you bearded git!
Well, you take it from here, then.
All right. Thank you again for helping at the cafeteria.
Good job, Japan. I'm really grateful to you.
Well, everyone's lives were at risk... But I am glad I was able to avert disaster...
... Hm... ugh...
What is this music? It's so damn loud...
Hey, where am I?
A cellphone? Ooh, this is the cell's ringtone.
Whose phone is this? Oh, well, I guess I'll answer it.
Finally! I was beginning to get worried. Where are you?
Romano? Is something wrong?
Oh, so this is Mr. Romano's phone? And who are you?
Oh, uh, I'm Spain--No, wait, who are YOU?! I want to talk to Romano.
Oh, it's you, Mr. Spain. I'm Hong Kong. And Mr. Romano is...
... not here. Mr. Germany's here, though.
Romano isn't there? What happened to him? Hong Kong, isn't it? Where are you?
(Wait, what was I doing, again? Have I lost my memory? Dude, that would really suck...)
(Um, let's see, my master called me and I was waiting for him in the park, but he never showed up...)
Hong Kong?
(He never showed up, so I went to pick him up at Mr. America's place, and then I found Mr. Romano, and the conference building had, like, some awful decoration...)
Hellooo, Hong Kong? Are you listening?
(Then we got down a hole and there were these super high-strung dogs and birds, so we kicked their asses.)
(Then we started looking for the others and got to the elevator, but we couldn't open the door, and then there was an explosion...)
Oh, yeah... the explosion...
Huh? What?
Sorry, dude, I was just thinking.
I'm probably at Mr. America's place. I was with Mr. Romano, but...
Sorry.....an't hear......
This freaking annoying noise. I can't hear him.
Cut off... Maybe the signal is, like, weak or something.
Huh. Just when I heard this really weird noise, the line suddenly went dead...
So, he went to America, ran into Hong Kong, but now only his phone is left...
Something must really be wrong. I have to hurry up and go to America's place!
I've made it to America's place, but where are they?
It's a little late, but maybe I should try asking America's superiors.
It's a beautiful fountain.
It's a carefully trimmed flower bed.
It's pitch dark... I guess there's really no one here at this time...
It's......like......told me......
I hear a voice. Someone's still here.
This looks expensive. How typical of America.
No...!.....not it....!
It sounds like they're in the middle of an argument. Maybe this isn't a good time.
The curtains are closed, so you can't see what's going on inside.
If th......why.....stop....!
The voice is coming from this room. Maybe I should go in.
You said it was just an experiment! You said you were going to let them all leave unharmed, that's why I--
He seems to be in the middle of something really important. But I can't really just leave now.
If anything happens to the nations, we don't know what the consequences will be!
(If anything... happens to the nations? What's that supposed to mean?)
How can you be so sure that it'll be fine?! What? But there's Prussia and Romano, too, and if anything happens--
Hey, what are you talking about?!
You said some pretty disturbing things. Would you care to explain?
S-Spain... What are you doing here?
I've been unable to get in touch with Romano ever since he came here. The same goes for the other nations that took part in the meeting.
You will explain to me what's going on, right now.
........ my wife and my daughter...
A man took my wife and my daughter hostage and told me that if I didn't do as he said, they would pay for it with their lives...
And what did he tell you to do?
He said he wanted to do an experiment... He wanted to experiment on the nations for his research...
Experiment on the nations? What kind of experiment?
In the beginning, I had no idea what the experiment was about.
I was just told to get the nations who would be participating in the meeting a vacation, and to use the the old conference building, and not to tell anyone about this...
And only now, when I was talking on the phone, did I find out what the experiment was about...
And what is it?
In the beginning, he wanted to clone the nations. But he said that when he was collecting data about the nations, he had a change of plans...
And what does he want now?
He wants to make Prussia and Romano his experiment subjects...
Where are you going?
I'm going to save them, of course!
The underground area of the building has been completely blocked off. You can't get in there.
Well, what should I do, then?!
He's taken Prussia and Romano to his private residence. If you go there instead, you can save them.
Where is that residence?
I'll show you the way.
Can you really do that? What about the hostages?
I never meant to put America or the other nations in danger... So, if you're going to save them, let me come with you.
If we can't...
All right! Take me to his residence, then!
I don't know who I'm going to be facing, but I won't let anyone lay their hands on my little henchman or my bad friend!
[Trench Shovel]
[Spain's Everyday Clothes]
[Trench Shovel] Given by Prussia. A fine weapon that was often used in the military.
[Shield] A shield used in the old days.
[Spain's Everyday Clothes] Spain's everyday clothes. They're quite worn-out.
[Muleta] A red cloth used in bullfighting. The red cloth doesn't agitate the bull, but the bullfighter.
What the hell? Ow... my head...
What? Where am I?
Itachen's brother dearest!
His condition is stable... That's good...
This looks like a prison cell. Why are we here?
It looks like a door, but it's firmly closed.
It's an uncomfortable-looking bed.
There is a padlock and it can't be opened.
I remember I was waiting for England and Japan. But I have no idea how I got here.
The vaccines are gone...
And some of them haven't got a shot yet...
Damn it! Now we can only hope that China will make some...
Are those weird creatures here?! What's going to happen to us now?
West... Itachen... guys...