Photoshop Tips & Techniques : Adobe Photoshop Clone Stamp Tips

Uploaded by expertvillage on 13.09.2008

Now we're going to have some fun with our Clone Stamp Tool. If you look up here on the
screen you can see that right under our Heal Tool is our Clone Stamp Tool right here, I've
already got it grayed out and selected. And if you come up here you can see that it's
got most of the normal brush options that would come with any brush. I've got it set
on a hardness, but you can actually take that down and actually get it down to a nice soft
brush if you want to, depending on what it is that you're going to be bringing over and
copying over, and I'll show you what I mean by copying over. I'm going to come down here
and actually increase my brush size just a little bit. I'm going to hold down my Alt-Option
key on my Mac or Alt key on your PC keyboard, you can see I've got the cross hairs come
up. And if I click there, that means that's going to be my homing point, wherever I click
here. So as you can see, as I bring it up, what it's doing is it's copying everything
in that area there. And if we slowly move this around and try not to get too much of
the deck that they have here, we've got a nice clean bulldog. Anyway, this is a great
tool for doing copies like I'm doing here. If you want to do color corrections or blemish
corrections, whatever, this is a great, fun tool. It has many different applications so
you just have to play with it to see what you come up with. I'll just go ahead and speed
through here, we'll just go ahead and get him completed. A nice quick and dirty dog
to put in there like so, and, of course, I'll come back and clean this up later with some
other options or with the same tool again. But that's a quick, easy way to clone stamp
something, so play around with it, have fun and enjoy!