HHI 2012 USA Finals - MegaCrew and Adult Division

Uploaded by DanceOn on 02.08.2012


The second half of day two consists of the US finals of
the Megacrew and Adult divisions.
Bringing home the gold involves
Junior and Varsity divisions.
Let's see what these [INAUDIBLE] can do now.

In the Megacrew final division, The H from Houston,
Texas, with a 6.96.
The Prototypes from Irvine, California, with a 7.07.
Breakthrough, from Encinitas, California, with a 7.08.
High Profile, from Las Vegas, Nevada, with a 7.15.
Super Galactic Beat Manipulators, the defending
champs out of San Diego, California, with a 7.52.
And the three crews that will go on to represent the United
States at the World Hip Hop Dance Championship.
In third place, Academy of Hype, Honolulu, Hawaii.
GRV, Walnut, California, 7.84.
And in first place with the gold medal, Academy of Swag,
West Covina, California, 8.04.
And from the Adult division finals, 11 teams entered, but
only three could go on.
In 11th place, Broken Toys from Gilbert,
Arizona, with a 6.28.
The Whackers, from Los Angeles,
California, with a 6.61.
Lipstick Crew from Chandler, Arizona.
5 Foota Thrillas, 6.97.
D-Squad from Irvine, California.
Blank Canvas from Honolulu, Hawaii, 7.28.
Kaba Modern from Irvine, California.
Illmatik Phlow from Miami, Florida.
And the three crews that will go on to the World Hip Hop
Dance Championship in the Adult division are in third
place, Mixed Element from North Hollywood, California.
Second place, the defending champions and ABDC 2012
winners, the Electrolytes from Gilbert, Arizona.
And in first place with the gold, the Academy of Villains
from San Francisco, California, with an 8.16.
We saw some incredible performances from both the
Megacrew and Adult divisions.
As we go into the World Hip Hop Dance Championships,
there's no telling what could happen.
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